Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear AARP,
I'm sure ya'll have very reasonable rates.  I'm also sure that the benefits you offer are superior in every way.  That being said...I'm 29.  Please stop sending me offers for car insurance!  I know you got my information from my cardiologist's office.  I understand that.  However, I'm pretty sure my husband and children would be resentful of me, should I choose to retire at this time.  Nothing against you, I'm sure I'll join your organization in about 35 years...just not yet.    If you could also spread the word to your retirement and funeral home friends...I'd greatly appreciate it!
Not quite ready to give up all the glamour...

Dear Boo,
I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!  In an effort not to gross out my readers, I'll just say that first you recognized it, then you articulated it, held it, and peformed the task in the proper place!  This is not your first rodeo, as you LOVE to go #1 in any and all public restrooms, but this is the first time you have had such success with #2!  You are amazing!  Now, what can I do to keep up the enthusiasm?  Candy?  Toys?  A college education?  I'll be willing to do almost anything!
I can see the diaper free light at the end of the potty training tunnel!!!

Dear Readers,
You'll seriously never guess who I got as my swap partner for Mamarazzi's latest swap Seriously!  Just try to guess.  I am so excited!  I've never had a swap partner before who I wasn't already following, so this will be seriously AWESOME.  Have you guessed yet?  Cause, should be pretty obvious.
Neener Neener Neener!

Dear Readers,
I think I've finally figured out what to call my linky party!  I collaborated with MiMi (Love ya, girl!) and together we came up with 2 names.  I put it to a super exclusive vote via email last night, and the 3/4 majority said the same thing.  Therefore, the name of my new SWEET party, is going to be...*drumroll*
"Symfully Sweet Saturday"!  Whatdaya think? 
I know what I'M doing with Tootsie Rolls, do you?
It's Thursday, and for me, that means I'm linking up my  letters with Shortmama!  If you wanna be cool, you'll do the same!  Happy Thursday Everyone!


aubrey said...

That is so funny! I had no idea when I wrote up mine this morning...I was just that annoyed with the bugs and the cat who watched them.

Shawn said...

I am thrilled to be swappin' with you! I'll be waiting with baited breath to see how you're going to fit a naked body, a towel and a radio in my box!

MiMi said...

How lucky!!! Shawn rocks!!
Also, what's up with AARP? We get stuff too.

Emmy said...

Yeah I was part of the majority vote! Doesn't seem like Dr's offices should be able to sell addresses. And just think, you look really good for your age, going on 65 and all :)

By the way we are the same age, though next month I will be the big 30.

CRZN GMA said...

Congratulations Boo!!! I didn't know she had come so far! I've neglected sending her "panties!"

And WOW Sam! I thought it was bad when I was getting AARP literature at 40! You win!

shortmama said...

We used to get stuff in the mail from AARP too...well Levi did anyway. But it was because they had him and his dad mixed up...his dad and him have the same first name...Levi is not his actual first name but what he goes by...confusing enough?

I know what Im doing and cant wait!

Myya said...

Yay for Boo!!! I have to say I am completely jeaous that you are that far into potty training. I have waved the white flag for a bit. Not too long though, I've got to get this ship sailing!
Awesome you got Shawn. She is hilarious. I've been following her since I started blogging, she was one of my firsts. You will NOT be dissapointed in anything she sends as well as she woln't be either cuz I think you rock too. Lucky combo for sure!!!
Damn Tootie Rolls... what should I do??? Well that is if I actually manage to do something. Sigh!

Emmy said...

Okay I have to comment again. We were cleaning off the counter going through the junk mail and Eric said what is AARP? Darn cardiologists!

Xazmin said...

Rude. I can't believe I wasn't part of the poll.