Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Suspicion: Confirmed.

THIS JUST IN: In case you were wondering...I am NOT, in fact, smarter than a kindergartener. As I was helping Bubble do his homework tonight, I was giving him the required positive reinforcement, you know, the "ata boy"s and "awesome!"s that make a boy someday aspire to go to Yale, Harvard, or at least the local community college. It was towards the tail end of this homework session that the following exchange took place:

Me: "Great job, Bubble! Now all you have to do is write 'go' three times, finish your capital letters, and then do your smaller case letters!"

Bubble: (Rolling eyes, and generally addressing me with a tone that says he knows that I must have slept through kindergarten) "They're caalled...LOWER CASE LETTERS!"

I think I'm in trouble. If he already knows thinks he is smarter than me, what will happen when he's a teenager? I blame Schoolhouse Rock. The only ones I remember learning were "conjunction junction (what's your function?!) and "I'm just a bill". So much for my dreams of winning the Pulitzer Prize!

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MiMi said...

I'm definitely not smarter than my first grader. Yikes.