Wednesday, March 10, 2010

These Feet Were Made For Walkin'

I've intended to post about this for several months, but you know how things go! I am walking for Relay for Life in April, and I need help to raise money for my portion of my team's goal. I know times are tough right now for a lot of people, so please don't feel obligated to give. I just thought I would throw the line out there, and if all I catch is an old tire, or a be it!
If you are in a position to give, I would be forever indebted to you!
If you are monumentally wealthy (or just can't say no to a good cause) and would like to donate to more than just myself, I know that Shortmama is walking as well, in her community. She too, has a badge on her sidebar that you can click on to give to her cause.
Come on guys! Together we can (as a shirt my best friend owns says) SAVE SECOND BASE!!!
Go on, click it, you know you want to!


MiMi said...

I have a shirt like that too!

shortmama said...

Yay!!! Good luck with your fundraising and hope you have a great time walking!

Xazmin said...

Yay for doing a good thing! And I LOVE those t-shirts!