Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Showing Off.

There is something horribly anticlimactic about going to your child's school for an "Open House" when you are at the school every week.
When we first heard about the open house a week ago, Sissy automatically starts in on her nagging questions. "Can we go?" "Are we going?" "Are we going to go at 6 or 7?"
Roon looked to me for the answers to these questions.
"I'm not sure why we need to go." I said.
"So you can see my school" was Sissy's retort.
Keep in mind, that I volunteer at the school every Wednesday for 3 hours. I am also the room mom for Bubble's classroom, and I have attended/am planning to attend every field trip /party/ family night my kids have, from now 'til apparently the end of time.
Missing the open house, did not seem like a far fetched idea to me. After all, I had an appointment to have my hair done at 7 (which coincidentally is going to be my Friday post, when I link up again with MiMi), on the same night, and I was NOT going to reschedule it again.
When it looked like she was going to lose the battle, she brought out the big guns.
"But EVERYONE else is going to be there!"
Well, heck fire! Where's that bridge?! I wanna jump now too!
As you might have guessed, we went. We dawned our...whatever we were wearing at the moment, and drove the 1.5 blocks to the school. Sissy was all a flutter, excited to see her friends (whom she had seen not more than 3 hours before) and show off her classroom. I, on the other hand, wondered what on Earth could have changed so dramatically since I was there on Thursday.
No, I'm not a negative Nelly, who grumbled as I walked in, but my mop needed to be tamed, and I did not want to be late.
Bubble led us into the Kindergarten area to "meet" his teacher, who I am on a first name basis with. He shows off his work, as I point out to Roon my work, as well.
"This is my American flag" Bubble gloated.
"These are the stars I punched out by myself, 50 per student, 17 times over" I bragged.
"This is my cowboy" Bubble pointed out.
"I did the die cuts of every one of those boots and hats" I boasted.
"Check out my western scene!" Bubble exclaimed.
"Guess how long it took me to cut out 17 of those silhouettes." I pressed.
It was just as much my open house, as it was theirs.
Sissy's classroom was more of the same, albeit a little more rushed, since the time was drawing near when I had to be in the salon chair, and we still hadn't had dinner.
I'm sure we fell out of the running for parents of the year since we neglected to take a camera to document this auspicious occasion. And no, I most definitely will not be laminating the flag, cowboy, or silhouette to save for years to come. Why? Because I have 4 kids, and just don't have the storage space. Plus, those silhouettes gave me nightmares...


Jennifer said...

haha! isn't it just a tad late in the year to have an open house anyways? When I was lil those were the week before school but I have noticed em getting later and later! But hey we as parents have nothing else to do but cater to the every whim of the schools ya know! So taxi On mom! And kudos to you for going that alone should get you nominated for that there award ya know! Ill nominate ya if not!

CJ Sime said...

Way to take one for the team! I would have sent hubby on his way with a smile and a "Good Luck!"

Either that or bribed the kids with copious amounts of candy and tv.

MiMi said...

I love open houses...I'm a big geek! :)

Emmy said...

Yep agree with CJ, you took one for the team. Sounds like the kids loved it :)

shortmama said...

My daughter is the same way...thinks its all something new to me when I volunteer in the class and know it all!

Xazmin said...

Hehehe. I so know the feeling. Being on the board, I practically live at the school.