Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fashionista...Or Not.

As I contemplated a breakfast of Doritos and Dr. Pepper, I thought better of it, and instead decided to link up with Shortmama for her weekly "Journey from muffin top to skinny jeans". 
I'll give you all a moment to recover from the shock...
Yes, it's been a while.  But, the point is, I'm getting back up on that horse now, right?

The challenge this week is the brain child of MiMi, and was such a cute idea, that I just had to join in!


Right now, I am a pretty easy dresser.  I have some cute clothes, but I don't want to risk getting them messed up when I just sit around the house, so the bulk of my wardrobe is T-shirts, jeans, and a few pairs of capris.  I wear my "cute clothes" when I go for a girls night out, or when I go to the elementary school to volunteer, but that's about it. 

So, what would I do differently  when I reach my goal weight?  Probably not much.  My "going out" clothes would get cuter, but I would probably still be frumpy ol' me at home.  Maybe just a size or 3 smaller, that's all! 
Welcome to Polyvore!Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Here is a sampling of what I found that I would eventually consider wearing.  While scouring this particular website for possibilities, I realized that once I reached my goal weight, I would probably do just as well to move to a nudist colony.  After all, I'll be hot, right?  So, I might as well not spend $575 on a top, $995 on a dress, and $134 on a swimming suit. 
Then, I realized that I'm not comfortable wth that idea.
Sorry if you just got an uncomfortable mental image, guys!

Here are the main reasons why I picked these entirely overpriced items...

  • When I am skinnier, I hope to have the confidence to wear a bathing suit WITHOUT board shorts.  Dare to dream, eh?
  • In the picture of the khaki colored trousers, the woman appears to have no thighs.  I long to not have thighs.  Mine currently resemble cottage cheese.  Not even tan cottage cheese, just cottage cheese.  YIKES!
  • I would alter the tank top slightly, by putting a cap sleeve tee under it, What can I say?  I'm a farmer tan kinda woman!
I glanced at some of the shoes, and when my feet started to hurt just from looking, I laughed at my own funny joke (me, in high heals) and navigated out of that section.  I might consider indulging in some new flip flops...maybe. 

So, what would YOU wear once you lost your "baby I must have chocolate weight"? Consider it for a moment, and then go link up with Shormama

Almost totally unrelated...while perusing the jeans, I began to have flashbacks of my chidhood.  Skinny jeans with a zipper in the back by the ankle, with a bow.  THAT ladies, is why I will never be caught wearing skinny jeans.  The image of me running to the school bus in skinny jean/bow pants is permanently seared into my memory.  Am I the only one who wore those?  *nervously chews thumbnail*  Oh, wait, I didn't either... yeah, that's it.


blueviolet said...

I will never wear a bathing suit without shorts over it. Ever again. To think I once wore bikinis...I can't even believe it.

Skinny jeans though, those I love!

Myya said...

I totally wore the zipper & bow in the back ones... oh & then did you fold over & roll up to make regular jeans skinny jeans??? Man, what were we thinking!

MiMi said...

Oh, and I like that yellow and gray top!!! Cute. :)
Now I want Doritos and Dr Pepper.

aubrey said...

I love to do that when I go shopping..."if I'm ever skinny again I'm going to wear that."

Love the little black dress. Jersey knit for $1000...hahaha.

Emmy said...

Yeah I can't imagine ever spending that much money on one top. And I wear board shorts even with thin legs as I hate all the shaving required.

shortmama said...

The prices crack me the heck up too. I cant imagine spending that kind of money on clothes...but its fun to pick the styles.

I had black jeans with the zipper/bows on the ankles...they were my fave jeans

Anonymous said...

I wear bathing suits with skirts. A bikini is not in the offing. Even when thin I would opt for the slimming styles. I hope I get to do that soon.
Best luck to all of us.