Monday, January 11, 2010


Someone in this house is in the doghouse. Someone in this family is in BIG trouble, and has some serious explaining to do. I wish I could say that it was one of my kids. After all, they are usually pretty good scapegoats. I even wish I could say it was my husband, and that he has to make up for his transgression by buying me something pretty. But, in all honesty, he is rarely the one who does anything wrong in our house. The culprit of the crime, is me. I don't really want to expose too many of my shortcomings too early on in this blog, but I will sum up what I did wrong by saying that I am really falling short on follow through lately. For the beginning of the school year, I insisted that we had to sit down as a family in the morning and have a hot breakfast before sending the kids off to school. I stressed the importance so much, that my husband (who knows me a little too well for my own good sometimes) finally relented. Currently, the situation goes that HE gets up with the kids in the morning, HE fixes them a hot meal, and HE makes sure they have lunch money or their lunches packed. What do I do while he is getting all of this taken care of at 7 in the morning? Why, I'm sleeping silly! This is not the only example of something I lead him to believe will happen, but eventually doesn't, but it is a major one. So, Roon, this is my public apology to you. I appreciate you more than you will ever know, and I will try my best to do better. Can I come back inside now?

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