Monday, September 13, 2010

You Can Do It...YouTube Can Help.

For the handful of you who noticed my absence this past week, please accept my most sincere apologies.  I wish I could say that I had been jet setting off to some foreign land, to have a romantic getaway with the hubs, but that would be a big fat lie.  Truth is, I was home.  My SIL came for a visit to keep me company while Roon jet setted off to Orlando to bask in the joy that was some computer conference.  I did not envy him at all. 
Before my SIL arrived, Roon and I planned several home improvement projects that we wanted to accomplish while she was here.  I had mistakenly thought that I was a laid back person, and as such, would be able to relinquish control of my day to day chores to a helper, so I could concentrate on my bigger remodeling projects.  I was wrong.  One of the ugly truths I have learned about myself, is that I'm kind of a control freak...who knew?!  I thought I was only picky about my laundry, but turns out...I'm picky about just about everything.  I almost felt bad for my SIL, because I was constantly beating her to the punch, and then telling her that I had everything under control. 
Some unexpected circumstances caused my SIL to have to go home 3 days early, only 1 day after Roon returned home.  So much for getting our projects done...
Friday night, we started our big bathroom renovation.  YEAH!!!  The looks of shock and horror on our children's faces as we hauled the toilet out to the garage, were priceless. 
"We not doe-ing to have a potty anymore, Daddy?!"  was Bug's worst nightmare. 
When we also removed the pedestal sink and mirror, leaving the room completely void of anything resembling a bathroom, I thought he was going to have an aneurysm. 
"What did you do dat for?!"
Aside from the joy that it brings me, being able to expose my children to the same do-it-yourself mayhem that I was exposed to as a young-'un, there is also one other reason I love being involved in the remodeling process.
YouTube videos.
I now have permission to comb the internet looking for useful (and slightly entertaining) home improvement videos! 
From the New Jersey native who taught me how to install my new floor, to the countless tile people who basically contradicted each other, and finally to the random man who showed Roon how to remove a toilet (without ever actually removing it), we couldn't do it without you!
As our bathroom makeover reaches the halfway point, there is only one question that comes to mind...
Is it too late to hire a contractor?


Brooks said...

Ah, ha, ha! I am so glad that I am only helping to orchestrate this from afar, however, I guess that means that I miss out on the You Tube feast. Darn the luck.

Can't wait to see it all finished! It's gonna be super-cute! Hope you took lots of "befores".

Oh, and never let me catch you using the word "hubs" again. Ugh.

Macey said...

I wanna see before and afters! Also youtube can be SO helpful!
Hey, remember to enter the giveaway, I think it'll close Wednesday. :)

Emmy said...

Things like that always seem so easy until you are doing them. That would have been funny to see your kids freaking out about everything being removed. Good luck! Hope you are taking before and after pictures.

Shawn said...

The extend of my do it yourself skills have diminished greatly over the years. No all I do is call someone else to do it right the first time! Good luck to ya!

shortmama said...

That always think everything is under control and will be no big deal....and then you wish you had hired someone besides yourselves!

CRZN GMA said...

Forget WATCHING YouTube videos! I think you should be making some of your own! They should be great! Especially if you include the kids' reactions. They can't be much worse than the reaction you and your siblings had when you got off the school bus to find a toilet in our YARD!!!

Myya said...

I bet it is turning out great! I can't wait to see before & after. Control freak... I could have guessed that one meerling from the packing the kids toys up in garbage bags post. Oh hey did I tell you I did that with all the puzzles in the house.