Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Spring, But...Break? That's Debateable.

Having 4 kids at home, as opposed to 2, is anything but a vacation. I love having the extra time with them, but there are just some things that become more difficult. Breakfast and Lunch time become a little less organized, and a little more "mom is a short order cook, and the kitchen floor is suddenly the perfect place to practice for the icecapades". On the plus side, I have learned that I am an excellent ice dancing waitress.
Another thing that becomes more difficult? Blogging. The younger two still nap, but what was once my quiet time is then replaced with reading with the older two, or doing other various activities, that I love, but eat up what is usually my bloggy time. Monday should be back to normal, for us anyway.
One thing I've loved about Spring Break? SLEEP! Sissy is an excellent morning babysitter. She gets up with Boo, and distracts her with games, or movies, so mommy can sleep in until 9! I am definitely spoiled. They never let Roon off that easy on Saturday mornings, but maybe knowing that it CAN be done is half the battle, and bribery is the other half.
Don't worry, I'm still linking up with MiMi later today for F Bomb Friday...but that will have to wait until I'm done playing referee. Wish me luck!

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Macey said...

I hate playing ref. Boo.