Friday, January 8, 2010

Tastes Like Chicken!

On more than one occasion in my life, I have had the great pleasure of eating crow. Not real actual- grab yourself a gun and go shoot you some dinner, crow, but the figurative kind. I can remember one embarrassing moment off the top of my head from my wedding day. Roon and I were at our wedding breakfast, and his aunt came up to say her congratulations. Since the incident was so many years ago, I can't exactly remember how the dialogue went exactly, but I do know that she was speaking about how important marriage was, and how much a husband and a wife grow together through the years. She stated that in the 2 years she had been married to Roon's now uncle, they had already learned so much about to to communicate with each other. I, being the very gullible person that I am, and being new to the family, was worried that she was trying to pull one over on me. I scoffed at her, and said..."you mean 2 times 10 right, or two with a zero after it, don't you?" or something really eloquent like that. After all, this woman was old enough to be my mother, so I didn't even stop to consider the fact that she could be a newlywed. Please bear in mind that Roon has about a million relatives and, at that time, I was more than just a little overwhelmed. A few minutes after the exchange, Roon pulled me aside, and explained that his aunt, in fact, had only been married about 2 years, as it was her second marriage. MmmBoy! Nothing tastes better than a nice healthy helping of your own words! Slimy, yet something. I tell this story for three reasons really. One, to remind everyone that you can't always judge a book by it's cover. Two, to show you that on occasion my sarcastic nature has gotten me in trouble (or at least in an uncomfortable situation) by making me doubtful of other people's sincerity. And, three, to segue to the introduction of a post I wanted to share from another blogger.
One of the blogs I frequent, is of the original and FABULOUS "Meanest Mom" herself, Jana Mathews. She is my hero for so many reasons, but mostly because she is so honest in her dealings with her children. Her parenting style is quite similar to my own, she handles church callings with the same grace I would, and she has a sense of humor about all of it. Her post from this morning titled: The Needy, is one I think we should all read, and learn something from. Thank you Jana for sharing this humbling experience with the rest of us, and thanks so much to my little sister for introducing me to "The Meanest Mom" in the first place. My world is a much more hilarious place because of it!

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