Friday, January 1, 2010

Here Goes Nothing

175,000. I read somewhere that that is how many blogs are started every day. And of course, since EVERYTHING you read on the internet is factual, I in no way doubt it's validity. Since this is such a daunting idea for a little old stay at home mom, such as myself, I decided to look at it from a more positive perspective. For example...I'm sure that number is rounded up. After all, it sounds so much more impressive to say that there are 175,000 created every day, than 174,653 right? So, right off the bat, we are eliminating upwards of 347 blogs. That's quite a bit of competition, when you think about it. Second, you can probably eliminate half of those, because they are created by people who just want a family bulletin board, and have made their blogs private. Awesome! Now we're down to somewhere like 87,320 ish created as public blogs. I feel better already! Let's cut out some of the remaining, and write them off as people who were up late one night (possibly under the influence of alcohol) watching "Julie and Julia", and decided "I could totally do that!" With a newfound conviction for something they are uber excited about, they muster the energy and motivation to sign up for a blog name, and then 3 years later it still has the test post on the main page. While it's sad to think that their failure benefits me, it probably does drop the number of blogs started every day to around 50,000, right? Take that number, and factor in work blogs, news blogs, and blogs that supply you with Nintendo cheat codes, and you probably have a manageable number. But all that considered, why would someone like me, want to start an online portal into my thoughts, when the odds of someone actually being interested in reading it are slim to nil? Well, I decided to write one once I realized that it was either begin my own, or risk a hostile takeover on the family blog that my husband and I have had for almost 4 years now. Since I have failed miserably at writing a journal to leave behind for future generations, this is my attempt to show my children that their mother had thoughts, and that those thoughts did not always revolve around housework, or runny noses. After all, if they think my life is nothing without them...they may never leave!


CSIowa said...

Love the last sentence!

April said...

I always go back and read poeples first post. I loved yours.