Quince Quote

What is Quince Quote?

Quite simply, Quince Quote is a monthy, movie quote contest/giveaway. 

First, let's establish how you SAY it.  It is pronounced "Keen-Say" Quote.  Some of you may know that "Quince" means 15 in spanish. 

What can I say? My husband served 2 years in the Dominican Republic, and I took spanish in High School, so we sometimes use it to our advantage when trying to plan things in "secret" while the kids are in the room. 

When I first started my blog, I knew I wanted to host a monthly giveaway revolving around movies, because I LOVE movies.  I have been known to speak in movie quotes on a regular basis.

Since the word "Quote" and the word "Quince" were an alliteration match made in Heaven, I decided to host my monthly giveaway on the 15th of the month.  Easy to remember, so it's hard to forget. 

On the 15th of the month, I open it up.  My post simply contains a one line movie quote, and your chances for entries.  First, you are required to guess the movie the quote came from CORRECTLY.  If you get it right, you can move on to the other entries.  If you get it WRONG, you are ineligible to win, and your other entries are voided.  (THIS has never happened)

Once you have your movie guess in, you can try your luck at any or all of the following for extra entries:

Character who delivered the quote.
Actor/Actress who played the character.
Line delivered immediately BEFORE the quote.
Line delivered immediately AFTER the quote.

If you REALLY know your stuff, you can name as many alternate quotes from that particular movie as you would like, for one entry PER quote. 
If you make me laugh, you get a bonus entry, because I'm the boss, and I like to laugh.

You can also get entries for doing things like blogging about my giveaway, following my blog, and "like'ing me on Facebook. 

The contest is usually left open 3-5 days, and then all the entries are placed in a spreadsheet, in the exact order they were received, and random.org determines a winner.

The prize is INCREDIBLE, if I do say so myself. 

A PERSONALIZED etched glass popcorn bowl, filled to the brim with popcorn and other movie night staples, AND your very own copy of the movie the quote came from. 

If you need proof as to the awesomeness of the prize package, scroll down on my right sidebar, to the list titled "Quince Quote winners of old..." and click on ANY of the links.  You can see the reviews of the prizes given by the winners themselves. 

I promise.  It's well worth the time it takes to enter.