Symfully Sweet Saturday

If you like candy, THIS is the contest for you! 

It is a monthly, all inclusive blog party!  Whether you're a "mommy blog", a "crafty blog", a "cooking blog", or any other kind of blog you can imagine, if you like candy, or like to use candy as an've come to the right place!

Here's the "skinny" on this not so diet friendly competition...

On the first of the month, I assign a candy.  A "mission", if you will.  You then have ALL month to do something- anything, with THAT PARTICULAR CANDY. 

You can cook with it.  You can craft with it.  You can use the colors as inspiration to sew something similar.  You can scrapbook it, make cards, fill jars, take pictures of, make videos...WHATEVER! 

The sky really is the limit.  There are very few rules.  All you have to do, is use the actual candy, or use the candy as inspiration for that month.

On the LAST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH (unless otherwise noted on the mission post), I will post MY project.  I will include a linky at the bottom of it, to give you a chance to link up YOUR projects. 

After a day or two, the link will be closed, and my judges will set to work. 

The 4 members of my "brain trust", along with the winner from the previous month, will visit each blog, and possibly leave a little comment critique.  While perusing, they will be scoring you as follows...

On a scale of 1-10 in the following categories:

The difference between originality and concept, is that you can have an amazing concept for a project, without being the ONLY one to think of it.  It's happened to me, where someone does the same thing, but the idea was still good, even if it wasn't exactly original.  Understand?

The scores are taken from each judge, with a total possible of 40 from each judge.  An ovrall score is established, and the score is then averaged, by dividing the overall score by the number of judges who voted. 

Once all the averages are in, it's time for your good advertising skills to pay off.

For every person you referred, 1/4 of a point will be added to your average score...up to one full point.  This could make a HUGE difference in determining the winner.  I'm not even kidding.

Each participant can only be "referred" one time.  So, once they've participated, they can no longer earn you extra credit for participating.  Makes sense, right?

The contestant with the highest AVERAGE score, will be declared the winner!

Prizes are created specially by me, and vary depending on the candy that had been assigned.  Prizes can range from a useful household item, a unique Holiday decoration, or a completely hilarious knick knack.  You just never know...

After 12 months, there will be an extra special opportunity for all the previous winners.  I haven't ironed out those details yet, as I've still got LOTS of time, but once I do...I'll update this with those specifics.

If you ever have any questions regarding the rules, or entering process, please feel free to contact me.  I really just make this stuff up as I go along...

By the way...if you found my contest, and you host a similar contest, please accept my apologies.  I SCOURED the internet for a month prior to starting my little contest, and couldn't find anything like it.  Therefore, I do not consider the idea "stolen", but would be happy to collaborate with you to bring our games together, if you would like. 
Anyone whose brain works like mine is always welcomed with open arms!  Kindred spirits, as Anne of Green Gables would say...