Friday, July 30, 2010

I Hope You Weren't Holding Your Breath! can't say I didn't warn you!
This month's Quince Quote closed 10 days ago.  10 DAYS!!!  I apologize for the delay.  Let's get down to business, shall we?! 


ALTERNATE QUOTE:  The one I use most simply "You're the wind beneath my wings." which isn't even from the movie, but from the song. 

Here's how the entries looked, when all was said and done: 

And...according to, who does ALL my dirty work:

Which means, that TERESA is the winner!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Send me an email with your current address, and I will get your prize package in the mail ASAP. 

On a side note:  I think must have it in for Shortmama.  Can't the girl catch a break?!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Stroll, The Dip, and The Scandal

I promised I would tell the story...and I always keep my promises (when I remember them, that is!).  I would link back to where I promised to tell the story, but it hasn't posted yet, at the time I am currently typing this.  I did mention this tidbit the first time way back HERE, though.

I have been banned for life from a tourist attraction in Ohio.

Hindsight is 20/20.  According to mine, I should have been a little more selective when it came to my choice of friends growing up.   
It was the summer of 1991.  My parent's owned a little Italian restaurant in Mansfield, Ohio, and that is where my siblings and I spent a great deal of time.  Once we got bored with climbing a monster tree nearby, and running next door to Taco Bell with whatever money we could scrounge up (so we could eat ANYTHING that wasn't Italian food), we spent time irritating the customers inside. 
My mom reached her breaking point and authorized a little field trip for us.  Less than a mile away, was KINGWOOD CENTER, and it was free.  Or, at least I think it was free...I don't remember ever paying.  It was completely boring, because what kid wants to run around a garden, when you can't pick the flowers?  Not me.  But, we were well behaved, obediet kids, so we went.  We didn't touch anything, and we returned to the restaurant later, to a much happier looking Mother. 
Then we met...Python.
Obviously, that's not her REAL name, but I'm hoping my sister, Boogs, will get the joke. 
Python lived nearby. She saw us playing near the restaurant one day, and introduced herself.  She was a lot of fun. Well, not always, but she was USUALLY a lot of fun.  The time she stole our Barbies was a little less fun...
But I digress...
One day we were playing with Python, and Python we all decided it would be fun to go to Kingwood Center.  After acquiring the proper permission from the parental units, we headed towards the garden  Once there, Python pulled out some change she had borrowed without permission, I'm sure from her mother.  We proceeded to the greenhouse, where there was a soda machine.  We bought a soda, and then continued to tour the foliage.  After a while, Python complained that she was thirsty.  She suggested we go buy another soda.
Yeah, only here's the problem with that, Python...we don't have any more money.  (I think I've read one too many Junie B. Jones books, perhaps)
"Yeah. But there's LOTS of money in the fountain in the greenhouse!"
Listening to her, was my first mistake.
Into the greenhouse we went.  I wa 10, Boogs was 8, and my twin brothers were 7. 
Python was first into the fountain. She made it look so easy!  Dunk under the water, grab a handful of coins, and get out. 
Boogs and I looked on disapprovingly as our brothers took turns getting in as well.  After seeing how refreshed my brothers looked after their little swims, my judgement was clouded by my desire to cool off.  I hopped in for my turn.  This, was my second mistake.
I never had any intention of stealing.  In order to steal any money, I would have to put my head under water, and I just wasn't willing to sacrifice my hairstyle for a measly sodapop.  I dunked down just low enough to submerge my body up to my chin, and then I got out.  No money in hand.
Just as Python was about to get in for a second round, we heard a man hollar:
"Hey!  What do you think you're doing?!"
Python begins to run, but before she bolts, she hands me the coin collection. 
My third mistake, was letting her.
When the guy reached us, I appeared to be the most guilty.  I was soaking wet, with a fist full of change.
I immediately handed him the money, but it was too late.  We were escorted into his office, where we were reprimanded, and our parents were called. 
The details are a bit foggy, but I believe he told us that if he ever saw us there again, he would call the police.
The walk back to the restaurant felt much like a funeral procession. 
And Mom did NOT greet us with open arms.  An open mouth, and eyes bugging out of her head, maybe...
I'm sure the guy has since retired, or moved on to greener pastures, but just in case; I shall not return. Until next time I feel like swimming for my soda, that is!

**I feel the need to include that Boogs NEVER got in the fountain.  She remained innocent the whole time, but was pegged "guilty by association" and received the same punishment as the rest of us.  I knew I'd never hear the end of it if I left that part out.**

Friday, July 23, 2010

Top Notch

In March, Roon and I dropped our landline in favor of cell phones.  So far, we have loved our iPhones.  But that is not the purpose of this post. 

More than our love for our new smart phones, Roon and I have been especially impressed with our phone service.  The Customer Service Representatives have been top notch.  Really.  There have only been two minor issues that Roon (not me, because I'm not the main customer on the account, so they won't talk to me) has had to discuss with the CS Reps, both of which were answered quickly, efficiently, and with expert precision. 
For example...
  • We were told NOT to pay our last payment on our landline, because if we did, we would simply just have to wait to be issued a refund.  "You pre-pay, so it's not necessary to send us your last payment."
  • When we considered dropping our DSL, because it would be $35 a month without bundling it with a home phone, Roon was assured that since we had wireless service through the same company, they would still give us the discounted rate, saving us about $10 a month. 
I'm sure it's just a happy coincidence that during the same time frame, we have been..

1.  Charged a $35 late fee on our account.


2.  Sent to collections for non payment of a portion of our DSL bill. 

Yup.  Most certainly just a fluke. 

**I'm writing this up in advance, and scheduling it to post in hopes of linking up with MiMi  for her F Bomb Friday while I'm on vacation.  MiMi:  If you can ACTUALLY link me up, since I'm not sure I'll be near a computer, that would be AWESOME!**

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!!

How is it that I can receive and award, and realize that I fail at life, in one fail swoop?  Because I'm me, that's how! 

My pal CJ gave me this award a few days ago, and I decided to save it as a post to schedule for when I'm gone.  Without further ado, I give you...
Thank you, thank you very much...

So, why do I realize I fail at life?  Well, I remembered that I had received one like this BEFORE and some of the fun facts about me are still floating around waiting to be explained. 
Have no fear!  I will remedy that VERY quickly, and schedule those posts as well, so you are no longer pacing the floor in angst and frustration waiting to find out the juicy details. 
I'll pause for the applause...
So, back to business.
I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself, and then pass the award on.  I think I'll list the things about myself in true CJ fashion...
  1. I have a 3 1/2 year old purebred golden retriever.
  2. Her name is Sadie. (I named her before Oprah got hers JSYK)
  3. Roon and I groomed her for the first time last night.
  4. She doesn't look half bad.
  5. Except for the bald spot.
  6. Her great grandfather was on the Gravy Train commercials.
  7. That's about the closest I can get to having a celebrity in my family...
Not real sure how many people I'm supposed to pass this on to.  So, I'll pass it on to 2 people.  I think I've given the same people awards so many times, they'll stop thinking it's sincere.  So...

Evelyn at Hanging By a Silver Lining- Because she's seriously awesome!
Blueviolet at a nut in a nutshell- Because we're new friends, and even though she has about a kazillion followers, she still manages to find time for me!  (by the way...she has about 40 zillion giveaways going on right now, which just thinking about it, makes my head spin, but you should check her out!  If you haven't already, that is!)

That's all I got for now.  I'm off to write up some stories now, that might make you all think less of me...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Have Your Sarcasm, And Eat It Too!

I am usually a thoughtful gift giver.  I will sometimes think of a gift, and file it away in my brain to use at a later date.  The one elusive recipient I have is Roon. 
The problem with Roon is that he is not into material things.  He would also much rather spend money on things we need as a family, than on things for himself.  Because of this, he never requests presents, or even hints at something by saying "someday I'd really like a..." fill in the blank. 
Normally, this wouldn't bother me, but since he has our anniversary, Father's Day, and his birthday all within a month, it makes it kinda tricky to get creative with every present.  Heck fire!  By the end of Christmas, I'm usually completely out of ideas. 
Over the last 10 years, I have had several shining moments as a gift giver (the Christmas I made him cry with frames I made to be from the kids) and some that were not so shining (the birthday I gave him a bunch of kids board games, because I was baby hungry and I had no other ideas). 
This year, I threw in the towel early.  Right before Father's Day, I announced to Roon the one and only gift idea I had.  I told him that if he got it for Father's Day, I would need more suggestions before his birthday, or he would have to shop for himself. 
He didn't believe me.
For 2 weeks, every time I would mention his birthday, he would turn into a grump. 
Finally, a couple days before, I told him that he had to give me input on at least something. 
"What do you want for dinner?"
"I don't know."
"Well, what about a cake?"
"What about it?"
"Well, do you WANT a cake?  If you do, do you want an ice cream cake, a cake from Walmart, do you want me to make a nice carrot cake with cream cheese frosting?"
(I was being completely sarcastic.  I tried to pick the most random kind of cake in a box I could think of, just to prove a point, that he had any and all options open to him.)
"Hmmm.  It's been a while since I've had carrot cake, I think that sounds kinda good, actually."
Feeling like a total and complete failure, because not only did he pick the easiest dinner I can make, but he also picked a homemade cake...from a box.  I decided I was going to at least make the cake something I could be proud of, so I could present it to him, with all the flare of "The Ace of Cakes". 
I baked the cake, and set aside about 1/4 of the icing, and dyed it blue.  I got out my fancy cake decorating tools (a Ziploc bag) and set to work.
Obviously...the kids helped me a little bit(Sissy helped spread the white frosting, and Bug was in charge of the sprinkles), but most of that, is MY handiwork.  
I'm considering taking this up as a new career...

Monday, July 19, 2010

As The Web Turns

Facebook, I've decided, is a necessary evil.  It has made High School Reunions almost obsolete.  After all, on Facebook, every day can be a HS Reunion, if you are so diligent. 

My Facebook "friends" list consists of a whole cast of characters.  There are friends I've had since Kindergarten, family members who include my 80 something year old great aunt, and virtual friends who I feel like I know for real.  Like most people, I also have those obscure friends, that I added on a whim, or rejected immediately.  You know the ones I'm talking about...
Those people who you receive a friend request from, and you don't have a clue who they are.  Or, you know who they are, but you remembered that they hated you in Elementary School, and actually dared a boy to fart in your face while you were getting on the school bus. 
Yeah, sure, I'll be friends with you...NOT!!!

There are two types of "Facebookers" that this post will include.  The "gamers" and the "smarter than you"s. 
I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. 

One of my more obscure friends, is a boy I went to church with until I was 16.  He's quite a bit younger than me, and on Facebook, he would be considered a "gamer". 
Aside from the occasional status update, the only thing I see from him, are updates on the games he plays.  I think he publishes every time his person in Yoville goes to the bathroom...
Yesterday, he set his status to:
"Has finally found out how to get songs on my phone, next step figuring out how to turn said songs into ringtones."
I, being a helpful person, suggested to create ringtones and text them to yourself.  I love it!  If you haven't tried it, you should!

Friend asked if you needed internet on your phone to be able to do it, since his plan didn't cover internet.
I assured him you did not. 
"No.  You can do it on your computer.  If you don't have a computer with internet, I guess it wouldn't work for ya.  It does it all through text messages.  It's super easy, and is how I got most of my ringtones..."

Little did I know I'd be setting myself up for drama from his friend...a clear "smarter than you" type. 

These are the people who comb the internet for typos, and don't hesitate to point out when you've said something wrong. 
I got the following notification in my email this morning, informing me that "J" and "S" had also commented on the same status:
From "J":  "if m*** doesn't have a computer with internet, then how is he posting this?"
Followed by these words of wisdom from "S":  "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  THERE YOU GO!!"

If there's one thing I hate more than stupid people, it's stupid people trying to make themselves feel smart by tearing others down.  Especially when it was in no way provoked. 

Normally, I wouldn't "poke the bear" but this "smarter than you" guy needed to be put in his place.  Especially since, even though he was smarter than me, he failed to use the correct principles of capitalization in his insult.
This was my response: 
"Wow.  Um. Okay.  You got me there.  Let's be more specific here...  If he doesn't PERSONALLY have a computer with internet, (i.e. he's using one at the library or work) then he may or may not be able to load music onto said computer, to be able to upload them to Myxer. 
Also, in case you didn't can update your FB status via Text message.  I love when people try to treat other poeple like idiots, without thinking things through..."

Needless to say, I haven't heard anything else from Einstein. 

Maybe I should have been a lawyer.  Or, at least on the debate team...

This post was pre-written and scheduled, because I'll be out of town until the 29th.  I hope to still be able to blog jog, but I can't promise anything.  I still love you all though!  If all is going according to plan, we should be close to our destination when you read this...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Be Trippin'

I can totally feel my old English teacher cringe from here...
What?  Pasty white girls can be fluent in ebonics too, right?  No?  Oh well, I tried.
What I'm trying to say, is that my family and I are going on a road trip.  If all goes according to plan, we should have left our house several hours before this will even post. 

To get an idea of where we are going, think exactly opposite of this...

By dinnertime tonight, (hopefully) we should reach our first stop along the way, and will be eating pizza in a hotel room, in Albuquerque New Mexico.  2 days from now, we should reach our final destination of Star Valley, Wyoming.  Jealous yet?  I wouldn't be either.

I'll be spending 6 fun filled days at an elevation I am no longer accustomed to. I look forward to nose bleeds, thinner air, and the need to wear footie pajamas to bed. 
Seriously, I went there 2 years ago, in August, and I froze my patootie off.  Good news for Roon, I may require some good old fashioned Boy Scout survival techniques to keep warm...
I'll try to update as much as I can on the actual trip, but in case I can't, I hope you'll enjoy all the pre scheduled posts I have lined up.  
If you want to stick close to my trip updates, and all my thoughts on it, become my friend on Facebook.  Or don't.  I'm actually kinda boring on there... 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fruit Snack Shower

This happened a week or so ago, but it was just too good not to link up with MiMi for her F Bomb Friday

Bug is EXTREMELY routine oriented.  The things in his day do not necessarily have to happen at he same times (most likely because he can't tell time), but each of the expected "highlights" have to happen in a specific order. 
Breakfast-->Morning Snack-->Lunch-->Nap-->Afternoon Snack-->Daddy Home-->Dinner
Any variation in this can result in grave consequences for everyone in the surrounding area. 
Summer has been rough.
Normally, he would have breakfast at 7:30, Snack at 9, Lunch at 11, Nap at 12, Snack at 3, Dinner at 6.
But, since I have been responsible for breakfast, and morning and I agree to disagree until 8, everything has been pushed back. 
Breakfast usually occurs at 8:30, which means the kids don't finish until snack time. 
Obviously, they don't need snack yet. 
One day, it was 11 or 11:30.  I started to ask the kids what they wanted for lunch.  Bug was NOT happy.
"But we habn't had our morning nack yet!"
"Bug, it is lunch time.  You don't need a snack.  It's silly to feed you a snack and lunch at the same time."
Bug proceeds to throw himself on the floor, kicking and screaming. 
There was no reasoning with him.
I sent him to his room to cool off.  It didn't work.
As I took down lunch orders, I had an idea.  I thought that handling this in a creative manner, would teach him a lesson.
I called him downstairs.
Armed with the bucket of fruit snacks, I asked him what he wanted for lunch. 
When his response was "Root Nacks", I was not surprised. 
I gave him a choice.
"You cannot have lunch and snack at the same time.  If you want a snack, you are giving up lunch, understood?"
I took his continued tantrum as compliance with these terms.
I threw a handful of fruit snack packets in his direction. 
He looked stunned.
At least we're done screaming...
He picked up the beloved snacks, and carried them upstairs with the understanding that they were his lunch.
I made the other kids their requested sandwiches, and thought that Bug would join us after realizing that his was not a suitable lunch.
I was wrong.
Instead, I hear:  "Yay!  Now I hab root nacks whe-eber I want!  This is the best wunch eber!"
Guess that didn't work. 

I think I'll start working on my acceptance speech for Mother of the Year...

Now, go link up your stories with MiMi.  You know you all have them!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

iOlé! Let's Play!

Do you know what time it is?! 


If you don't know what Quince Quote is, then have no fear.  On the 15 (quince)th of every month, I post a movie quote, and then make all my readers jump through hoops to be able to win a totally awesome movie night package.  To entice you to enter, click on any of the past winners on my sidebar, to see their winnings.  None of them were disappointed...I can assure you.

I'm just gonna go right ahead and warn you that this month's winner will most likely be posted late.  I leave in 2 days to head to Wyoming to visit TONS of Inlaws, most of whom Roon and I haven't seen in a few years.  It should be fun.  Not sure if my Inlaws have wireless internet in their neck of the woods, so I'll do my best.  I may resort to sending out an email to the winner, and announcing it to everyone else later...we shall see. onto the fun stuff. 

This month's quote is: 

"I know everything there is to know about you. And my memory is long, very, very long."

Here are your chances to win:
  1. BLOG ABOUT MY GIVEAWAY! (5 entries)- To receive entries for this, you must at least take a stab at which movie it came from. You are not required to get the answer right, just give it a shot.
  2. FOLLOW MY BLOG! (3 entries). This is a fairly new one. However, if you want entries for following, and you are not one of my regular visitors, I am going to have to ask that you read and comment on at least one other blog entry of mine. This way, I know you also want to be bloggy friends.  If I'm willing to spend my time, money, and effort to make you a custom prize can at least pretend to care, right?  Right. 
  3. CORRECTLY NAME THE MOVIE THE QUOTE CAME FROM!- 1 entry- This may only get you one entry, but it is REQUIRED to get entries for anything EXCEPT blogging about my giveaway.
  7. QUOTE ANOTHER LINE FROM THE MOVIE!- If you make me laugh, you automatically get a BONUS entry! This is unlimited, so if you know the movie well, you could really blow everyone else away!


You have until July 20th at 11:59 pm. Central Time to get your answers in.  The winner will be announced sometime thereafter.  If you are a new entrant, please leave your last name in the comments with your guess, or email your last name to me, so that I can start to brainstorm ideas for your bowl.  It would be greatly appreciated.  THANKS!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Accidental Expert

One of the tricky things about having children in school, is having children home for summer vacation.  Suddenly, old routines are changed out of necessity, and new routines are born. 
The trickiest thing I have found so far, is trying to keep my little readers interested in reading. 
Not only interested, but able to keep up their pace, so they won't be lagging in the coming school year. 
So, I devised a plan.
During the final book fair of the school year, I bought two sets of books that were Sissy's reading level.  A total of 32 books, that Sissy enjoys reading. 
To make sure she is not only reading them, but also comprehending them, I decided that I would read every book before her, and write a 10 question quiz (similar to an A.R. test, if you know what that is) about the story. 
What I was not anticipating was the fact that I would inadvertantly become the world's foremost expert on America's favorite Kindergartener...Junie B. Jones. 
I can tell you her favorite color, her favorite kind of head, her opinion of THAT Jim, and about her undying love for Ricardo.   
There was a week or two when I fell behind Sissy's pace. When I finally got around to writing more tests for her, she commended me with a "Good Girl". I'm sure if she could reach, I would have gotten a good ol' pat on the head as well.
Don't worry.  I make sure to play the martyr when discussing it with Roon. 
"I'll take your turn writing a test, if you get me a treat". 
Just don't tell him I enjoy it...
That would ruin everything!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Pretty Sure...

...I won't get everything crossed off my to do list today.
...I might make a dent in it though.

...The hamburger meat will NOT be thawed by the time Roon gets home.
...This means we will have pancakes for dinner.

...I left the meat in the freezer on purpose, because pancakes sounded better.

...At least one of my packages from Amazon will not arrive before we leave.
...It will almost certainly be the one that would prevent the most fights.

...We will inevitably be forced to bring home a HUGE tub of cheese balls.
...And at least one toy that annoys the crud out of me.

...I need to get off the couch and go do the laundry.
...Or I'll be naked the duration of the trip.

...Roon would like that

By the way, for some reason, my email isn't working on my computer today, so I will be much slower in responding to comments and emails.  Turns out, emailing from my phone...not so speedy.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Roon Gets Old(er)

Yesterday, was the anniversary of my husband's birth. 
On 7-11, 32 years ago, Roon was born. 
He weighed 7 lbs. 11 ozs. 
He was born at 10:53 (or 7 minutes to 11)

Is that lucky or what?!

Well...his luck hasn't changed since then. 

First, since he didn't know what he wanted for his birthday, he got to pick out his own presents while grocery shopping with the older 3 kids on Saturday.  He also got to pick up the ingredients for whatever meal he wanted me to cook him for his special day. 
The verdict?  Beatles Rockband, a Mountain Dew vintage Tee, and stroganoff. 

After a less than ideal day at church, we came home, where the fun continued. 
First, his wife (a culinary genius, and critically acclaimed cake decorator) performed her magic in the kitchen once again, by whipping up this little beauty...

I think I'll save the story about the cake to use as one of my mini posts for while I'm on vacation. 

After dinner, we had Roon's "party".  The kids were so disappointed when we told them that nobody was coming for it.  "What about games?"  they all wanted to know. 

Luckily, they all settled for a rousing game of watch Daddy put out the fire...

Is your cake on fire, Clark?

Let's hope he didn't spit on it...

Yes, there were only 5 candles.  3 and 2.  Pretty sure, with 32, the cake would be nothing but wax in the end.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Waxing and Whining

Yesterday, I got my hair done.  I hadn't had it done since THIS TIME, so I was in desperate need of a touch up.  I'm not going to include a picture, because it pretty much looks like it did BEFORE

Last time I made an appointment, I had asked for an eybrow wax in addition to my cut and color.  After all, when you have voluptuous eyebrows such as mine, that resemble that of Bert from Sesame street, or a large black caterpillar crawling across your forehead, there's just not enough time in a day to spend plucking. 
I found out last time, that my stylist doesn't do eyebrows.  Not only does she not do them, but since I have to go in the evening, it is highly unlikely another stylist would be able to squeez me in for a simple eyebrow wax. 

This time, I thought I would be smart.  When making my appointment, I asked the receptionist if she could also make me an appointment with another stylist for an eyebrow wax. 
She explained that they don't do that. 
"How it works is, she will probably highlight your hair, and then ask another stylist if they're available to do it for you."
I explained that I had attempted that last time, and ended up going home with the same furry friends I had come in with.  But, she would not budge.  "There is always another stylist here, who I'm sure would be happy to accommodate you."

Alrighty then...

When I showed up for my appointment, the place was crawling with stylists.  There was even a male stylist or two. 
I sat down while making small talk with my stylist.  About halfway through my highlights, the room clears out.  It was like someone rang the bell at the end of the day in a hgh school.  Suddenly, there's no longer a slew of possible eybrow waxers, only one. 
Trip on a Tricuit!  Now what am I gonna do?!
I ask my girl if she thought the other stylist would be able to do my eyebrows. 
She not only looked doubtful, she downright said "probably not". 


As I was leaving my appointment, loving my hair but hating that I still looked like Groucho Marx, I gave in and made an appointment for Saturday to remedy the situation. 

Normally, I wouldn't bother, but I'll be seeing my inlaws for the first time in quite some time next week, and I want to look my best.  Or at least, better than I do now.  My "best" was about 50 pounds ago...

I'm linking this up with my gal pal  MiMi for her F Bomb Friday, even though it's really just me whining. 
Perhaps you have a better story to tell?  Go ahead and link up!  It's the bomb diggity!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Notes To Self

Dear Future Sami,

Next time one of your Facebook friends tells you that a certain movie is good, but should not be watched without a man in the house...chances are, you should NEVER watch it.  Period.  Why?  Well, just remember this morning, when you woke up terrified from a nightmare at 5:57 am.  That's why.  Not sure why you thought you could handle a scary movie now.  Inside, you're still that girl who caught about 10 minutes of the movie The Fly when she was 7, and had to sleep on her parent's floor for a week.  If you choose to not pay heed to this warning...well, don't say I didn't warn you!

A little on the groggy side...
Present Sami

Dear Self,

Laundry does not fold itself.  I know you already know this, but it's nonetheless a fact.  Do you also remember how much you HATE ironing?  You aren't doing yourself any favors by letting the laundry sit in a basket, getting cold and creased.  Do yourself a favor, and get off the computer and fold it.  Now.

Why are you not moving? 

Dear Self,

It's been decided.  The next big ticket item that we will use our feminine powers of persuasion to acquire will be a vacuum.  I know that you usually prefer to use those powers for things just for you, like a piece of jewelry, or a night out with the girls but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Maybe you can even score a Dyson... 

Roon likes your pink shirt best...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fashionista...Or Not.

As I contemplated a breakfast of Doritos and Dr. Pepper, I thought better of it, and instead decided to link up with Shortmama for her weekly "Journey from muffin top to skinny jeans". 
I'll give you all a moment to recover from the shock...
Yes, it's been a while.  But, the point is, I'm getting back up on that horse now, right?

The challenge this week is the brain child of MiMi, and was such a cute idea, that I just had to join in!


Right now, I am a pretty easy dresser.  I have some cute clothes, but I don't want to risk getting them messed up when I just sit around the house, so the bulk of my wardrobe is T-shirts, jeans, and a few pairs of capris.  I wear my "cute clothes" when I go for a girls night out, or when I go to the elementary school to volunteer, but that's about it. 

So, what would I do differently  when I reach my goal weight?  Probably not much.  My "going out" clothes would get cuter, but I would probably still be frumpy ol' me at home.  Maybe just a size or 3 smaller, that's all! 
Welcome to Polyvore!Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Here is a sampling of what I found that I would eventually consider wearing.  While scouring this particular website for possibilities, I realized that once I reached my goal weight, I would probably do just as well to move to a nudist colony.  After all, I'll be hot, right?  So, I might as well not spend $575 on a top, $995 on a dress, and $134 on a swimming suit. 
Then, I realized that I'm not comfortable wth that idea.
Sorry if you just got an uncomfortable mental image, guys!

Here are the main reasons why I picked these entirely overpriced items...

  • When I am skinnier, I hope to have the confidence to wear a bathing suit WITHOUT board shorts.  Dare to dream, eh?
  • In the picture of the khaki colored trousers, the woman appears to have no thighs.  I long to not have thighs.  Mine currently resemble cottage cheese.  Not even tan cottage cheese, just cottage cheese.  YIKES!
  • I would alter the tank top slightly, by putting a cap sleeve tee under it, What can I say?  I'm a farmer tan kinda woman!
I glanced at some of the shoes, and when my feet started to hurt just from looking, I laughed at my own funny joke (me, in high heals) and navigated out of that section.  I might consider indulging in some new flip flops...maybe. 

So, what would YOU wear once you lost your "baby I must have chocolate weight"? Consider it for a moment, and then go link up with Shormama

Almost totally unrelated...while perusing the jeans, I began to have flashbacks of my chidhood.  Skinny jeans with a zipper in the back by the ankle, with a bow.  THAT ladies, is why I will never be caught wearing skinny jeans.  The image of me running to the school bus in skinny jean/bow pants is permanently seared into my memory.  Am I the only one who wore those?  *nervously chews thumbnail*  Oh, wait, I didn't either... yeah, that's it.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Better Late Than Never

This weekend was a whirlwind of fun and excitement.  I loved every minute of it, especially the part where I got to have Roon home with me (while he was still being paid) for a 3 day weekend!  Because this weekend was so busy, I neglected to post my happy list to link up with Mamarazzi.  I figure she wouldn't mind if I link up a little bit late...
  • One on one time with Sissy!  It's not very often that I get to spend one on one time with any of my kids, though not from a lack of trying.  On Saturday, we had planned to spend the day at Six Flags, which would end with a Mitchel Musso concert in the park.  Unfortunately, the forcast called for rain, so we had to come up with a backup plan for family fun.  We decided on the dollar theater.  Sissy had her heart set on going to see "The Last Song" while the other kids couldn't have cared less about it.  So, it was decided that we would split up.  Sissy and I would go watch the "chick flick" while Roon, the boys, and Boo all went to see "How to Train Your Dragon".  I think the most fun part was seeing how excited Sissy was to get me all to herself! 
  • Roon and I had a fight.  That's kind of a weird thing to put on a "happy list" but it really did make me happy.  Allow me to explain.  Roon and I get along so well, and are usually so deliriously happy, that sometimes I wonder if we're doing something wrong.  What made me happy about our fight, was that it didn't resort to yelling.  It didn't involve throwing things.  It lasted less than 45 minutes, and neither one of us left the situation feeling defeated.  I'm happy to know that I have someone who loves and respects me enough to know that sometimes we can just agree to disagree.  In the words of Marie Barone:  "Don't let a suitcase full of cheese, become the big fork and spoon in your marriage" 
  • Girls Night Out!  On Tuesday night I went with Lady, another friend of mine, and two girls I didn't know until that night, to see...
  • I wish I could have found a picture that didn't include Rob Pattinson...
    Anyway, we had a blast!  The movie was good, and I took great pleasure in laughing at all of the people who switched "sides" after the movie.  Yeah.  I was Team Jacob before it was cool.  All the cool people are, Right MiMi?! 
  • Finding out that my Mom reads my blog.  (HI MOMMY!!!)  She had called me once to comment on a certain blog entry about my name.  Blogging intimidates her, and she doesn't know how to leave comments.  I thought since she hadn't said anything since, she must have stopped reading.  Recently, I learned that she actually reads my ramblings almost religiously.  She was actually really frustrated when she couldn't find THIS POST that I promised her existed.  So, yeah.  It makes me happy that my mom gets a kick out of me.  She should, though.  I got my sense of humor from her!!!
Alright, I think that's enough for now.  I better go make the young'uns lunch before there's an uprising.  I hope you all had a great weekend!  I'll be making my rounds a bit later...

    Friday, July 2, 2010

    Fairy FAIL

    Bubble lost his second tooth about 2 weeks ago.  On an unrelated note, Roon has been working crazy overtime hours, and pretty much falls asleep as soon as he gets home.  Since Roon leaves for work before the kids wake up, the task of breakfast if left up to me. 
    The day after Bubble lost his tooth, Sissy came into my room to wake me up. 
    "Mom...Bubble is crying."
    In a near comatose state, I responded with an enthusiastic "huh?".
    "Bubble is sad because the tooth fairy didn't come last night."
    Okay...let's think fast.
    During breakfast, I was discussing possibilities with Bubble about why the tooth fairy might have neglected him. 
    "Maybe your room was a mess, so she couldn't get in there to leave your money?"
    Dang!  Stinkin' fairy has wings...
    "Maybe there were a lot of kids who lost teeth too.  Her schedule was just too full?"
    Flip!  Disney just HAD to make movies like The Santa Clause, and The Toothfairy, to contradict that statement!  Don't they know how many parents get tripped up by this?!
    Luckily, Bubble opened a window for me...
    "I even slept with one eye open last night!"
    "Well, there ya go!  You know the toothfairy doesn't come unless you're asleep!  She knew you were trying to cheat.  Don't try to cheat tonight, and I'm sure she'll come..."
    That was a close one.
    That saved me from having to explain that the "toothfairy" also known as "Daddy" fell asleep as soon as the kids were in bed.  Just keepin' the magic alive!

    I'm linking up with one of my favorite people today!  Go visit MiMi over at Living in France, and link up with her yourself.  I've been lax on it lately, but now I'm back!