Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutibilities.

I, like most people...I'm sure, hesitate to actually set a New Year's resolution. You see, to resolve to do something sounds so definite, like you have serious conviction, and fully intend to accomplish the goal you have set, and declared to the world. Or, at least declared to your small circle of friends, who laughed at you the minute you said you would lose 50 pounds, and then encouraged you to eat another slice of cheesecake, so you wouldn't make them look bad. No. I've set myself up for some serious disappointments in the past, and so this year, I propose a new word for what I am making. RESOLUTIBILITIES. In case my cleverness is just too much for you, my new word is a combination of the two words "Resolution" and "Possibilities". This is really just a way of declaring what I would like to have happen, and intend to work on throughout the year, while leaving a little loophole, so that if I don't accomplish the aforementioned goals, I can say, "well...I only actually said it was possible, not probable".
This year I decided that my resolutibility would be to become a more well rounded person. I began this attempt by starting up this blog, and it is also a resolutibility that I will follow through, and post new things on a very regular basis. Each month, my husband and I will begin a new goal in order to help us achieve our resolutibility, and I will keep you informed of what our goal was at the beginning of the month, with an update towards the end of the month, so you can judge and ridicule me. But that's okay, because I've still got my loophole!
The goal beginning first thing Monday morning is: EXERCISE!
In an attempt to shed some of those unwanted pounds, we want to get our bodies moving. With the help of Wii Fit, Wii Active, and any other Wii game that gets us up off our hineys, we want to participate in a regular exercise program and improve our overall health. Stay tuned for this month's update, and next month's goal. I know you're riveted!

What's your New Year's resolutibility?

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