Monday, August 2, 2010

We Survived! But Barely...

Turns out, when you're gone for 2 weeks, you end up with quite the list of things to attend to. 

  • My Email inboxes were exploding.
  • I had custom vinyl orders to create.
  • Bills needed to be paid.
  • Our van had to be returned to it's per-cespool state.
  • Phone calls had to be made.
And this doesn't even touch on the laundry, grocery shopping, and general "life" that is necessary in day to day mommy-dom.  I will get caught up, and return to regular blogging momentarily, but for now, I'm just going to wet your appetites for one of the most hilarious things that happened on our trip. 
I'm totally stealing this idea from my pal CJ, over at Simply Simonsons.  She does this on a regular basis, and it is one of my favorite things that she does! 


"It's the most disappointing Transformer ever." 

Who said it?  Was it Roon, Bubble, or Bug? 
What was HE talking about? 

I will give the answer in an upcoming post. 
Until then...I'll try my best to win my battle with the "to do" list demons. 


MiMi said...

Cuz he's the only one old enough to realize the disappointment of a bad Transformer.

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

glad you're back!

shortmama said...

Ive got no ideas of my own but I like MiMis answer!

Myya said...

Bug. I have no idea why though???
Glad you are back, I've missed you. Well, when I get a chance to check my blogs that is. Uggghhh, I've been so neglectful lately. Maybe that is good though, maybe I'll get on top of things & you won't have missed any of my goodness... ha ha ha :)

Emmy said...

Welcome home. Good luck with the unpacking. I am guessing Roon.. But not sure about the rest

aubrey said...

I am going to say Roon...talking about a futon.