Friday, September 24, 2010

Speaking Hypothetically

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Moving on...

I would like to tell you a story today about my "friend", Tami, and her husband Loon.  Tami and Loon are both college educated, and are of average or above average intelligence, and THEY are the characters in the following story.
Tami and Loon have recently been doing some home renovations.  For the purpose of the story, we'll say they are renovating...a bathroom.
As it turns out, Tami has expensive taste.  One item may have even required a custom order, and shelling out BIG bucks.  Hypothetically, we'll say it was their sink.
When "the sink" arrived, it was beautiful.  Everything Tami had dreamed it would be.  Loon, being the eager to please husband that he is, decided to test the fit of the sink on the vanity, to make sure it was to Tami's liking. 
It was not.
An hour of theorizing what went wrong, and a quick call to Home Depot later, it was determined that a replacement sink would have to be ordered. 
So, Tami and Loon waited.  They waited about 4 days until they could make it to Home Depot when there would be a custom order associate available.
The transaction to return the flawed sink went off without a hitch, and Tami and Loon headed back to the custom order desk with their 4 unruly children to place another order.
45 minutes of explaining their plight, and a call to the manufacturer later, it was determined that if they re ordered a sink with the same dimensions, it would be delivered exactly the same. 
A helpful "Mr. Fix-It" type associate joined in the party, and gave instructions to Loon on how to correct the problem of stability, whilest using the same sink.
To demonstrate further, the flawed sink was carried over to a vanity identical to the one that was currently residing in Tami and Loon's unfinished bathroom. 
Much to Loon's chagrin, as soon as the sink was placed atop the vanity, there was not a flaw to be seen.  It fit perfectly (albeit different from how Loon imagined it SHOULD fit) and there were absolutely not issues with stability. 
The sink was re-packaged, and taken back up to the service desk, where is was promptly re-purchased, and Tami, Loon, and their offspring walked out the door with their tails between their legs.  The employees most likely had a good laugh at their expense once they were out of earshot. 

Hypothetically speaking...

It is possible that the names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent and constructionally retarded, and that it's not so much hypothetical at all, and is instead the reason I'm linking up with MiMi today for her F Bomb Friday.  Possibly.


Brooks said...

I cannot wait to see more pictures! As your interior designer, I say, "Hurry up!".

MiMi said...

Know what's funny and pathetic? I was thinking..."Wow, her friends have close to the same name as her!"
Uh. DER.
Also? When you read Uh and Der together they sound like udder. WEIRD!
Gotta work on my project so I can link up. Or I'll be a loser.

Jen said...

Hahahahaha! Poor "Tami" and "Loon"--that stinks! But I bet their newly remodeled (finished???) bathroom looks AMAZING with its fancy schmancy new sink! :)

Emmy said...

Haha! Just like when someone took a boy named
Byder to the GI doctor with the concern that he can't
Get in a siting posistion; not that he can't sit on his own Ummy realizes he is too young for that but that he just seems to be uncomfortable bending that way only to have him do it just fine while we were, I mean, they were at the Dr.

aubrey said...

Ha ha ha! Nice. Thank heaven you guys are smarter than those two right? :)

Shawn said...

I'm thinking Tami & Loon would not be the first choice for the "face of education" ad for their Alma mater.

Can't wait to see the bathroom finished!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Im with took me much too long to figure out who "tami" was. lol! you have a button!! howexciting! its official now!

Myya said...

YAY for your button!!! I need one... one day I'll get around to it :(
I suck, I didn't do a project BUT I am seriously SO looking forward to seeing what everone came up with. Hmmmm maybe cheating & seeing what people came up with this 1st round will make me feel less of an idiot about thinking of what to do for the second round... if I don't drop the ball again that is.
HA HA HA about the story... I totally was laughing out loud at you guys!!!

shortmama said...

That is too funny!