Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And The Oscar Goes To...

Sissy has always had a flair for the dramatic. If I had a nickel for every time I have caught her "valley girl"ing it in front of the mirror, while acting out an elaborate play in her head, I would probably be out of debt by now. I have often said that I feel sorry for her future husband. Not that she's not an absolutely fabulous girl. She is. I love her to death. She is my "mini me" in nearly every way. Except, she is a hypochondriac, with little to no pain tolerance, hence the pity for her future spouse.
One night over spring break, I was getting Boo ready for bed. Noticing that her jammies were getting a little snug, I commented to Boo, that I reckoned (hey ya'll!) it was time to sift through Sissy's old clothes to find some bigger jammies for her. Sissy overheard this, and took it as her cue for a the beginning of her one woman show. Picture...Scarlet O'Hara speaking to Rhett Butler as you read the following exchange...
Sissy: "Whaaat?" "My clothes?"
Me: "Yes. this is what we do."
Sissy: "But MY clothes?!"
Me: "It's not like I'm going to give her your current clothes. Just ones you haven't fit into for 5 years."
Sissy: (Actually putting a hand to her forehead) "Just like you gave her my Dora shirt!"
Me: "Yes. And, these jammies (indicating the jammies currently hugging Boo like a glove)."
Sissy: (Running out of the room, with a burst of melodrama) "Oooooh, the ones I wore when Bubble was a baby."

Take a bow, Sissy, take a bow. Just remember to mention your mother in your acceptance speech. Mmmkay?

And in other news:

I can now add "alternating crossover lunges" to the list of things I'm not coordinated enough to do. Yay me!

DWTS (Dancing With The Stars, for you laymen) premiered last night, and I am now seriously crushing on Buzz Aldrin. He is like my Tom Delay of last season, and my Steve Wosniac from the season before. Cute old men that can't dance, are my kryptonite. (Case in point, my husband. Oooh Burn!) I know he won't stay around for long (Buzz, not my hubby), but I hope he lasts longer than Kate Gosselin. For the love of Pete! Please quit letting that woman promote herself. I beg of you! Oh, and seeing Vienna watching Jake from the wings almost made me toss my cookies. For reals. Lady made cookies, and I almost threw them at the TV. That is all. I was actually pretty impressed with the dancing ability this season. I was sad how much the judges criticized the ice skater (Forgot his name, help me out her, Xazmin!) but I'm sure he will deliver in the end.

Boo was helping me do the laundry this morning. She loves to push the buttons to start up the machine, and help load the clothes. It fills my heart with joy, after she pushes the button, and she jumps around clapping, laughing, and proclaiming in all her two year old vocabulary: "I did it!" Now, if I could only teach her how to fold...

Roon is beginning to notice early signs of male pattern baldness. However, he only realizes immediately following a hair cut. Before the cut, I will ask which number clipper he wants me to use. Personally, I like to use the one that leaves his hair a tad longer on top, but he likes the shorter one, so that is the one he requests. After the haircut, he will accuse me (okay, accuse may be too strong of a word) of using the wrong guide comb. No honey, that's just the way old men look. Maybe Rogaine is in our near future? Stay tuned...


Macey said...

Buzz should win just because he's an American Icon. :)
Hey, don't ya think you should oughtta check with Pa before you go givin' those close to half pint?? LOL!

shortmama said...

My oldest is the dramatic hypochondriac too. Seriously if I was one of "those" mothers she would be at the Dr or hospital on a weekly basis.

Rock, Paper, Scissors said...

Frankly Scarlett. I don't give a damn.

:o) Really though, I am not a fan of DWTS. Love LOVE LOVE Gone With the Wind though!

What in heck fire are you doing cross over lunges for? Who cares if you aren't coordinated. You get double points for effort!!!

Emmy said...

Love this post! Oh and I so so understand drama... my Alex, well she is a red-head diva through and through; I often wonder where in the world she came from.
I loved DWTS last year, but I must admit I didn't watch it yesterday.. maybe once Kate gets kicked off I will start watching