Monday, March 1, 2010

A Report, and Some Randomness

It's the beginning of yet another month, and you know what that means! It's time for me to reveal another unattainable goal! In case you haven't been reading my blog for long, each month, I set a mini resolution, known as a RESOLUTIBILITY. If you want to know what that word means, you can read about it here. First though, I would like to update you (as my form of being held accountable) on my progress from the last two months.
In January, I set the goal to exercise. We did very well, and have continued with it up to this point. In February, I took a whole week off because I was sick. Although to date I've only lost about 3 pounds from the beginning of the year, I have been noticing some major improvements. For example: On Saturday, Roon and I decided to go hit up Old Navy for their jean sale. FABULOUS deals going on over there. Roon told me that what I should do is buy a couple pairs of jeans in a size down from what I normally wear, to serve as "motivation" to keep going. I reluctantly agreed, (because dang it, I wanted some new pants!) and went to the dressing room to face my phenomenal failure. To my incredible surprise, THEY FIT!!! I didn't even have to lay down to button them or anything! SCORE! I came out and told Roon, and asked if this meant I had to buy pants in the next smaller size, and he told me I didn't have to. Plus, he bought shorts in a smaller size, hoping that by summer they would fit, and when we got home, he tried them on, and THEY FIT TOO! I heart you, Wii Active, and all your snarky comments!
In February, we set the goal to floss regularly. We have done AWESOME at this one. I missed 3 days this month because I was sick, had a migraine, or was just too tired, and simply fell asleep before doing a proper bedtime routine. Roon started out reluctantly, but with the difference he is seeing, he is motivated to do it without me having to nag him! This should be a piece of cake to stick with.
So now, it's March. I have an appointment with my cardiologist at the end of this month, and I would love to be down a few more pounds. Mainly, I want to be down enough weight that she believes me when I tell her I am exercising regularly. So, For March, in addition to the exercise and floss, we are going to improve our eating habits. We're going to concentrate on eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, while cutting waaayy down on the amount of fast food we consume. I'll miss you sirloin burger from Jack in the Box! The hardest part will be cutting out or at least cutting back on my biggest weakness...DR. PEPPER! Oh you devil in a red tuxedo...go easy on me! And what does this mean for donuts? Oh donuts! Okay, seriously, I'm falling into the pit of dispair, gotta snap out of it!
So how about a little randomness...

Bubble lost his first tooth on Friday morning. He was pretty ticked when I wouldn't let him take it to school to show everyone. Roon suggested that he could just show people the gaping hole in his mouth...that should do the trick. He finally admitted defeat when I told him that if he lost the tooth at school, the tooth fairy wouldn't come to visit. That did it! He received a handful of coins (not sure how much, the male tooth fairy was the one to make the housecall) which he shared with his siblings the next morning so they could all buy gumballs while we were grocery shopping. What a sweet kid, huh?

I got a new calling at church. For the time being, I am going to be alternating weeks of teaching the 8 year olds Sunday School class. I got to sit in with them on Sunday to get a "feel" for it. I think I have my work cut out for me. Before moving to Texas, I worked with the 8-11 year old girls, and LOVED it! Of course, they had been under my watchful eye for quite a while, and these kids have only just met me. Just a note...playing with your gum, and balancing on one leg of the chair will NOT be permitted on the weeks I teach, thank you very much!

Have a great Monday everyone!


CJ Sime said...

ah Dr. Pepper. Don't worry I will pick up the slack while you abandon your so called Favorite. I doubt I will ever give it up.

Good for you! I am ever impressed with your drive and motivation. Oh to have an ounce of that!

Whew! 8 year olds? I did activity/achievement/whatever they call it, and it was an experience. However I would take that over the sunday teaching of them.

MiMi said...

Congrats on all of the good news! You got into smaller pants, you've lost weight and are exersizing and your new calling! :)
And of course, to Bubble, for losing a tooth! It's exciting business when that happens.

WhisperingWriter said...

Congrats on losing weight!

Mmm, I am a fan of Dr. Pepper too. I've switched to the diet kind though so it's okay.