Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feeling Corny!



I am so excited about the way my project turned out this month!  I know a few of you hit some mental blocks this time, and that is completely understandable.  I'm sure there will be one or two months where I have to bow out as well.  Luckily, I anticipate still having a pretty good turn out, so thank you to all who are participating.  If you're new to my blog...WELCOME!  Glad to have you.

I'm making a conscious effort to try out a different "genre" of project each time.  You may recall that last time was a family craft project that BOMBED.  This time, I took a different route. 
Just as a reminder, this month's candy was: 

I began by gathering up my materials...

I bought a LOT of fleece in yellow, orange, and white, thread and poly fill.  Roon then made me a rough pattern of a candy corn, using Photoshop, with the varying sizes I would need.  I then pinned the pattern onto the various materials, and cut them out, making sure I cut TWO of each shape at one time. 
This is what the pattern looked like after I had cut it out.  The oval off to the side is going to serve as a bottom piece, so I only actually cut ONE of those in each yellow.
Here is what the cut pieces looked like from the material side.  Looks kinda familiar, right?
I took this opportunity to give Sissy her very first sewing lesson.  I noticed that in all the pictures of us sewing, I look really tense.  Probably because I was.  It's really hard to relinquish control of the foot pedal, when it's YOUR fingers that are going to get caught under the needle, ya know?
We corrected little problems along the way, to make sure everything was lining up perfectly.  Sissy did really well.  She can't wait to do it again.  First, we sewed each color strip onto each other until we had 2 complete candy corn "sides" of each size, and then we pinned and sewed the sides together.  After that, we sewed half of the oval onto the bottom. 
Sorry I don't have pictures of every step.  I kinda get tunnel vision when in project mode...

The next step was sewing on googly eyes, but I didn't get a picture of that part.  On purpose.  Quite frankly, I didn't want to sully my reputation by having the choice words I was using during that process visible on my face.  So, let's just say it was a bit of a challenge, and move on...
Next, each of the kids got to stuff their own Candy corn with Poly-fil.  Here is a picture of Boo filling hers.  I let them fill their own, so it was as cuddly as they wanted it to be.  Plus, this wasn't much of a family project, so I let them help wherever I could.
Next, each child (and adult, for that matter) got to draw their own face on their candy corn.  The above example is Roon's.  The original plan was to have them draw it on, and then I was going to stitch over it with the sewing machine to make it more permanent.  Tunnel vision got the best of me, and I forgot to do that before the sides were sewn together.  WHOOPS!
FINALLY, I hand sewed the remaining half of the oval onto the bottom of the candy corn.  That's right.  I'm awesome!
And here is the finished product.  A whole family of candy corn pillows.  A decoration I can pull out each year, that will bring {mostly} fond memories, and the kids can sleep with them all season long. 
By the way, in the picture, only Roon's had been completely finished, so that's why the others look kinda honky.  They've all since been finished, so they look much better. 

So, what did YOU do?  Did you totally kick my trash?
Just a reminder...the rules have changed.  NO MORE VOTING. 
Pay attention to comments left by any of the 4 members of my BRAIN TRUST, or by our guest judge, EMMY MOM.  They are my judges, and their opinions are the ones that determine your fate. 
They are also not above shameless flattery.  Show 'em a little love, why dontcha!

You know how this goes.  Link up your projects, then hop around to see everyone else's awesomeness.  Leave some love while you're over there.  I've made some awesome friends that way. Linking will end October31st at midnight (which I guess would technically make it November 1st, huh?)  Winner will be determined by Tuesday, and will be announced along with November's candy.
Got it?
I don't think I have to say it, but I'm going to anyway.  Any projects not linking back to me, or including my super cute button (one or the other, or both, if it strikes your fancy) will be deleted.  Let's all play nice.  If you were referred by someone, please include it in your post.  Your friend will get an extra 1/4 of a point added to their overall score for every person (up to 4) that they refer.  I'm sure they'd appreciate the shout out as well. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Ready for awesomeness that is beyond all awesomeness you have experienced up until now?! may be disappointed.  To me, it's awesome, but you weren't there.  The inside jokes that came to fruition on this trip cannot be described in words, but you can possibly appreciate a taste of some of them when you look at the following pictures.  
I would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to "Skip", my sister Boog's husband, for hooking me up with the pictures.  This post would be lame with a side of boring without them.

This post will be extremely long.  Not that that's a bad thing, but I just want you to consider yourself warned.

I flew into Las Vegas late Thursday night.  Did you know that you have to take a TRAM to get to baggage claim there?!  Well, you do now.  
Friday afternoon, Boogs and I packed our bags and headed out towards our hotel, but first stopped off to do some outlet shopping.  Roon had told me to "go nuts", which I'm sure he regrets now.  I got a cute outfit, awesome shoes, and other assorted items, but the HIGHLIGHT of the afternoon was when we decided to shop for sunglasses. 
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...
(Oh, and in hindsight, I maybe should have cropped out the woman with the makeshift empathy belly in the background.  I guess she wasn't nearly the focus of my attention that she should have been...)
After successfully wearing out our debit cards, we went to our HOTEL to check in and get glamified for our girls night out. 
It is here that I must mention what I novice I am when it comes to hair and make up.  Yes, I do wear it, but my "natural" look was not going to cut it with Boogs, as she declared that if I wanted to be HER date, I had to look hot.  So, she proceeded to attack me with liquid eyeliner, and a flat iron, until I was adequately stunning.
Personally, I don't see why we needed the makeup, since we had already been hit on, and Boogs all but propositioned in the elevator up from the parking garage.  However, if I didn't look so hot, maybe the highlight story of the trip wouldn't have happened later...
Don't worry, it's coming.  Patience is a virtue, ya'll!
Super cute outfit, right?!  We're telling Roon that it cost practically nothing.  And, compared to the "regular" price, the "outlet" price was a steal ...but I'm still not proud of it.
Yup.  She makes me gag too.  She's had 3 babies, dudes.  3.  Disgusting.

Our room was nice, but not so nice that I could be distracted from my phone.  It's my lifeline, after all.
Our bathroom was nice too, but for all we know the shower and tub didn't even work.  It's sad, really. 

One of the most awesome features of our room was a real, honest to goodness, DOORBELL!!!  This was far more impressive than it should have been, for two women in our late 20's, but awesome is awesome. 
We also were ecstatic to find out we had a BALCONY!  Of course, our balcony really served more as a moat than anything else, as recent rainfall had left an awesome 2 inches of water on ours.  One of us may have discovered the water the hard way.  Thank goodness that someone was not wearing her new shoes at the time. 
I forgot to tell one of the best stories! 
After Boogs and I were hit on/flirted with in the elevator/casino, we were escorted to the registration desk by the cutest little Cuban man.  As we walked, he made pleasant conversation with us in his broken English, and was super friendly.  He asked if Boogs and I were related.  We said that we were sisters.  Then he tried to guess our ages, and cemented a spot in my book of favorite people of ALL TIME. 
Indicating Boogs and then myself, he posed the question:  "You 19, no?  Y, you...22?"
When we revealed our real ages of 27 and 29, the look of complete shock on his face made me want to kiss him.  But I didn't. 
Our "girls night out" ended up being somewhat of a bust, in that none of the other girls showed up, and ended with us getting some disappointing room service, and fighting the urge to fall asleep as we watched "The Switch" on Pay Per View. 
But Saturday was SPA DAY! 
I saw more random people's boobies, and choices of thongs that day than ever before in my life. 
Boogs and I had a package called the "Couple's getaway", or something like that.  It began with a 50 minute couple's Swedish massage, that left me so relaxed that I was making this face...
For at least a half an hour after it was over. 
Try to contain your jealousy.  It takes HOURS to look that unbelievably gorgeous. 
Roughly 6, on a semi comfortable hotel bed.

The final treatment on our schedule was a royal pedicure.  Here is our before shot...
I think I'm going to look into buying a pair of those rubber shoes for myself for Christmas.  Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like squeaking when you walk!
Boogs felt bad after I complained about my drugged out picture of me from above.  Here is her doing her best "relaxed face".  Close, but no cigar, Boogs.

Our pedicures consisted of having our feet rubbed with various baking items, namely brown sugar and pumpkin pie filling.  It did a chubby girl good. 
It was when they put our feet in "paraffin booties" that Boogs and I felt the need to capture the awesomeness on film. 
It just doesn't get much sexier than that, folks!

While we were getting our pedicures, it became clear that there was a wedding going on outside.  Even though we had never heard of the band, Stryper, we were caught in the wave of excitement from everyone around us, and we just had to step outside and watch for a few minutes and snap a picture.
Every bride's dream come true.  To have two random strangers in bathrobes watching your nuptials from the sidelines.  You're welcome, random couple being married at the Green Valley Ranch Resort!

After pedicures, Boogs and I went to get cleaned up, and ready for the rest of our day.  This included guarding the shower door for each other, and risking our lives multiple times while wearing the post pedicure disposable flip flops. 
Oh, and we mustn't forget this...
This machine is da BOMB!  It is apparently a miracle machine, that will rid your body of toxins.  Personally, I think it accomplishes this by making you pee your pants as it shakes you 10 ways to Sunday over the course of 10 minutes. 
Apparently, it burns calories as well.  150 to be exact.  Boogs is extremely skeptical as to the validity of the Turbosonic's claims, but I believe every word of it.  I think I may add this to my Christmas list as well.  It may be just the thing to get my post 4 baby bladder back in shape. 
Don't our feet look pretty?!  If you make the mistake of enlarging the picture, let me just say that MY foot is on the left.  Aren't Boog's feet NASTY?!?!?!  I just don't know what I'm going to do with that girl...
And here we are all ready to leave the spa. 
Thanks for having us! 

For posterity's sake, I'm going to include a tip for future guests of the resort/spa.  The gate to the spa opens OUT.  There is no sign that says PULL, but I would suggest trying to PUSH and PULL BEFORE you solicit
 the help of a security guard.  It may save you a bit of embarrassment in the long run...

Now, if any of you are still reading this, I will reward you with my most awesome story of the weekend...
Boogs and I were just getting back to the hotel after our "girls night out", and were headed back to our room.  Now, I don't know how many of you can relate, but most hotels in Vegas are laid out to be super tricky to find your way around.  More times than I can count, I mentioned to Boogs that it felt like we were Alice stuck in the Looking Glass. 
We got pretty good at finding our way around, and successfully found the door leading to our "wing" without requiring assistance.  The door required a room key to enter.  As I'm reaching in my pocket, and Boogs is digging in her purse, we hear a voice behind us. 
"I can get that for you."
Raised to be independent women, we continued to search for our keys.  I found mine first, and inserted it into the slot, as our "knight in shining armor" reached our sides. 
The red light flashed.  No entrance.
Again, our knights said he could get it.
Boogs located her key, and slid it into the slot, while our knight violated both our personal bubbles, he was standing so close.  As Boogs was inserting the key, she said "I promise we're not weirdos.  We really are staying here." or something to that effect. 
As the green light flashed, allowing us entrance into our wing, I made some comment about me being incompetent.
It was then that IT happened.  
Our knight reached his arm around me, like he was trying to give me a one armed hug, and squeezed my neck where it met up with my shoulder.  He then said something completely eloquent, about us not being weird.  When we continued down the hallway towards our room, instead of heading towards the elevator, he made an excited observation about us being on the same floor as him.  
"No way!  You're on this floor too?!"
Is was decided before we reached our room that our guy was drunk, and we walked just a little faster than necessary to distance ourselves.  
Probably overreacted, but at that point, I could no longer trust my underestimated view of my foxiness.  It just wouldn't be fair to all those single fellas... 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I am more than a little ashamed to admit that I came home from my Spa Getaway weekend harboring an addiction. 
I never meant for it to happen.
What happened is...I got bored.  THEN I got curious.  Isn't that the way with addiction?
Before I knew it, I was flying high with my newfound crutch to get through life, and before long, I was hooked. 
I think a part of me was always worried it would happen, but you never think it will happen to you.  It's always "some other guy/girl", right? 
As of this moment, I don't know of a twelve step program for people like me, so I'm making my own. 
Step 1:  Admit you have a problem, and own it. 
So, I am here to let ya'll know that I am hopelessly addicted to...
Kindle for IPhone. 

I blame my sister, Boogs, really.  If not for her, I never would have known that such a thing existed.  Ignorance is bliss, and all that.  But, she just HAD to introduce me to a virtual cornucopia of literary entertainment that is LITERALLY at my fingertips. 
My first taste of it's awesomeness started with my very first purchase...
And I couldn't put it down.  I finished reading it this morning, and promptly purchased the second book in the series, unbeknownst to Roon. 
I think it's a pretty safe bet that by Friday morning I will also be investing in the third book. 
Beyond that, who knows!  If any of you have suggestions of must reads with my newfound obsession/toy, let me know.  Or don't.  You might not want to have to admit to Roon that you were one of my drug dealers... 

By the way...I know you're all itching to see pics from my weekend, and I promise they do exist.  However, apparently what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, because I forgot to take my camera, so all the pics are in Boog's possession.  I will share them when I get them.  I promise.  Okay...I'll TRY.

I'm also going to try to get all caught up over in your little corners of the web, but things are gettin' all kind of corny (of the candy variety) at my house I can't promise anything.  Just know that I'm still here, and that I still love you all, even if my rounds are not complete today. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Feel Like Vanna White!

I am having the most "blonde" day!  Okay, not just DAY...more like 24 hours.  At about 7 last night I realized I had completely spaced my parent/teacher conference with Bubble's teacher.  Today, I went to the school to volunteer, apologized profusely to his teacher, and went about my duties.  (Go ahead and laugh, Roon.  You know you want the way, YOU'RE 32!)
When I reached Sissy's classroom around 2:00, I was greeted with a slightly less friendly than usual teacher, and the information that I had also forgotten my parent/teacher conference with HER at 12:45 (I was at the school the ENTIRE TIME!).  YIKES!  Twice in less than 2 days?!  That really isn't like me.  I must need a vacation.
Does that ever happen to anyone else?  I write things down on my calendar, but if it's something that involves something else already on my agenda...i.e. volunteering at the school, I get on auto pilot, and get distracted.  The rescheduled conferences are in my phone with alerts with any luck it won't happen again. 

So, now onto something I could NEVER forget about.
The winner of Quince Quote! 
But, as always, before I announce the winner, I must reveal the answers.

Character who spoke the quote:  Charlie Brown
Actor who played character:  Peter Robbins (for the record, I did give Mamarazzi credit for her guess at this, since she didn't try to Google it, his name was one of the two she guessed, and it was a tough one!)
Line Before:  "I got a quarter" or "I got a package of gum" or "I got a pack of gum"
Alternate quotes:  "I had a little trouble with the scissors."   "YOU OWE ME RESTITUTION!!!"

So, after the contest closed, the entries looked like this:
And...according to, the winner is:

Which means that MAMARAZZI is the winner!  Congratulations!  I still have your address...because I'm a stalker like that, so I'll get your package in the mail (AND Evelyn's, AND Emmy's from Symfully Sweet) by Friday...I hope. 
Thanks to everyone who entered!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bad Press, and Quince Quote FUN!!!

If you're my friend on Facebook, you've already had a taste of the crap that's been going on in my neck of the woods for the past 48 hours.  If you're not my Facebook friend, allow me to enlighten you.
Remember way back when, and a few times since, when I mentioned I was getting a new blog design for my birthday? 
Well...that turned out to be a pipe dream. 
My blog designer came to me highly recommended from Mamarazzi
I debated whether or not I should do a big, long ranty post about my horrible experience, but in the end, my logic took hold of my emotions, and I decided to be sensible about the whole thing.  So as not to be accused of public slander, I will not mention her name, link to her site, or share any of the details publicly.  Privately, on the other another story.  Let me know if you want the WHOLE STORY.  I will gladly share. 
After 6 months of waiting, and finally reaching my breaking point, I resorted to doing something I don't very often allow myself to do. 
I commited an EWI.  Emailing While Infuriated.  (Not to be confused with BWI...BLOGGING While Infuriated.)
This resulted in my inevitable demise.  This morning I was fired.  Well, technically she quit, but ya know.  Roon is kicking himself.  He, after all, could have done it all himself since he speaks fluent HTML, and was just trying to do something nice for my birthday. 
The future of my blog design is in limbo right now.  I have contacted a custom designer that I LOVE, and have used before, and I am in the process of getting a quote from him now.  Once the terms have been set, I will most likely have the finished product in less than a month.  My last project from him took less than 2 weeks, start to finish.  Once I have that in hand, Roon will do all the necessary coding, button making, so on and so forth. 
Frankly, I'm excited about this new development.  While I feel horrible for how everything played out, I am relieved to know that it's finally over with.  With Roon doing my install, I know it will work in ALL browsers, and there will be no more waiting for anything.  I love having a computer genius in the house!
If you would like more information...let me know.  I'd be happy to share privately.

Now, onto happier things!
Have you noticed what day it is?! 
It's October 15th, and you know what that means...
Now, I'm a total slacker, and still haven't finished Evelyn's prize package from last month (You still love me, right?), but this month will be much faster moving.  Instead of leaving it open for 5 days, it will only be open for 3 whole days, so I can get the package(s) ready to ship out BEFORE I leave on my Spa Getaway vacation. 
Yes, I am excited!
So...let's get right down to the nitty gritty, shall we?
WAIT!  I did want to mention that if you have already won in the past, you can enter again, and give me a different last name to use.  Could make an excellent Christmas gift...I'm just sayin'

This month's quote is:

"I got a rock."

Here are your chances to win:

3 Entries:  FOLLOW MY BLOG!  As always, if you are not a regular visitor, I must ask that you comment on at least one other post, to prove that you give a crap.  I will not guarantee that I will follow you back either.  I don't do that...
1 Entry:  NAME THAT MOVIE!!!  This may only be 1 entry, but you have to get it right to get credit for any other entries!
1 Entry:  NAME THE ACTOR WHO PLAYED THE CHARACTER!  (Or provided the voice)
1 Entry:   DELIVER ANOTHER QUOTE!  This is unlimited, so feel free to list as many as you can think of!  Great way to get the edge on the competition!

You have until October 18th  at midnight central time to enter.  I will announce the winner on the19th. 

Please email me the last name you want used in your prize package, whether it's for you, or for a gift.  It would help my creativity to have time to think about it...


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Status Quote

I have been in a real funk lately.  I was going to write a post yesterday, but all I could come up with to write was a list of grievances against certain business establishments, and I didn't want to bring you all down, so I adopted Thumper's mantra, and didn't say anything.  Perhaps tomorrow, I will pretend it's actually 10-10-10, and link up over HERE like I meant to on Sunday.
For today, I could use a little pick me up, so I'm linking up with Emmy to share with you some of my favorite Facebook status updates from the last little while.  Well...not mine.  Other people's statuses, but they amused me.  After you're done reading mine, head over to visit Emmy and link up yourself. 

These are all from one friend.  He always makes me laugh!

"I met a guy named DeWalt. I thought he was a tool."

"I really appreciate when an old lady's perfume is subtle and not nose-rapey."

"I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous."

"New slogan for walnuts. "Walnuts: just a tiny bit more expensive than you'd think they'd be."

"Jet skis are fun but you always look like someone who doesn’t have enough friends to fill a boat."

These are from other friends:

"I am overwhelmed at all the friend request pop-ups. I think I have a social anxiety disorder."

"Watching my kids sing at the school's patriotic music program. My boy is the one taking old glory off the stick and poking other kids with it. *facepalm*"

Take a minute and go link up yourself.  I got a chuckle out of it!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hey Sanka...You Dead?

Ya man!
Did you guys miss me?
I missed you!
I don't know why I end up taking impromptu hiatuses from blogging, but I assure you that it is never intentional. 
I wish I could say that I was jet setting off to somewhere spectacular, but that would be a big fat lie. 
On Friday, we mini-van setted off to Mississippi to visit my brothers, their wives, and my two little nephews.  It was a BLAST! 
The best part of the weekend, bar none, was when my brother, Bawty, showed me this:
I'm going to be an aunt again!!!  The most thrilling part about this, and the part that makes me want to cry, is that they have been trying for 3 years to have a baby.  After one miscarriage, several surgeries, and fertility treatments, their family can finally begin in early April (the BEST month to be born, by the way...).  I hope it's a girl.  We need a bit more pink in the extended family.
Congratulations Auntie Em and Uncle Bawty!
We got home from our trip late Sunday night.  Monday I spent the day preparing for a whirlwind visit from my dad and Grandpa. 
Early Tuesday morning, our houseguests bid us adieu for a few days (they'll be back on Friday) while Roon and I headed to Dallas for my yearly cardiac MRI and semi-annual check up. 
You know what I thought about while I was in an MRI machine for 2 hours?
How I wished I had a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 
You try not to think about whether the smear above your head is a booger, or blood, but you can't help but wish you had something (and could move your arms) to wipe it off. 
After the MRI, I went upstairs to get checked out by the big cheese.  While she wasn't impressed with my laryngitis, and was even less impressed with the fact that I had gained back all the weight I had previously lost, she did not have any bad news to report...which is always nice.  We're praying that once the MRI is analyzed, nothing will change her assessment that my heart looks "happy". 
Yesterday I was in a blah mood.  A sinus headache made me opt to catch up on DVR'd shows rather than do anything productive.  That's going to bite me in the butt later on today when it hits me that my Dad and Grandpa will be back here tomorrow.  I anticipate that will not be fun.
Are you sorry you asked where I was?
Oh wait!  You didn't!  In that case, I apologize for this lame post.

I did think of one thing I wanted to share about our trip this weekend...
On Friday night, as we're driving to Mississippi, the kids noticed a business establishment out in the distance.  Noting that it was lit up by Christmas lights, including the sign that said "Shop", Bug asked in confusion "Is it Cwissmas?"
To which Roon replied:
"Nope!  It's not's Arkansas!"
I probably laughed entirely too hard at that, but at 8:30 at night, after 6 hours in the car, with children who reached their breaking points at least an hour was hilarious!

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Winner, Some Changes, and a New Mission!

Hello all!
Friday is usually my day to link up with my good pal MiMi for her meme, but the only F-Bomb I could think to share today, is I'm so FLIPPIN excited to announce the next Symfully Sweet candy! 
But first, a little bit of business...
If I can direct your attention to the top right sidebar, you will see that the people have spoken.  The winner of the Tootsie Roll challenge is EMMY!  Congratulations!  So, what does she win?  I have no idea.  I'm still working on it, as my cold seems to have hindered my mental capabilities.  But, it will be good.  Not quite as good as the grand prize will be, but it will make entering worth it, I'm sure. 
So, Emmy:  I need your address.  I can't guarantee it will go out in the next few days, or even within a week, but you WILL receive a prize sometime during October. 
Thanks to all who entered!
Now on to some changes...
It became clear to me during the voting process that my system was flawed, and for that, I owe you all an apology.  My purpose behind putting it to an open vote, was to increase traffic to my blog, and by extension direct new participants to my game.  I realize now, that it didn't work.  Instead, what I thought it did, was make the contestants who were behind in votes metaphorically feel like they were involved in a sorority hazing.  That was NOT my intention.  I hope you will all participate in the future, and not hold my ignorance against me. 
So, what am I going to change?
No more voting.
Nope.  It's not fair to bloggers who are incredibly creative, but don't have a large following.  It puts them at an unfair advantage, and I don't like to handicap people who are in the same boat as me.  After all, when looking at the odds, I wouldn't have even been able to win MY OWN contest.  Not that I would enter myself...but you know.
From this point on, your projects will be scored by an anonymous panel of judges I have recruited to be my "brain trust".  There will be 4 permanent members, and 1 revolving member.  The revolving member will be the winner from the previous month.  This person can still compete in the competition, they just will not score themselves.  The scores will be taken from each brain trust member, and averaged.  The person with the highest overall average score, will be declared the winner. 
The brain trust will give you a score between 1-10 in up to 5 different categories, for a top score from each judge of 50.  These categories will include things such as "originality", "time spent", "creativivity", "finished product", and "effort". 
The 4 brain trust members' identities will only be known by me.  They are people who are NOT participating, and who DO NOT have any interest in who wins.  It will be completely unbiased.  Level playing field. 
You WILL have the ability to earn up to 1 bonus point added to your score after it's averaged, if you so choose...
IF you recruit someone else to participate, and they DO, make sure that they include that they heard about the contest from you in their post about it.  For every person you recruit, you will earn 1/4 of a point added to your score after it's averaged.  This could be HUGE if the competition is really tight.  You can recruit up to 4 people per competition, for a total of 1 extra point.  Once someone has been recruited, they cannot be recruited again...obviously. 
The grand prize will be determined by a combination of scores and votes, in a "Dancing with the Stars" type scoring system. 
Have I confused you yet?
The only other change will be in regard to linking.  All linking will take place between Saturday morning and Sunday night.  Sunday night at 10 pm central time, the link will be closed.  Judging will begin on Monday.  The winner will be determined by the time the next mission is announced.  If you know you will be out of town on the day of linking, you may post early, or schedule it to post on time, let me know, and I will link it for you after my post is published. 
Does that all make sense?  If not, oh well, it really only has to make sense to me and my brain trust.
So, now that this post is already a mile long, let's get to the fun stuff!
Fun Facts about October's candy:
  • There is a national day to celebrate this candy.  (October 30th)
  • 1 serving contains only about 140 calories.
  • More than 35 million pounds will be produced this year!
  • A cup of it has fewer calories than a cup of raisins.
  • Halloween accounts for 75% of it's annual production.
Any guesses?
October's mission, should you choose to accept it, is:
GOOD LUCK!!!  Linking will take place on SATURDAY OCTOBER 30TH (that worked out perfectly, eh?!) and will close on Halloween night.  Winner should be announced by Tuesday, the 2nd of November.

Fun fact were found HERE and picture is courtesy of Google Images

Answers to anticipated questions:  YES you can use different colored candy corn, if you should come accross some.  YES you can also use the pumpkins, but if you do so, please also try to incorporate either real candy corn into it, or the additional colors of yellow and white.  NO your project DOES NOT have to contain actual candy corn.  Remember, it can also be inspired by candy corn, or be made to look like it.  That being said, using the actual candy may or may not score you extra points with certain's up to them.