Friday, September 17, 2010

Social Faux Pas

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I'm linking up with MiMi today, for her F-Bomb Friday!  I've actually got a twofer for ya.  What can I say?  This week has been awesome.
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I'm usually pretty good with people.  I can normally read social cues, and am usually pretty perceptive so as not to be accused of being oblivious when faced with a social situation. 
Like I said...usually.
Tuesday began my routine of volunteering at my children's school.  I LOVE to do it.  I trade babysitting with my good friend Baub, so we can each be child free for several hours a week, to actually be helpful, as opposed to disruptive. 
I met Sissy's teacher, received my assignment, and headed to the second grade work room, to concentrate on my task. 
Within minutes, a confused woman I had never met before entered the work room, and asked if I was going to be working in there. 
I informed her that I would be, but that it wouldn't be very long, and that I wouldn't take up much space. 
"Well...I need to pump.  I'm nursing."
I, having given birth to and nursed 4 babies, gave a knowing nod.
This is where my intuition would normally have kicked in, but it had apparently taken the day off.
I told her that she wouldn't bother me in the least, and that I would even happily turn to face the other direction if needed. 
"Oh, I wouldn't do it with you in here!  I'm WAY too modest for that!"
*Forehead slap*
As soon as I heard her response it hit me that not everyone is like me.  You see, not even considering my past maternal experience, I am also a life long cardiac patient.  Embarrassment over a little "northern exposure" has never been an option for me.  Every nurse, doctor, med student, and occasional ill timed maintanance worker I encounter has seen some boobage. I don't even think about it, or I would probably be embarrassed.  In addition, I was a Certified Nurse Assistant in high school, and I have seen many a naked person.  It just doesn't bother me.
So, I imagined a few choice expletives in my head, and tried to hide my flushed cheeks over my little social faux pas.  Apparently, I was now the mom at the school who would invite random strangers to flash them.  Awesome.
Hello, my name is Sami, and I'm a pervert. 

My second F-Bomb moment?
Roon and I went to install our new sink in our newly remodeled bathroom.  Remember, the one that cost roughly $380?  Take it out of the box, admire it's beauty, place it on the vanity, and...IT DOESN'T FIT!!!  Instead of leaving a 1/2" lip around the 3 sides, like the granite guy had told us, they left a 1" lip around the 3 sides.  They cut it wrong, and it doesn't fit.  Luckily, we can take it back, and reorder it, but that means another 2 weeks of waiting to complete our bathroom makeover. 
A bathroom doesn't really NEED a sink, does it???


shortmama said...

Yeah I wouldnt have thought of leaving while she pumped either. I mean if it bothered her she could just have turned away.

aubrey said...

Ha haha. I don't even think about anymore either. I used to have to make sure I was at home if I needed to feed Noah, I was SOOO self conscious about the whole thing...yeah that's gone out the window. I nursed Jack at the ball field twice last night. In a camp chair. On the side lines. While the little turkey kept trying to grab the blanket.

Emmy said...

Okay you were there first, you were in workroom not the mother's room so you have nothing to worry about! Besides you can cover up while pumping just like nursing. I pump twice a day I would know! But yes the machine noise does make the whole thing a little more embarrassing. And don't worry she isn't going to tell this story to anyone as then she would have to say that she was needing to pump at the school and she is too modest for that.

Okay wow, I think this must have struck a nerve. :)

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Hahaha! Sometimes I wonder, do people on the other sides of our stories blog about their point-of-view? Haha! I want to see what her blog says about your little "interaction".

MiMi said...

Just use a bowl and a hose for the sink. ;)
Um. The lady who wouldn't breastfeed with you turned around?? I don't know girl, I think maybe she was being a little TOO modest?? Why didn't she go into a stall in the bathroom?
Must have been her first baby...most moms who have been at that for a while with more than one kid aren't that shy.

Myya said...

I'd flash ya! I get a little self concious if someone gets a shot of the tire around my belly, but my boob if I'm nursing nope I don't give a rip. With my first I was way more cautious but now by the third it's like if you don't want to see, don't freakin look! :)

Lourie said...

Stopping over from Emmy's. I think I would have been fine with pumping and or nursing. Had it been my first...maybe not as much. But after the first you pretty much can do that anywhere.

Sorry about the sink. That totally sucks. I remember when I was teenager, my parents were redoing the bathroom and that included the toilet. We were using our neighbor's bathroom. I have a small bladder so I was there a lot. On the first morning of being without a toilet, my mom put a coffee can over the hole and wrote a note, "Here's the new toilet." hahaha.