Monday, August 9, 2010

The Fog Is Lifting!!!

Hello all!  Remember me?!  I know, I know.  I really had no intention of taking a blog break last week, but it took longer than I expected to get back into a regular routine again. 
I'm working on a few picture heavy posts, to give you an idea of what we did on vacation, but I thought that it would be better for me to link up with Mamarazzi's HAPPY LIST to help pull me out of my blog funk.  So, here it goes...

1.  MY BED.  Nothing makes you happier than coming home after a long vacation to your OWN bed.  My mattress is a Simmons Beautyrest INDIGO mattress, and it is like sleeping in Heaven. 
Throw on some $400 sheets that you found on clearance for $50, and you you have yourself a honeymoon every night...

2.  MY WASHER AND DRYER.  Laundry is my thing.  I love it.  I really like to do it, I don't mind nearly every task involved with doing the laundry.  Especially since, I got these:
I've had them for about 2 years, but I fell in love with them again when I got home, and had the mountains of laundry to wade through.  Plus, you gotta love an appliance that was paid off with NO INTEREST. 

3.  Speaking of appliances!  I had wanted to get a second vacuum for a while, so that I wouldn't have to lug the one we had up the stairs anymore.  But, since we have a vacuum that's kind of expensive, I hesitated to approach Roon about getting another one.  Luckily, the one we have has started to give us fits.  It hasn't quite given up the ghost yet, but it did present an amazing opportunity to point out to Roon that we would hate to be up a creek without a paddle, when our beast decides to die.  Luckily, Mamarazzi heard my plight, and recommended  this baby:

Only $60, and I am in AWE!  I didn't even think my floors were that dirty, but this thing sucked up things I couldn't even see!  While I do miss the self-propelled awesomeness of the beast, who now resides upstairs, the fact that he cost about 5 times as much, eased the heartache a bit. 

4.  Buying favorite things...IN BULK!!!  This goes beyond Costco, people.  While I do LOVE Costco, there are sometimes things I want that are a little harder to find. 
Like this:
And THIS: 
A while ago, Mamarazzi (Do I sound like the president of her fan club?  I think I am...) listed an item on her HAPPY LIST that she had to buy in bulk off the internet, because she couldn't find it in stores.  This reminded me of BUYTHECASE.NET and how they carried my absolute favorite body wash of all time.  I can never find it in stores, and spent a good part of our vacation looking all over the place for it.  No luck.  Once I got home, I ordered a case of it, along with a case of my favorite popcorn.  I have spent the last week smelling sweet, and finding any excuse to pop me some popcorn.  Who says it can't make a good lunch?! 
I also ordered one more thing in bulk, but it hasn't arrived yet.  When it does, it will FO SHO be on my happy list. 

Hey!  Whatdaya know?!  My blogging MOJO seems to be coming back!  I guess I'll see ya'll tomorrow! 


Myya said...

GREAT happy list! I wanna get a new vaccuum... I'm always happy to clean when I have something new to play with. Hmmm guess I need to break my current one then huh! :)

Mamarazzi said...

so much love...thanks for that.

glad you like the vacuum. i was worried i would miss the self propel too, but it is so light and has so much power it kind of moves itself.

love the happy list, thanks for linking up!!

shortmama said...

I definitely have to check out that buy the case website!

MiMi said...

Where did you get that vaccuum?? That's a good deal! :)
I want your washer and dryer. I just don't like putting the clothes away.

Emmy said...

I was beginning to wonder what happened to you. Very good list