Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Roon,

Thank you so much for pointing out that it wouldn't
make any sense to start up another 30 day challenge
on the Wii Active until we have purchased the newer
version of the game. Not having to exercise for 3 days
in a row sure hasn't helped my waistline, but it has
given my legs a much needed rest.
I'm sure I'll recant this letter as soon as I get back in
the swing of things and my thighs start a burnin' but
right now I'm cool with that...

Dear Sissy,

I can appreciate your love for your teacher. I can also
understand your need to release some creative energy
by making her a card. However, nagging mommy about
it during the height of evening chaos, was probably not
the best idea, sweetie. Furthermore, when Mommy says
"Not right now" and Daddy says "let's do it a different day"
that does NOT mean that you should pull out your own
supplies, and leave them on the table for Boo to find.
I'm a little sorry I yelled at your disobedience, but not really...

Dear First Grade field trip coordinator people,

I was perplexed to find out how much the field trip was going to cost.
I was further confused by the fact that it is going to cost MORE for my
daughter to go, than it will cost me to accompany her. Do you not get a
group discount on the children? Is it because they will get to bring home
something really cool, like a hermit crab (that she WILL kill FYI), and I
will not? I don't mind paying the money, for her to go, and I will most
definitely be going along with her, but for crying out loud, is there such
a thing as a "short tax"?
Still Baffled
First grade Mom.

Dear Bug,
Just so you know..."feeding the dog" also includes letting her in from
outside so she can eat it.
Why the heck is she still whining!

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Happy Thursday Everyone!


MiMi said...

Okay, what is it with the naughtly little kids getting their own stuff out for cards?? Mine does it all the time. SO annoying.

shortmama said...

Is it bad that Im reading this while eating licorice and your talking about exercise?

Xazmin said...

I'm so with ya on the disobedience with art supplies. Grrr...

You should move to Utah. It's illegal to charge for field trips.

Oh, and...I've MISSED you! :)