Tuesday, August 31, 2010


You guys already know my passion for movies.  If you have been lucky enough to win one of my QUINCE QUOTE prizes, you can probably guess one of my other passions...CANDY!  So, it only makes sense that when I come up with a linky party, it will most likely involve something I love.  Right?  Also, in true to Sami form, it's gonna be tricky, and it's gonna be unique...kinda like me!
At least, I HOPE it's unique.  I couldn't find anything like it, and I looked*...
So...here's my thought:
(Sissy's first Halloween)
Here's how it will work:
On the 1st of every month, I will post about the "candy of the month".  I could tell a personal story about it, give facts about it's origin...whatever strikes my fancy.  Then, it's up to YOU to think outside the box.
That's right...OUTSIDE  the box.
Use your particular God given talent to include that candy.
If you're a seamstress, you can use your abilities to make a Halloween costume or something that looks like, or was inspired by that candy.
If you cook...GREAT!  You could possibly try to come up with a recipe to mimic the candy, or dream up a recipe that includes the candy.
Scrapbookers?  You can join in too!  Do a layout of your kids getting all kinds of sticky with that particular candy.
Ordinary moms or homeschoolers?  You can try to come up with lessons that will incorporate the candy...counting, color sorting, science experiments- THE SKY'S THE LIMIT!!!
Have your kids help, don't have your kids help...it's totally up to you!
The catch?
On the last Saturday of the month, come back here, and be ready to report.
Post about what you did, and link it up over here.
Everyone will blog hop for a day or two, giving you some comment love.
Then, I will pick my top favorites.  Depending on the party size, it could be anywhere from 2-7...
Then YOU get to vote on which one was your favorite!
The winner will (hopefully) get a small prize, but more importantly will be automatically entered into the BIG contest for all 12 months!
12 months...12 winners.
Then, YOU vote again, to determine the grand prize winner!
The Grand Prize is yet to be determined, but I'm pretty crafty...I'm sure it'll be good!

So, what am I calling this sweet brain child?
I have no idea.
Maybe YOU can help me with that!
Leave a comment with your best suggestion (or email it to me if you'd rather) and if I like one of them more than I like what I've already come up with...I'll give you full credit.
I'm desperate!  Everything I've come up with sounds so lame!

Tomorrow begins this scrumptious journey!
I will announce my first candy selection, and (with any luck) have a name for it as well. 
Was it worth the wait?
If not...soften the blow, would ya?

*To the best of my knowledge, this is a completely original idea.  If you have a party just like it, please know that I did not know about it, even having searched for it.  I, therefore, am not "stealing" it, and in no way meant any offense to you or your affiliates.  Did you invent the internet too?


MiMi said...

Ooooooh!!! That sounds SOOO good!!! No pun intended. LOL
I'll think of some names and email ya.

Myya said...

What a fabulous idea!!! I am so not crafty so not sure I will ever win, but I just may try... afterall candy is quite the motivator :) I suck at names so let me think on this a bit & if I come up with something that isn't stupid I'll e-mail you :)

Emmy said...

Original indeed and a great idea! I am in! Drawing a blank on the name. I will come back and leave another comment if I think of anything.

shortmama said...


I think this is so cute! Im going to have to think on a name and get back at ya!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Great idea Sami! I love that you make your readers "work" for it! Now to try to be creative when all my brain cells are being sucked down to my uterus...

Xazmin said...

LOVE! Great idea, my friend!