Friday, March 12, 2010

Blondes Have More Fun.

TGIF!!! I just love coming up with situations to link up with MiMi's "F Bomb Friday", because it is like a license to admit that you are not perfect, and that it is okay to commit a social faux pas or two, because everyone has been there! I have not had the pleasure of telling a story where I made a complete idiot out of myself...yet. And I do stress, yet. Sometimes material just presents itself, and takes precedence over any past story you could share! Remember back to Wednesday, when I posted about my kids' school open house, and how I had made the mistake of scheduling two things for the same night? Well, as you may remember, one of those things was a hair appointment, for me. And might I add, a much needed hair appointment.
I always book my appointments in advance. I usually end up rescheduling, if I don't feel like I need it, or if I feel too poor to pay for it. Point is, I always have a hair appointment scheduled, so I can always get in. After the open house, my husband decided that he would drop me off, and take the kids to get dinner while I got primped and pretty. (Little known fact about me, I don't drive, it terrifies me...but that's a whole other story.) I was to call him when I was done (yeah for new cell phones!) and he would come get me.
So, I head back to the Salon (In the back of JC Penney), and tell the hostess, matre de, whatever she calls herself, my name, and that I have an appointment with K.
"K?! You have an appointment with K?! That's not possible!"
Wondering why in Heaven's name that is not possible, I say "Yes".
"Well, K doesn't work here anymore."
Ummm...excuse me?
"Can you tell me when she left?" I asked still feeling lost.
"About a week ago. Someone should havee called you."
Uh... YEAH!!!
"Someone did call me, to confirm my appointment."
"Somebody called you?!"
By now I'm wondering if this woman is reliving some childhood love of the game "echo" because she seems to me repeating everything I say, with an exasperated tone.
"When did they call you?! Do you know who called you?! They shouldn't have called you?!"
Ummm...didn't you just say that somebody should have called me?
"They called on Saturday, to confirm my appointment."
"Well, I'm at a loss! I just don't even know what to say! I have no words!"
Well of course not lady, all the words you've said have been direct repeats of what I said! Maybe I should have started spewing terms in pig latin to throw her off her game...
She then starts rummaging through the file cabinets, and finds the paper with the list of confirmation callse made on Saturday.
"Hmmm, somebody DID call you."
How about that! I don't just go around randomly claiming to have received fictitious calls! I really am not THAT lame!
"I can't even squeeze you in...nope. All our other stylists are booked. Wow, I really just don't even know what to say. I guess I can rebook you, and offer you a 20% off coupon for your next appointment..."
She continues in on this, that and the other, during which I was only half listening. I had gone to my happy place. A place where people could read.
I thanked her for her help, gave her my new cell phone number so she could have the confirmations texted to me from now on, and left. I called Roon, and explained the situation to him, while walking to the front of the store. He explained that they had not yet received their order, but would gather the food "to go" as soon as it was done, and head over to pick me up.
Again. Thank goodness for cell phones!
Just as I sit down in the breezeway of the store, to settle in for a little "words with friends" I hear Lady Antebellum start to sing. Guess now would be a good time to mention that is my default ring tone.
Guess who it is!
JC Penney Salon!
My friendly neighborhood whatsherbucket, calling to tell me that I do, in fact have an appointment right now, and that I should come on back!
I dial Roon back answer.
Try to text him, when he calls back.
I explain the new situation to him.
They had just left the fast food place, with a playplace I might add, and were on their way to get me. Roon ended up taking the kids home to eat, while I got my hair done. The kids were NOT happy about their loss of germ infested playplace time!
Turns out, my name had been in the books the whole time! My new assigned stylist had come to the front, complaining that her client was late, and pondered whether or not she should call her. They looked up said "client" and lo and behold...IT WAS ME!!!
And that, my friends, is why my happy place includes people who can read.
Bottom line, I really like my new 'do. It's a bit blonder than I had intended to go, but I love the cut.
Oh! And I almost forgot! Because I did not use the "rebooked" appointment, I was not allowed to use the 20% off coupon that I had just received. Miss "I have no words" was very clear on that point. Personally, I think it should have been compesation for my pain and suffering, but what do I know? I'm just some crazy person who goes around town trying to get my hair done by imaginary people!


MiMi said...

Okay, they should have given you 50 percent off right there. Dumb.
And you know what? I've heard of people not letting their kids play at the playplace. But this is one elaborate ploy to get out of it. Kudos. LOL! Just kiddin. ALSO: picture of your new hair please. It's a rule. New hair, gotta show a pic.

D said...

Just thought I'd come by and thank you for the kind words. I did reply to your comment in my journal but here I am. I'm with you on the cell phone thing. I feel naked without mine!

Myya said...

Stupid people are the worst!!! So annoying when people do not communicate. Hmmm, its not like they are working in customer service or anything. Glad you liked your hair!!! :)

Xazmin said...

I'm with MiMi...PICTURE! That is so lame! Customer service people are seriously dense, I think...most of the time!

Great story though, and I can't wait to see the new do!

shortmama said...

Yeah I think they should have still given you the discount!

Brandy said...

so annoying!

Natalie said...

And why exactly didn't they let you use their coupon? How rude!