Friday, July 2, 2010

Fairy FAIL

Bubble lost his second tooth about 2 weeks ago.  On an unrelated note, Roon has been working crazy overtime hours, and pretty much falls asleep as soon as he gets home.  Since Roon leaves for work before the kids wake up, the task of breakfast if left up to me. 
The day after Bubble lost his tooth, Sissy came into my room to wake me up. 
"Mom...Bubble is crying."
In a near comatose state, I responded with an enthusiastic "huh?".
"Bubble is sad because the tooth fairy didn't come last night."
Okay...let's think fast.
During breakfast, I was discussing possibilities with Bubble about why the tooth fairy might have neglected him. 
"Maybe your room was a mess, so she couldn't get in there to leave your money?"
Dang!  Stinkin' fairy has wings...
"Maybe there were a lot of kids who lost teeth too.  Her schedule was just too full?"
Flip!  Disney just HAD to make movies like The Santa Clause, and The Toothfairy, to contradict that statement!  Don't they know how many parents get tripped up by this?!
Luckily, Bubble opened a window for me...
"I even slept with one eye open last night!"
"Well, there ya go!  You know the toothfairy doesn't come unless you're asleep!  She knew you were trying to cheat.  Don't try to cheat tonight, and I'm sure she'll come..."
That was a close one.
That saved me from having to explain that the "toothfairy" also known as "Daddy" fell asleep as soon as the kids were in bed.  Just keepin' the magic alive!

I'm linking up with one of my favorite people today!  Go visit MiMi over at Living in France, and link up with her yourself.  I've been lax on it lately, but now I'm back!


MiMi said...

Girl, you don't know how many close calls I've, er. I mean, the TOOTHFAIRY has had!
Dang Disney and their non helpful to the moms and dads movies!
Which reminds me. I really wanna see The Toothfairy. Is it good?

Myya said...

Uhhh-ohhh! I'm sure I'll suck at this when the time comes... err I mean the Toothfairy will. I watched that movie, I didn't love it. Kind of stupid I thought.

Emmy said...

Oh that was close! The tooth fairy hasn't had to visit us yet.

Aubrey S. said...

Good save!

shortmama said...

Dont you love when you are saved?! I forgot once too but I dont remember what I came up with as the "reason" for the tooth fairy not coming!