Monday, July 12, 2010

Roon Gets Old(er)

Yesterday, was the anniversary of my husband's birth. 
On 7-11, 32 years ago, Roon was born. 
He weighed 7 lbs. 11 ozs. 
He was born at 10:53 (or 7 minutes to 11)

Is that lucky or what?!

Well...his luck hasn't changed since then. 

First, since he didn't know what he wanted for his birthday, he got to pick out his own presents while grocery shopping with the older 3 kids on Saturday.  He also got to pick up the ingredients for whatever meal he wanted me to cook him for his special day. 
The verdict?  Beatles Rockband, a Mountain Dew vintage Tee, and stroganoff. 

After a less than ideal day at church, we came home, where the fun continued. 
First, his wife (a culinary genius, and critically acclaimed cake decorator) performed her magic in the kitchen once again, by whipping up this little beauty...

I think I'll save the story about the cake to use as one of my mini posts for while I'm on vacation. 

After dinner, we had Roon's "party".  The kids were so disappointed when we told them that nobody was coming for it.  "What about games?"  they all wanted to know. 

Luckily, they all settled for a rousing game of watch Daddy put out the fire...

Is your cake on fire, Clark?

Let's hope he didn't spit on it...

Yes, there were only 5 candles.  3 and 2.  Pretty sure, with 32, the cake would be nothing but wax in the end.



MiMi said...

Bahahahaha! That is hilarious!
That sounds like a birthday around my house! :)
Happy Birthday old man!

Myya said...

Homemade cakes are the yummiest! My kids always ask why no one is coming over for our Birthday's too. Too funny.

shortmama said...

Too funny! Happy birthday to the hubs!

Emmy said...

Happy birthday Roon. And now I am quite intrigued about the cake.

blueviolet said...

Oh my gosh, that fire!!! Happy Birthday to your hubs!

CJ Sime said...

that cake is obviously a culinary work of art. I bow to your awesomeness.

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Looks like we attended the same cake baking school!