Monday, March 29, 2010

Ignorance Is Bliss, and Other Half Truths...

Today, I'm linking up with my new bloggy buddy Myya, over at Myya Says for her first ever "stick your foot in your mouth Monday". The object of this game, party, whatever you call it, is to tell about a time when you have amazed yourself, or someone else has amazed you with the demonstration of flexibility required to eat ones own foot. After you read mine, head over and say "Hi" to Myya, and see what others have experienced. Hmm, suddenly I feel like the only person on earth without a weekly meme for people to link up with. I better get crackin'!

They say that ignorance is bliss. "They" must have never been caught with their figurative pants down, when something spews out of their mouth, thanks to ignorance. Maybe the key is to know what you're ignorant about...

I'm ignorant about jewelry. I know I like shiny things, but since I can't afford anything fancy, I am very ill equipped to discuss all things sparkley.
Case in point: Engagement rings.
My little sister had just gotten engaged. I was on the phone with her discussing her new fiance, and the bling she had received as a prenuptual prize. She described that it was white gold, with a "Princess" cut diamond.
Being a totally traditional "round" diamond girl myself, and never having taken "engagement rings 101", I had no idea what she was talking about, but I THOUGHT that I did.
"Oh, that's cool." I said. "Just so long as it's not one of those ugly square cut diamonds, I'll like it. Those things always look fake to me."
Slowly, the taste of toe jam begins to descend onto my tongue, as my sister says: "princess cut IS square cut."
Suddenly, my tongue did the equivalent of falling UP the stairs. Can't recover, know there's no eminent danger of physical harm, but you're still falling on your face.
"Oh. Um, I'm sure YOUR ring doesn't look fake..."
Seriously, no way to come back from that!
At least now I know that I don't know beans about jewelry, right?
Alright, I know. A flogging is now in order! Please be gentle, princess cut fans...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tree Hugging

4 years ago, in September, Roon and I bought our first home. About 2 weeks later, we had our first run in with our HOA (Home Owner's Association, for those of you not lucky enough to be plagued by one). Apparently, even though everyone else on our street did it, putting your garbage can out in front of your house was a big no-no. $25 dollar fine. Well, for those of you who don't know me, or who haven't learned a thing or two about me through my blog yet, should know that I can be pretty feisty when provoked. Like someone once told me, wish I could remember who now, "I don't overreact, I'm just passionate". That's me. Some would call what happened next a temper tantrum, I call it "exerting my right to free speech."
I called the HOA, and basically said I wasn't paying their stupid fine, because I never got a warning. You were always supposed to get a warning, before receiving a fine.
Lucky for them, they waived the fine, and apologized, while welcoming us to our new neighborhood.
Life moved on. We received several notices over the next couple of years about our lawn being unkempt, with an accompanying picture to prove they weren't just making things up. We complied with every demand, and were able to avoid too much trouble with them.
Our trees set out to ruin our lives.
Our trees were dead when we moved in. In fact, the guy who schmoozed us into purchasing in our subdivision told us that they would replace our trees as part of our move in agreement. But, being new to the process, and naive to all things related to home ownership, we failed to get it in writing. ALWAYS get things in writing. EVEN THE STUPID STUFF!!!
Unfortunately, the guy who told us this, was transferred to a different location shortly after we moved in, and the new guy had no idea what we were talking about. No big deal. We don't really care about trees anyway...
In October of 2008, we got a notice in the mail, informing us of a city ordinance, that every residence must have NO FEWER than 2 flourishing trees in their front yard. If we did not comply, we would be fined. We had until January 23rd, to replace our trees. I bet you can guess what happened next...
On January 23rd, we got in the car, and headed to Home Depot, to buy ourselves a new tree. After all, January is the perfect month to plant a new tree, right? Luckily, we live in Texas, and it was a mild winter. We are nothing if not prompt.
To make a long story short(er) We planted a new tree, and it did not take kindly to our yard very well. We were not diligent about keeping it watered throughout the summer, until it started showing signs of distress, and we got another notice about our dead trees.
What the crap?! We had just replaced the thing, the other tree was alive (sort of)... give them some time to "flourish"!
We ignored the "warning" and diligently watered that tree. Maybe, a little TOO diligently, but the tree came back to life. It was a really wet summer, and early fall, and lo and behold, when October came again, our tree was dead (we, along with mother nature had OVER watered it.) and we received a fine.
Remember how I told you I'm kind of feisty? Well, basically I told them they could stick their fine where the sun don't shine. I told them, that the "warning" they sent was premature. After all, the tree had come back and flourished for a couple of weeks. She argued me on that point, even though the picture they had sent as "evidence" clearly showed little leaf buds on the tree. What the crap people!
I then got TICKED off! I told her that it was okay if they wanted to enforce the fine on me. But, if they were going to make me pay the fine, PLUS the money to replace the tree, that I was going to have to insist that she, or another member of the HOA come out to my house to witness the tree being replaced. When she realized I wasn't kidding, she agreed to remove our fine, on the condition that our tree be replaced within a reasonable amount of time.
Unfortunately, the weather this fall/winter/spring has been atrocious. Remember this? Well, we got another one just like it a week ago. Then, it has been raining so much I feel like I need to build an arc. I'm just waiting to go to my mailbox, and see a fine notice, which I honestly cannot argue with this time. After all, planting a tree in the rain, is totally feasable, right?
To borrow a line from "Chunk"... "I love the dark, I love the dark. But I hate nature, I HATE nature!"

If you have a moment that makes you want to scream, head on over to MiMi's and link up with her. I promise, it'll make you feel better!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Email Responder,
When someone contacts you, and very specifically states that they need
specific information within 24 hours, that does NOT mean you can
respond at your leisure. 36 hours passed, and the information is now
useless to me, and would just make more work for me. Thanks for

Sometimes it's not "better late than never"

Dear "How I Met Your Mother",
I don't know whether to love you or hate you. You are a mighty
humorous show, but you have taken over my life! I don't know
how I made it almost 5 seasons before discovering your awesomeness,
but since I am now behind, I have spent so many nights watching
past seasons (thank youNetflix!) and losing sleep. I don't think the
story of how I met my kids' father would take this long, though.
However, that does give me a good idea for a blog post later
on down the road...

It's so good to see Doogie Howser back at work!

Dear Boo,

I'm not exactly sure what you were saying at lunchtime today,
but it fills my heart with joy that you got such a kick out of the
story you were telling. After all, this means you take after your
mother, and laugh at yourself regularly. Don't worry if nobody
else laughs, sweetie. It just means that they were dumbfounded
by your quick wit. If only everyone could be so lucky!

Maybe I should apologize for giving you my sense of humor...

Dear Roon,

I am so excited that you are going to give me a blog makeover
for my birthday! My lack of a header and a button has bothered
me for a while, but I still don't know what I want my blog to look
like. Maybe my readers will have a suggestion or two (please! hint
hint...) of what my blog makes them think of. Please don't hold
my lack of decision making ability against me.

Your hopelessly devoted, blog addicted, wife

Okay, you've read mine! If you haven't done so already, head on over to ShortMama's and read other people's letters. Then, you can join in the party at your blog too! Come on, all the cool kids are doin' it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Family Togetherness

My kids' school is great. They are very good at organizing "Family Togetherness" nights. A friend of mine calls them "forced parental interaction" and sometimes it feels that way, but for the most part, they are a lot of fun for the whole family. Another thing they are good at? Assigning family crafts. These little gems are cleverly disguised as "homework" and usually involve the whole family sitting around together to disguise a pumpkin at Halloween, or decorate a boot to celebrate Texas heritage. In reality, these projects end up placed on top of my mantle for "safe keeping" until we get around to doing them as a family. Then, truth be told, it is less of a "family" project, and more a "crap! That thing was due YESTERDAY! Do we have any glue?" project.
When I was at the school volunteering one day, I made copies for the next of such projects for Bubble's class. Admittedly, I cheated. I read through what we would be doing, made a mental note of when they would be due, and began brainstorming, and fantasizing actually putting in my due diligence this time around.
The assignment: Make a stick horse for "western day" that would be coming up the Friday after spring break.
Yes, what would a school year in Texas be, without a full fledged western day, complete with stick horse races, and sawhorse lasso-ing? A big fat failure, that's what it would be!
Even though a paper example was included, the words "I've seen them made out of material" jumped off the page at me, like it was summoning my inner perfectionist. I certainly could not send my son to school with a sad little paper horse attached to a ruler, when his teacher had seen others made out of material and dowel rods! What kind of a failure would I be?!
According to my excellent memory, the stick horses were to be turned in by Wednesday (yes, today), which meant that we made an emergency trip to the craft store last night.
Yeah, so much for budgeting my time wisely...
Am I the only one who's kids' hands seem to be magnetically attracted to anything breakable the second we step foot into a craft store? No? Just me? I just know that someday we are going to make it onto some sort of abolishment list. But I digress...
$7, 30 minutes, and a near mental breakdown (mine) later, our plan was set into motion.
If I were better, I would have taken pictures of the step by step process to show you, but I can guarantee that every one of you probably could have done a better job than I did, so use your imaginations...
Basically, I sewed (I know, I was shocked at my awesomeness too!) two pieces of felt together that had been cut to a horse head shape, with some yarn sandwiched in between to serve as a mane, inside out. I then flipped it to right side out, most of the yarn fell out (very poorly executed plan, I must say), and we glued googley eyes, and ribbon on him to look like a bridel. We stuffed it, and sewed it shut, except a slit where the stick would be insterted.
The "family togetherness" consisted of Roon and I telling the kids to go away, and not touch things like my sewing scissors and hot glue gun. Aaaah, memories!
Wanna know what the masterpiece looked like? Well, kinda picture "Charlie Horse" from the old Sherry Lewis and Lambchop show, and you will get an idea of how retarded our horse looked. The head was smaller than anticipated, so the googley eyes we bought wer WAY too big. If I would have thought about it, (okay let's be honest, if I would have had any white felt) I would have attached a couple of "buck teeth" to this poor creature. At least then it may have looked like we MEANT for it to look that silly!
In the end, Bubble was thrilled with the way it turned out. If it is still in tact by the time it comes home on Friday, I will take a picture to share.
Wanna hear something funny though? So, we rushed to get this horse done, because it was due today, right? Well, I found the paper again, stating the purpose of the assignment, and realized that the stick horses were not actually supposed to be turned in until Friday. Guess they didn't want a bunch of wooden sticks hanging around the classrooms that could be used as weapons or something...
Nice one Mom!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And The Oscar Goes To...

Sissy has always had a flair for the dramatic. If I had a nickel for every time I have caught her "valley girl"ing it in front of the mirror, while acting out an elaborate play in her head, I would probably be out of debt by now. I have often said that I feel sorry for her future husband. Not that she's not an absolutely fabulous girl. She is. I love her to death. She is my "mini me" in nearly every way. Except, she is a hypochondriac, with little to no pain tolerance, hence the pity for her future spouse.
One night over spring break, I was getting Boo ready for bed. Noticing that her jammies were getting a little snug, I commented to Boo, that I reckoned (hey ya'll!) it was time to sift through Sissy's old clothes to find some bigger jammies for her. Sissy overheard this, and took it as her cue for a the beginning of her one woman show. Picture...Scarlet O'Hara speaking to Rhett Butler as you read the following exchange...
Sissy: "Whaaat?" "My clothes?"
Me: "Yes. this is what we do."
Sissy: "But MY clothes?!"
Me: "It's not like I'm going to give her your current clothes. Just ones you haven't fit into for 5 years."
Sissy: (Actually putting a hand to her forehead) "Just like you gave her my Dora shirt!"
Me: "Yes. And, these jammies (indicating the jammies currently hugging Boo like a glove)."
Sissy: (Running out of the room, with a burst of melodrama) "Oooooh, the ones I wore when Bubble was a baby."

Take a bow, Sissy, take a bow. Just remember to mention your mother in your acceptance speech. Mmmkay?

And in other news:

I can now add "alternating crossover lunges" to the list of things I'm not coordinated enough to do. Yay me!

DWTS (Dancing With The Stars, for you laymen) premiered last night, and I am now seriously crushing on Buzz Aldrin. He is like my Tom Delay of last season, and my Steve Wosniac from the season before. Cute old men that can't dance, are my kryptonite. (Case in point, my husband. Oooh Burn!) I know he won't stay around for long (Buzz, not my hubby), but I hope he lasts longer than Kate Gosselin. For the love of Pete! Please quit letting that woman promote herself. I beg of you! Oh, and seeing Vienna watching Jake from the wings almost made me toss my cookies. For reals. Lady made cookies, and I almost threw them at the TV. That is all. I was actually pretty impressed with the dancing ability this season. I was sad how much the judges criticized the ice skater (Forgot his name, help me out her, Xazmin!) but I'm sure he will deliver in the end.

Boo was helping me do the laundry this morning. She loves to push the buttons to start up the machine, and help load the clothes. It fills my heart with joy, after she pushes the button, and she jumps around clapping, laughing, and proclaiming in all her two year old vocabulary: "I did it!" Now, if I could only teach her how to fold...

Roon is beginning to notice early signs of male pattern baldness. However, he only realizes immediately following a hair cut. Before the cut, I will ask which number clipper he wants me to use. Personally, I like to use the one that leaves his hair a tad longer on top, but he likes the shorter one, so that is the one he requests. After the haircut, he will accuse me (okay, accuse may be too strong of a word) of using the wrong guide comb. No honey, that's just the way old men look. Maybe Rogaine is in our near future? Stay tuned...

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Not Whether You Win or Lose...

I am so off today, you guys. I have been really sidetracked, and totally spaced when 12:00 came and went, and completely forgot to post who the winner of my very first giveaway is.
But I'll get to that in a minute. First, I have meant to blog about my own good luck, and how I feel like I won the lottery. On Saturday, I received my assigned partner for the Spring Swap, and I am ECSTATIC!!! Who did I get? MAMARAZZI!!! I know, I know, take a minute to get all your envy under control. I am so excited! For those of you who don't know... (where have you BEEN?) Mamarazzi is the totally awesome chick over at Dandelion Wishes, who hosts all kinds of swaps throughout the year. In fact, participating in her last "favorite things" swap is what inspired ShortMama to host one of her own. Now, it will be a while until I will qualify to participate in one of hers, so I am over the moon excited that I get to know her better, and swap with her this time around. Come January, I'm all over her swaps, like flies on rotting garbage...
or honey. I guess honey sounds more complimentary, huh? Now, what do I love about spring...?

Okay, enough already! For the 3 of you on the edges of your seats, waiting anxiously for me to announce the winner, your wait is almost over.

I did want to tell CJ that she got an extra entry because her quote made me laugh. Not just the quote, but it reminded me of another funny part in the movie, that is also among my favorite moments. I also must reveal the answers to the questions. So...

The Movie:

Character who spoke the quote: Anna Scott

Actor/Actress who played the character: Julia Roberts

Line delivered directly before: "With a goat, playing a violin" said by William Thacker (Hugh Grant)

Other noteworthy lines: "There's something wrong with this yogurt" (Said by Spike) "It's not yogurt, it's mayonaise" (Said by William) "Ah, right-o then" (Said by Spike)

"Big feet, large shoes" (Said by Anna)

Okay, so now, there were 16 comments, when you add one for CJ making me laugh. According to the number generater, the winning comment number was...9.

Which means that HEATHER is the winner of the grand prize! Congratulations. Send me an email with your address, and I will get your goodies out to you ASAP.

Thanks to all who entered! You guys rock!

Betcha Didn't Know...

I saw this list of quesions over at Emmy's blog, and she got them from MannLand5. I thought it might be fun to link up to a brand new (to me) blog, so here I go...

1. What year did you graduate high school?

2. What part of your body do you neglect the most?
I would have to say my brain. So many of the things I do take so little brain power, that I sometimes feel like it is going to turn to mush. Eventually, I'll have time to read books without pictures again, right?

3. Beach house or Lake house?
Since I can't swim...I would have to say lake house. At least if you fall in a lake, you have a finite area you would have to swim before you reach a shore. Plus, there wouldn't be waves threatening to drag you out to the middle of the great blue. Plus, I like changing seasons. The beach doesn't seem to offer that.

4. Mac or PC?
PC. No reason in particular. I married a PC. The decision was made for me. I do, however, haven an iPhone. So, does that make me both?

5. Did you wear braces?
Nope. Sometimes looking at my teeth now, I wish I would have...

6. If you could be one person for a or deceased..who would you be?
How about anyone who has amazing homemaking or organizational skills. Of course, to make it worth my while, I would probably have to be them for more like a month...

7. How many times have you moved in your life?
5 that I can think of when I was a kid, 1 time to go off to college, and 6 times since I got married 10 years ago. Wow. That's like a dozen different houses!

8. Would you rather cook or clean?"
I guess I would rather clean. I prefer baking over both of those options though. Maybe my answer to number 6 should have been Julia Child. Can't seem to cook worth a darn.

There you have it! A little bonus information about me, and it's not even the 12th of the month, you lucky ducks you! Go over to MannLand, and link up, if you feel so inclined...

Friday, March 19, 2010

More Flags...More Fun!

Just a quick reminder, that there is still time to enter my very first giveaway! I've decided to leave it open until Monday, the 22nd at 12 noon, EDT. If you want to give Jennifer, Heather, or CJ a run for their money, get entered! I promise, the prize package will be worthy of your time...

This year, we decided to attempt to do more fun things with the kids. More than just taking them to the splash park in the summer, or to the weekly football games once Sissy's cheer season starts. So, season passes to Six Flags over Texas, seemed like the perfect option. Plans were set into motion to break in the passes on Wednesday of Spring break. As with all good plans, Murphy's law reared it's ugly head, and 2/3 of us were plagued by exploding bowels 2 days before. Determined that this was not going to deter our plans, we trudged on. By Wednesday morning, it appeared that our trip was a no go. Roon and I began exchanging texts, he at work, me at home. Our plans were rearranged. 30 minutes after decisions were made, it appeared that everyone but Mom was over it. "It" being the bug that made everything on the inside, in a very big hurry to be on the outside. Not wanting to risk missing out on a spring break outing, I sucked it up, and took some imodium, and amusement parkin' we went!
The kids were ecstatic with the surprise, and everyone's stomachs, including mine, seemed to be in working order.
About 2 hours into play time, it became obvious that a potty break was in order. Boo must have been holding it for a while, because she went from completely dry, to pee leaking down her leg, in no time at all. Being in the little kid area of the park, we found a bathroom, and the boys and girls split up. I instructed Sissy to wait in line (because HELLO, there's always a line at the women's restroom...even for miniature women) while I went over to what I'm telling myself was a completely sanitary diaper changing station (because I didn't have my changing pad with me, and there wasn't a working paper towel dispenser) to change Boo's 5 pound diaper.
While waiting, Sissy apparently got confused as to who's turn it was, and inadvertantly cut in line. I listened as some grown women made snarky comments about her cutting in line, and how they supposed that some people just thought they were too good to wait.
WHAT THE HECK?! She's 7 people!
I hear it, and luckily, the door was broken, so she stuck her head out to ask me to hold it for her. I told her, while shooting a very dirty look in the direction of little miss 40 year old who couldn't hold it, to come stand by me, and I would help her once I was done with Boo. I then told little miss couldn't hold it to go ahead.
I got Boo changed, and we washed our hands. I took Boo out to Roon, and told him that Sissy and I still hadn't gone, so we would be back in a minute.
By this time, Sissy and I are both doing the potty dance, and regretting drinking so much soda.
We stand in line, Sissy tries to cut in front of another little girl, but I stopped her.
FINALLY our turn comes, and the stall door opens, and I get my first view of the promised land.
What the...! Holy miniature bathroom fixtures Batman!
Seriously guys...think toilet seat hitting me at shin level.
Granted, I'm 5' 8", so it could just be my giant stature that made it seem small, but it even looked short in comparison to my 7 year old.
Need a visual? Think, "Elf" and Will Farrell, sitting on the pot. I knew right away, this was NOT going to work for me. I held the door shut for Sissy, as I attempted to make small talk with those around me about the size of the accommodations. Ever get the feeling that someone just doesn't "get" you? Apparently standing in line in a teeny tiny tot bathroom, is not the appropriate time to make friends. Oh well...
Based on what I could tell from the outside, Sissy's experience on the toilet was to be expected. Making good friends with her knees as she sat.
When my turn came, I just admitted defeat.
There are very few times a woman should be caught in that position with her pants down, and one of those, is childbirth. No. Thank. You.
I took Sissy out to Roon, and announced that I still had to pee. Roon seemed confused, until I stated that I was not a contortionist, by any stretch of the imagination, and I was going to go find a toilet more suited to my adult physique. This is where I envy men, and their ability to play target practice. I bet the size of the toilet didn't deter him at all.
I finally did find a bathroom, right behind a Cold Stone Creamery stand. Mmmm Cold Stone. Cookie Doughn't you want some...
No, I didn't stop to get ice cream. But I should have! As far as I can tell, I earned it just thinking about the physical exertion necessary for such a task.
Needless to say, I'm glad the Immodium worked.

Now, I've told you mine, so if you want to hear the hilarity that happened to others, go visit MiMi, tell your story, and link up. I cannot be the only one who has these kinds of things happen to them regularly!

It's Spring, But...Break? That's Debateable.

Having 4 kids at home, as opposed to 2, is anything but a vacation. I love having the extra time with them, but there are just some things that become more difficult. Breakfast and Lunch time become a little less organized, and a little more "mom is a short order cook, and the kitchen floor is suddenly the perfect place to practice for the icecapades". On the plus side, I have learned that I am an excellent ice dancing waitress.
Another thing that becomes more difficult? Blogging. The younger two still nap, but what was once my quiet time is then replaced with reading with the older two, or doing other various activities, that I love, but eat up what is usually my bloggy time. Monday should be back to normal, for us anyway.
One thing I've loved about Spring Break? SLEEP! Sissy is an excellent morning babysitter. She gets up with Boo, and distracts her with games, or movies, so mommy can sleep in until 9! I am definitely spoiled. They never let Roon off that easy on Saturday mornings, but maybe knowing that it CAN be done is half the battle, and bribery is the other half.
Don't worry, I'm still linking up with MiMi later today for F Bomb Friday...but that will have to wait until I'm done playing referee. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just Because You Can't See Them...

...doesn't mean they can't drive you crazy!
I'm in the depths of despair! Do I know why? Nope. Well, I have my suspicions, but there's virtually nothing I can do about it.
Hormones. I'm talking about hormones. My arch rivals who creep in, disguise themselves as my messy children, overbearing to do list, or fatigue. But alas, after a day, I realize that I'm not crazy. Just hormonal.
Go figure that this would happen over spring break. Not only do I have to try to muster up the energy to do my regular household chores, but I have to do so while entertaining 4 children, as opposed to the 2 I usually have in tow. Naptime is non-existent. Who can make a 7 1/2 year old take a nap? Not I.
The Girl Scout cookies mock me. I've got the angel on one shoulder telling me that eating them would make everything worse. It would negate my morning workout. On the other shoulder, I have the devil, dressed in milk chocolate deliciousness, and carrying a Thin Mint sceptyr, telling me that just one Tagalong would make everything better. Must not make eye contact with the cookies...
So, do I do what I know I should do, which is finish cleaning the kitchen, fold the laundry, and vacuum the living room, or do I do what my uninvited guests are telling me to do?
Chocolate and a chick flick it is!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Quince Quote...First Edition

I had the hardest time narrowing down which movie to launch this idea with. I actually have 4 purchased and all ready to go. Luckily Roon, who does not even remember having the conversation about most of the details pertaining to this giveaway, FINALLY had an opinion. So, we shall go with the movie he picked out of the 4.
This movie is rated PG-13, and is probably more suited to be a date night movie after the kiddos are asleep.

"Happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat."

Here are your possible chances to win...
  1. Blog about it, and comment saying you did. This will earn you an entry, even if your guess is wrong!
  2. Guess what movie the quote came from. If you get it right, you have an entry!
  3. Give the name of the character who said the quote.
  4. Name the actor/actress who played the character who delivered the quote.
  5. Give the line delivered either immediately before, or immediately after the above mentioned quote.
  6. Deliver another noteworthy line from the same film. If you manage to make me laugh, you may earn yourself a bonus entry!

So, there you have it! Several chances to win. Please leave a different comment for each entry. I've never used one of those random number generators before, but I'm sure it would be easier to assign a winner if each entry was done individually. Let's not confuse the easily confuseable, okay?!

Matters of Business, and Some Alliteration

Remember on Friday when I posted this story? Well, I had a request from a few of my favorite bloggy friends to show a picture of the new 'do. So, here ya go...

I totally would have done a before and after shot, but I realized that I have no pictures of myself between January 2009, and now. The only exception, is a picture taken of me in my exercise clothes, to serve as a "before" picture but NOBODY wants to see that. Think "The Biggest Loser" before shots...NOT pretty! Basically, I had 4-5 inches cut off the length, and has it lightened a LOT. It had been dyed darker than my natural color, originally. So there you have it. You. Are. Welcome.

On Saturday, Lady (my best friend) brought the fact to my attention that I have failed! I was so excited to post my F bomb Friday story, that I didn't even realize that Friday was also the 12th day of the month. As you may (or may not) remember, the 12th is the day of the month I was born on (April) so it is the day I give some tidbits of information about me. In honor of March, I now bring you the top 5 things I have been lucky enough to avoid, or unlucky enough to be deprived of, in...I NEVER.

  1. I've never had a driver's license. I have been terrified of driving pretty much since day one of my driver's training. When I was younger, I wouldn't even sit in the front passenger seat. Now, the furthest I will "drive" doesn't even involve me leaving my subdivision, and will only involve driving about a block and half to get to another friend's house. This is only in extreme circumstances too. I usually prefer to walk. I know I need to overcome this fear, but for now, with being a one car household anyway...I'm not in any hurry.
  2. I've never had an alcolholic beverage. Never. Not even a sip. This is mainly because of my religious background, but also partly because I come from a family that LOVES alcohol. I've seen drunk people dance at wedding receptions, and well, it never interested me. I had some friends in high school that told me they wanted to slip me some sometime, because they thought I would make a "fun drunk" whatever that means...
  3. I never went to prom. I moved to a new school my Junior year, so by prom, I didn't know anyone well enough for them to ask me out. (Did I mention I'm shy?) Senior year, I made the marvelous decision to have a steady boyfriend who had already graduated. Yes, I was just THAT stupid. Less than one week before prom, he asks me: "So, prom's next week, ya want me to, uh, take ya?" This is also the winner who I told you about before, who didn't know the correct wording for the whole "assume" catchphrase. Yeah..."Sume doesn't like it." Geez!
  4. I never learned to swim. Technically, yes, I taught myself a few things, and could probably save myself if need be, but I never formally learned to swim. I took lessons when I was a kid, but my medical history scared my teacher, so I spent the bulk of my time sitting with her on the stairs leading into the pool. Another thing I know I need to just bite the bullet and do. If not for my sake, then for my kids' sakes.
  5. I've never been skiing, water or snow. Nope. Much more the type to go sledding, or riding in a boat, where I can let my caboose do all the work. I've learned the hard way to never depend on my coordination skills for anything. We have an understanding. I admit I have no coordination, and I will avoid making a complete idiot out of myself. Simple as that!

So, there you have that. A few random things you can use to ridicule me. Be gentle!

Now for the fun stuff!

When I first started this blog, I knew that I wanted to host a monthly giveaway, but it never seemed like the right time to start it. Luckily, I have developed a small following, and feel that it may be a good time to start it up. I call this monthly giveaway...QUINCE QUOTE. Why? Because I plan to post it on the 15th of every month, and my limited spanish vocabulary tells me that quince is the spanish word for 15. Plus, since my giveaway involves quotes, I thought it added a nice little ring of alliteration to it, don't you think?

So, here's how the giveaway works, and what you'll get.

On the 15th, I will simply post a quote from a movie that I deem a "classic". As in, it is a movie I could watch over and over again, and pull out quotes to use in my day to day life. If I feel that the quote is particularly difficult, I will include things such as GENRE, YEAR MADE, so on and so forth to help lead you in the right direction.

What do you have to do?

Simply leave a comment including the title of the movie you think the quote came from. If you are right, you are entered. For additional chances to win, leave separate comments including things such as

  • Which character delivered the quote.
  • Actor/actress who played character.
  • Line said before or after quote.
  • Situation leading up to the quote.
  • Info that you have blogged about the giveaway on your blog.

You will have anywhere from 2-5 days to get your best guesses submitted to me, depending on the popularity. If you already have the movie, you can guess, but take yourself out of the running for winning. I don't know why you would want to do that though! Who wouldn't want a few other free goodies?!

What will you get for showing your movie trivia genius?

A movie night package from yours truly! This will include, but will not be limited to...

  • Your very own copy of the movie the quote came from.
  • Popcorn
  • Assorted candy and goodies
  • A bowl, personalized for your family.

I should mention that most, if not all of the movies will be rated PG-13 or lower. If, for some reason, I pick a movie that is rated R, I will tell you beforehand. There are a few of my favorites that are rated R, but that is because I grew up on the "edited for TV" versions. Many of the movies will be suitable for the whole family, so it would be perfect for family movie night.

Sound like fun? If not, too bad! Sounds fun to me! Be watching for the first quote to be posted a little bit later today. I'm still trying to decide which one it will be. Aren't you just giddy with anticipation? I know I am!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Blondes Have More Fun.

TGIF!!! I just love coming up with situations to link up with MiMi's "F Bomb Friday", because it is like a license to admit that you are not perfect, and that it is okay to commit a social faux pas or two, because everyone has been there! I have not had the pleasure of telling a story where I made a complete idiot out of myself...yet. And I do stress, yet. Sometimes material just presents itself, and takes precedence over any past story you could share! Remember back to Wednesday, when I posted about my kids' school open house, and how I had made the mistake of scheduling two things for the same night? Well, as you may remember, one of those things was a hair appointment, for me. And might I add, a much needed hair appointment.
I always book my appointments in advance. I usually end up rescheduling, if I don't feel like I need it, or if I feel too poor to pay for it. Point is, I always have a hair appointment scheduled, so I can always get in. After the open house, my husband decided that he would drop me off, and take the kids to get dinner while I got primped and pretty. (Little known fact about me, I don't drive, it terrifies me...but that's a whole other story.) I was to call him when I was done (yeah for new cell phones!) and he would come get me.
So, I head back to the Salon (In the back of JC Penney), and tell the hostess, matre de, whatever she calls herself, my name, and that I have an appointment with K.
"K?! You have an appointment with K?! That's not possible!"
Wondering why in Heaven's name that is not possible, I say "Yes".
"Well, K doesn't work here anymore."
Ummm...excuse me?
"Can you tell me when she left?" I asked still feeling lost.
"About a week ago. Someone should havee called you."
Uh... YEAH!!!
"Someone did call me, to confirm my appointment."
"Somebody called you?!"
By now I'm wondering if this woman is reliving some childhood love of the game "echo" because she seems to me repeating everything I say, with an exasperated tone.
"When did they call you?! Do you know who called you?! They shouldn't have called you?!"
Ummm...didn't you just say that somebody should have called me?
"They called on Saturday, to confirm my appointment."
"Well, I'm at a loss! I just don't even know what to say! I have no words!"
Well of course not lady, all the words you've said have been direct repeats of what I said! Maybe I should have started spewing terms in pig latin to throw her off her game...
She then starts rummaging through the file cabinets, and finds the paper with the list of confirmation callse made on Saturday.
"Hmmm, somebody DID call you."
How about that! I don't just go around randomly claiming to have received fictitious calls! I really am not THAT lame!
"I can't even squeeze you in...nope. All our other stylists are booked. Wow, I really just don't even know what to say. I guess I can rebook you, and offer you a 20% off coupon for your next appointment..."
She continues in on this, that and the other, during which I was only half listening. I had gone to my happy place. A place where people could read.
I thanked her for her help, gave her my new cell phone number so she could have the confirmations texted to me from now on, and left. I called Roon, and explained the situation to him, while walking to the front of the store. He explained that they had not yet received their order, but would gather the food "to go" as soon as it was done, and head over to pick me up.
Again. Thank goodness for cell phones!
Just as I sit down in the breezeway of the store, to settle in for a little "words with friends" I hear Lady Antebellum start to sing. Guess now would be a good time to mention that is my default ring tone.
Guess who it is!
JC Penney Salon!
My friendly neighborhood whatsherbucket, calling to tell me that I do, in fact have an appointment right now, and that I should come on back!
I dial Roon back answer.
Try to text him, when he calls back.
I explain the new situation to him.
They had just left the fast food place, with a playplace I might add, and were on their way to get me. Roon ended up taking the kids home to eat, while I got my hair done. The kids were NOT happy about their loss of germ infested playplace time!
Turns out, my name had been in the books the whole time! My new assigned stylist had come to the front, complaining that her client was late, and pondered whether or not she should call her. They looked up said "client" and lo and behold...IT WAS ME!!!
And that, my friends, is why my happy place includes people who can read.
Bottom line, I really like my new 'do. It's a bit blonder than I had intended to go, but I love the cut.
Oh! And I almost forgot! Because I did not use the "rebooked" appointment, I was not allowed to use the 20% off coupon that I had just received. Miss "I have no words" was very clear on that point. Personally, I think it should have been compesation for my pain and suffering, but what do I know? I'm just some crazy person who goes around town trying to get my hair done by imaginary people!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Swap Meet

I am so excited! I had been feeling really bummed because some of the blogs I stalk follow recently participated in a swap, hosted by Mamarazzi, and it looked like SO much fun! The only catch was that you had to have been actively blogging for a year in order to participate. I was short that by about 9 months. I'll chug along, and get there some day, but in the meantime, I was feeling a little bit left out. Don't get me wrong, I'm generally a patient person, but suddenly 9 months seemed like FOREVER. Lucky for me, Shortmama heard my cry for help, apparently telepathically, and she has decided to host a swap! Of course, I am jumping at the chance to participate, so much so that I think I may have pulled a muscle. So, yeah, if you are interested in ringing in spring with a swap, and meeting new bloggy friends along the way, head on over to Family Of Shorts, grab the button, and link up. You just may get me as a partner! If only you could be that lucky!


Dear Someone

Dear Roon,

Thank you so much for pointing out that it wouldn't
make any sense to start up another 30 day challenge
on the Wii Active until we have purchased the newer
version of the game. Not having to exercise for 3 days
in a row sure hasn't helped my waistline, but it has
given my legs a much needed rest.
I'm sure I'll recant this letter as soon as I get back in
the swing of things and my thighs start a burnin' but
right now I'm cool with that...

Dear Sissy,

I can appreciate your love for your teacher. I can also
understand your need to release some creative energy
by making her a card. However, nagging mommy about
it during the height of evening chaos, was probably not
the best idea, sweetie. Furthermore, when Mommy says
"Not right now" and Daddy says "let's do it a different day"
that does NOT mean that you should pull out your own
supplies, and leave them on the table for Boo to find.
I'm a little sorry I yelled at your disobedience, but not really...

Dear First Grade field trip coordinator people,

I was perplexed to find out how much the field trip was going to cost.
I was further confused by the fact that it is going to cost MORE for my
daughter to go, than it will cost me to accompany her. Do you not get a
group discount on the children? Is it because they will get to bring home
something really cool, like a hermit crab (that she WILL kill FYI), and I
will not? I don't mind paying the money, for her to go, and I will most
definitely be going along with her, but for crying out loud, is there such
a thing as a "short tax"?
Still Baffled
First grade Mom.

Dear Bug,
Just so you know..."feeding the dog" also includes letting her in from
outside so she can eat it.
Why the heck is she still whining!

Now, head on over to Shortmama, and read the letters other people wish they could send!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

These Feet Were Made For Walkin'

I've intended to post about this for several months, but you know how things go! I am walking for Relay for Life in April, and I need help to raise money for my portion of my team's goal. I know times are tough right now for a lot of people, so please don't feel obligated to give. I just thought I would throw the line out there, and if all I catch is an old tire, or a be it!
If you are in a position to give, I would be forever indebted to you!
If you are monumentally wealthy (or just can't say no to a good cause) and would like to donate to more than just myself, I know that Shortmama is walking as well, in her community. She too, has a badge on her sidebar that you can click on to give to her cause.
Come on guys! Together we can (as a shirt my best friend owns says) SAVE SECOND BASE!!!
Go on, click it, you know you want to!

Showing Off.

There is something horribly anticlimactic about going to your child's school for an "Open House" when you are at the school every week.
When we first heard about the open house a week ago, Sissy automatically starts in on her nagging questions. "Can we go?" "Are we going?" "Are we going to go at 6 or 7?"
Roon looked to me for the answers to these questions.
"I'm not sure why we need to go." I said.
"So you can see my school" was Sissy's retort.
Keep in mind, that I volunteer at the school every Wednesday for 3 hours. I am also the room mom for Bubble's classroom, and I have attended/am planning to attend every field trip /party/ family night my kids have, from now 'til apparently the end of time.
Missing the open house, did not seem like a far fetched idea to me. After all, I had an appointment to have my hair done at 7 (which coincidentally is going to be my Friday post, when I link up again with MiMi), on the same night, and I was NOT going to reschedule it again.
When it looked like she was going to lose the battle, she brought out the big guns.
"But EVERYONE else is going to be there!"
Well, heck fire! Where's that bridge?! I wanna jump now too!
As you might have guessed, we went. We dawned our...whatever we were wearing at the moment, and drove the 1.5 blocks to the school. Sissy was all a flutter, excited to see her friends (whom she had seen not more than 3 hours before) and show off her classroom. I, on the other hand, wondered what on Earth could have changed so dramatically since I was there on Thursday.
No, I'm not a negative Nelly, who grumbled as I walked in, but my mop needed to be tamed, and I did not want to be late.
Bubble led us into the Kindergarten area to "meet" his teacher, who I am on a first name basis with. He shows off his work, as I point out to Roon my work, as well.
"This is my American flag" Bubble gloated.
"These are the stars I punched out by myself, 50 per student, 17 times over" I bragged.
"This is my cowboy" Bubble pointed out.
"I did the die cuts of every one of those boots and hats" I boasted.
"Check out my western scene!" Bubble exclaimed.
"Guess how long it took me to cut out 17 of those silhouettes." I pressed.
It was just as much my open house, as it was theirs.
Sissy's classroom was more of the same, albeit a little more rushed, since the time was drawing near when I had to be in the salon chair, and we still hadn't had dinner.
I'm sure we fell out of the running for parents of the year since we neglected to take a camera to document this auspicious occasion. And no, I most definitely will not be laminating the flag, cowboy, or silhouette to save for years to come. Why? Because I have 4 kids, and just don't have the storage space. Plus, those silhouettes gave me nightmares...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Celebrate Bacon

I have a lot of things on my to do list today. One of those things being to write the blog post I meant to post yesterday about my first day teaching the 8 year olds at church, but it may have to wait until nap time. Right now, I feel the need to express my undying love and devotion, to Wilbur.
Wilbur is my pig. Well, not my pig persay, but he is the pig that makes me want to break out into a rendition of "Two of Hearts" by Stacy Q. Don't remember that song? You can watch the totally radical music video here, if you feel so inclined. Why would a pig make me want to sing? Well, because just like in the song, our hearts "beat as one."
One year ago today, I was wide open on the operating table, while several people fiddled with my heart, yet again, to try to improve my quality of life. In case you don't remember, or are new to my blog, you can read all about my heart defect(s) by clicking here. Obviously, things went well, and I am fully recovered. This was not my first rodeo, so to speak, nor will it be my last. For now, the valve Wilbur donated to me so unselfishly is ticking away beautifully. My scar still itches like the dickens, and has gone from a beautiful light pink (due to 16 years of sitting undisturbed) to a MUCH brighter, aggravated pink, but I'll take it, if it means I can put away laundry without getting winded.

18 years ago, I NEVER would have considered sharing this. It was humiliating. It made me different. I would never wear scoopy neck shirts, my bathing suits practically had to include a turtle neck. Now, I wear it like a badge of honor.

So now, the only question I have is...does eating bacon make me a canibal?


Friday, March 5, 2010

The Name Game

Phew! It's been a busy blogging day, but I couldn't call it a day (as far as posting goes, SO many visits yet to make) I just HAD to link up with my pal, MiMi for her F-Bomb Friday, because it's what I do, and I love it!

To set up this story, I guess I need to mention that my real name is "Samantha". Nobody ever calls me that, but it is what is on my birth certificate, and it is what people who don't know me, call me.
I've had to deal with people misspelling my nickname all my life, but never my real name, until...

This story took me back about 11 years, to the end of my senior year (okay, go ahead and point and laugh if you've done the math, and figured out that I am only about 29. I get it, I'm young...bla bla bla.) of high school. I am LDS, and, as some of you may know, this means that in addition to regular school, I took a scripture study type class (called Seminary) from the time I entered high school. In Ohio, it was early in the morning. Once I moved to Utah, it was worked into my school schedule. Anyhoo...
Upon completion, your senior year, they hold a graduation ceremony of sorts, to honor those who have accomplished this goal. You get a "diploma" and everything!
I go to the ceremony, enjoy the presentation, walk accross as my name is called, get my diploma (which is in a plastic-y cover) and return to my seat. I open the cover, to see my name. Or at least, what was SUPPOSED to be my name.
What the...! That's not even a name!
No biggie.
After the commencement is complete, I line up to talk to one of the Seminary teachers, behind a friend of mine whose name had also been horribly misspelled. Of course, hers was at least a name. Hers read "Amber" while her name is actually spelled "Ambre". I could totally feel her pain.
My teacher made a note of all the people who needed corrections, and I went happily on my way.
The next day at seminary, He gleefully presented me with my new "corrected" diploma.
When I looked up confused, and did not say thank you right away, the smile fell from his lips.
Him: "What's wrong".
Me: "It's still spelled wrong."
Him: "It is?!"
Me: "There's supposed to be an N between the A and the T."
Him: "Well, we're all out of diplomas, is that okay?"

Guess it has to be, doesn't it?! I wonder if they spelled Ambre right...

Now, head on over to MiMi's and link up with won't regret it!

Love, Me

I'm a day late in linking up with Shortmama for her Dear Someone letters, but I hope you will all forgive me. After you read mine, head on over to visit her, and see what other people had to say!

Dear Boo,

If you don't like when mommy has to hold
you over the sink to rinse out your hair...

You can join Bug in his quest to receive toiletries for his birthday

Dear Costco,

Oh, how I love you! I love how I can always find
"old" movies for cheap, and that cheese is an absolute
steal! But, we must talk about your gigantic bottles
of laundry soap and fabric softener. Once the level
reaches the low side, and detergent no longer flows
freely from the spicket, they're really a nuissance to
deal with. Together, I'm sure we can find a solution.

Love me some giant bottle of Cheer,

Dear Sissy and Bubble,

I realize that your lives are completely unfair, and that
you always get the short end of every stick. That being
said, Mommy was NOT kidding about taking you to a
homeless shelter so you can see first hand that there are,
in fact, people who have a rougher life than you.

Seriously, you haven't had a phone of your own, your WHOLE LIFE?!

Catching Up

Holy cow guys! It's only been 3 days since I last posted something, but in the blogging world... it's an eternity! I wish I could say that I've been super busy being the perfect homemaker, or that I took some fabulous vacation, but I can't. My explanation? Tuesday night, I got one of these...

photo found on Google

and I have been playing words with friends ALL DAY LONG.

Now it's time to take a break though, and see what everyone has been up to, and link up with some fabulous people!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You Say Finale...I Say Finally

Unless you have been living under a rock, don't have TV, or do not have easy access to the internet, you had to know that last night was the much anticipated (aren't they all?) finale of season...whatever...of the Bachelor. I never call them by their season numbers, this one will forever live in my memory as "Jake's season". I hope the anticipation for this update didn't kill you, and I hope that I succeed in making it worth your while with this parody, taking you through the final episode, and the "after the final rose" show. It is, in case you couldn't guess, to the tune of "On The Wings Of Love" by Jefferey Osborne. Press play, scroll down, and ENJOY!
By the way...the tune gets a little hairy at the end, so my lyrics may not flow too well. I'm sorry!

Come follow me, and let the show begin.
Jake is the pilot that two girls want to win.
Tenley seems just like an angel in disguise
Vienna, most hated, would win the final prize!

On the wings of LOVE
Jake's head is in the clouds
But he still can't deciiiide.
But before he can propose...
The girls must meet his FOLKS
Maybe then mom and dad
Can help to shed some liiight
On which girl
Should become a Pavelkaaa.

Tenley meets his dad, and he begins to cry
How there's another girl, they all wonder why
Jake's crazy bout her, but you can't help but see
He's a little conflicted, on which one it should beeee.

Really not that SMART
Jake tells his family that noone
Liked Vienna
And then he felt regret.
What if they don't LIKE
Her 'cause what he said
Has tarnished all their viewww.
Of who she really is
And what he seeees.

As crazy as it seems.
Though things started awkwardly.
They changed their view and loved her eventually.
When they said thier last goodbyes
Vienna couldn't help but cry
Losing him, seemed so much more than she could bear.

On the final DATES
J covered V in mud
The two rolled 'round like piigs.
While J and T sailed on a boat.
Jake made Tenley CRY
When he said physical, the chemistry was noooot
And she tried to prove him wroong

Finally Jake picks ONE
And the girls are led up into the clououds.
To await their final fate.
Tenley's plane lands FIRST
Then comes the ugly cry
I just don't understaaand
Why you'd pick Vienna over meeee.

Okay, so I ran out of verses to parody, so it didn't go through the after the final rose's how that went:
Vienna and Jake are insanely happy, and he doesn't care what anyone thinks about it. They plan to be married, but probably not until they have had time to live together "in the real world". Guess it's a good thing the show is sending them back to St. Lucia, get their "real life" romance off to a realistic, and totally normal start.
Ali was named as the next Bachelorette, and you all know that I love her, so I will most definitely be watching.
During the show they named the next DWTS (Dancing With The Stars) contestants, and you will never guess who they picked to be on it...JAKE! That is a little less an excited exclammation, and more a "Come on! Enough already! Or, can we say, overexposed?!" exclammation. Granted, I still think he's hot, but you know, the less you like someone as a person, the uglier they look to you. I started to dislike him the more the season went on, and the more girls he made out with, so let's hope he can't dance. I like that show, and at this point, I'm pretty sure he'll ruin it for me. How much vacation time do pilots get anyway? Shouldn't he be fired by now?!
I guess I should say that I'm not upset that Vienna won. No, I didn't particularly care for her, but there wasn't anything specific to back it up. For all I know, I don't like her because the other girls didn't like her, and I've been hopelessly lead astray. I hope they're happy, and that their relationship lasts as long as can be expected...about 6 months.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Report, and Some Randomness

It's the beginning of yet another month, and you know what that means! It's time for me to reveal another unattainable goal! In case you haven't been reading my blog for long, each month, I set a mini resolution, known as a RESOLUTIBILITY. If you want to know what that word means, you can read about it here. First though, I would like to update you (as my form of being held accountable) on my progress from the last two months.
In January, I set the goal to exercise. We did very well, and have continued with it up to this point. In February, I took a whole week off because I was sick. Although to date I've only lost about 3 pounds from the beginning of the year, I have been noticing some major improvements. For example: On Saturday, Roon and I decided to go hit up Old Navy for their jean sale. FABULOUS deals going on over there. Roon told me that what I should do is buy a couple pairs of jeans in a size down from what I normally wear, to serve as "motivation" to keep going. I reluctantly agreed, (because dang it, I wanted some new pants!) and went to the dressing room to face my phenomenal failure. To my incredible surprise, THEY FIT!!! I didn't even have to lay down to button them or anything! SCORE! I came out and told Roon, and asked if this meant I had to buy pants in the next smaller size, and he told me I didn't have to. Plus, he bought shorts in a smaller size, hoping that by summer they would fit, and when we got home, he tried them on, and THEY FIT TOO! I heart you, Wii Active, and all your snarky comments!
In February, we set the goal to floss regularly. We have done AWESOME at this one. I missed 3 days this month because I was sick, had a migraine, or was just too tired, and simply fell asleep before doing a proper bedtime routine. Roon started out reluctantly, but with the difference he is seeing, he is motivated to do it without me having to nag him! This should be a piece of cake to stick with.
So now, it's March. I have an appointment with my cardiologist at the end of this month, and I would love to be down a few more pounds. Mainly, I want to be down enough weight that she believes me when I tell her I am exercising regularly. So, For March, in addition to the exercise and floss, we are going to improve our eating habits. We're going to concentrate on eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, while cutting waaayy down on the amount of fast food we consume. I'll miss you sirloin burger from Jack in the Box! The hardest part will be cutting out or at least cutting back on my biggest weakness...DR. PEPPER! Oh you devil in a red tuxedo...go easy on me! And what does this mean for donuts? Oh donuts! Okay, seriously, I'm falling into the pit of dispair, gotta snap out of it!
So how about a little randomness...

Bubble lost his first tooth on Friday morning. He was pretty ticked when I wouldn't let him take it to school to show everyone. Roon suggested that he could just show people the gaping hole in his mouth...that should do the trick. He finally admitted defeat when I told him that if he lost the tooth at school, the tooth fairy wouldn't come to visit. That did it! He received a handful of coins (not sure how much, the male tooth fairy was the one to make the housecall) which he shared with his siblings the next morning so they could all buy gumballs while we were grocery shopping. What a sweet kid, huh?

I got a new calling at church. For the time being, I am going to be alternating weeks of teaching the 8 year olds Sunday School class. I got to sit in with them on Sunday to get a "feel" for it. I think I have my work cut out for me. Before moving to Texas, I worked with the 8-11 year old girls, and LOVED it! Of course, they had been under my watchful eye for quite a while, and these kids have only just met me. Just a note...playing with your gum, and balancing on one leg of the chair will NOT be permitted on the weeks I teach, thank you very much!

Have a great Monday everyone!