Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Chocolate-y Chew Meets Sir Isaac Newton

Symfully Sweet Saturday
Are ya'll ready to get Symful?! 
I had so much fun working on this month's Symfully Sweet assignment, and hope you did too! 
I'll just dive right in, because I know that you're all just itching to link up.  Right?
What's the first thing I thought of, when I thought about a Tootsie Roll?
Lincoln Logs, of course!
And what better way to play with Lincoln Logs, than to make log cabins...DUH!
It all started out great!
Sissy and Bubble concentrated really hard, watching me every step of the way.
Bug and Boo took a more laid back approach.

Sissy was not lacking in pride, as she exclaimed that her log cabin was going to be the best, and that she was the most talented of the lot of us. 
Bubble was a little more conservative in his self promotion.

Bug continued to build...whatever this was.

As did Boo.

And me, well, I learned that after about row 5, Sir Isaac Newton and his stupid laws become quite a pain in the behind.  Either that, or that corn syrup did not replace mortar as well as I thought it would.  I'll go ahead and blame gravity, though, because it makes me feel less like a failure...

I was able to right the situation for a minute, and then the Earth shifted.  I hope the future sour patch kid residents weren't watching as the earthquake took away all they held dear!

Roon had much better luck, after he took over construction for Bug.

Bubble tried to salvage his with toothpicks, but his efforts proved to be futile.

Sissy patted herself on the back after row 3, declared herself a creative genius, and claimed that a log cabin doesn't really need a roof.  Hmmm...I see some excellent fence building in her future!

Bug seemed happy with his end result (well, technically, the picture above was his END result), of course that COULD have been the sugar consumption too!

Boo was very proud of her "rock".  And, yes, she was covered head to toe in corn syrup.  It, in the words of Boo herself, was "awshum"!

And me, well I'm filing an insurance claim with the Tootsie Roll construction company to try to recoop my losses...

Oh well, I can't win 'em all, but YOU CAN!  What did YOU do with the original Chocolate-y chew?  Grab my button and link up your projects.  I'll leave Mr. Linky open for 3 days, and then I will narrow it down for a vote.  I can't wait to see what everyone did!


Emmy said...

Such cute cabins even if they didn't work. Love Roon's roof. And such cute pictures! Sissy looks a lot like you in that first picture.

I hope lots of people join in, such a fun contest.

Brooks said...

Sissy and I would have made a great team. Declaring that I am a genius is what I do best...

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

OH NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Looks like great minds think alike. Do I still post?? Maybe...

MiMi said...

Those are so cool! Now eat em! : )
Girl...mine did NOT turn out. Which makes me sad because I really really wanted it to work not just to post but to use! :(
I'm on it next month. Swears. <-- which is nothing new, I always swear.
Anyway, Shortmama worked a lot trying to get hers to work and it didn't either. Maybe we need to be more "simple" right?
Like we're trying too hard? IDK. :)

Myya said...

Awshum!!! What a fun idea. Yeah I would have probably been yelling a hour hour into it telling my kids that they were getting corn syrup everywhere. LOL.

shortmama said...

All linked up!! Attempt number two...success!!

Shawn said...

After going back and forth on whether or not to link up I did.

Let the judging begin!

Allyson said...

I did it! Sorry I'm so late!

Cassie said...

Sounds like an amazing idea even if it didn't work as well as you expected.