Friday, August 20, 2010

6 Years of the Bubble

6 years ago, yesterday, I showed up to the hospital looking like this...
Only to be told that there had been a miscommunication, and that the entire nursing staff had been expecting me the day before for my induction.  Definitely not something to tell a woman who was tired of being pregnant 6 weeks earlier.  For cryin' out loud!  It was mid to late August in Nevada, and I was no glutton for punishment. 
Approximately 2 hours after I arrived at the hospital, my induction started.  Why 2 hours?  Because there had been another miscommunication, and they did not have the orders from my doctor in their possession. 
After laboring for 8 hours, my doctor felt that I wasn't making enough progress (personally, I think he was trying to make a 5:00 tee time) and ordered that my pitocin be stopped until the following day. 
Joke's on him!
In less than 2 hours time, I went from a 5 to a 10, WITHOUT the aid of Pitocin.
My epidural only worked on half of my body, and I had to wait patiently for the doctor to deliver, seeing as how my heart condition wouldn't allow me to push. 
At about 7:30, Bubble made his grand appearance, and we were ecstatic!

albeit a little tired. 

Roon finally had a son, and Sissy was finally...a Sissy!

I'm quite certain Bubble was thinking...

"What on Earth did I do to deserve this?!"

Roon and I have discussed our children's collective conspiracy to make us broke, in that ALL of their birthdays fall around another major bank account draining event.  Sissy's is the day after Christmas.  Bug's is right around Easter and MY birthday.  Boo's is right there by Thanksgiving, and Bubble, we just recently realized, is right next to BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING. 
This is part of the reason why he got a backpack for his birthday. 
In addition to Bubble's birthday, yesterday was also "Meet The Teacher" night at their school.  So, no time for a party. 
Roon decided that since cake and ice cream would be delayed until Saturday, he would come home from work early, so we could spend some family time together before we had to go to the school. 
Being highly intelligent people, we picked 6 Flags as our fun filled destination.  Season passes made it cheap.
102 degree temperatures made this stupid.
In our defense, we didn't know it was that hot when we left.  The last we had checked it was a cool 98, and the heat advisory had been lifted.
By the time we left the park, I had a migraine headache, and Sissy started puking in the car. 
I was able to wait until we got home.
Roon took the kids by himself to meet their teachers. 
While I laid in bed in complete darkness, praying the Tylenol would stay down long enough to work. 
I'll post pictures of his party on Sunday...hopefully.


Myya said...

Happy Birthday Bubble! Bummer about the throwing up, that sucks! Aliya's Birthday is Sept 9th so in a couple years I'm sure it will not be fun being so close to back to school. The other two are 2 1/2 weeks before Christmas & 2 1/2 weeks after. What were we thinking???

aubrey said...

Gee doesn't that sound like fun...

And I love the tale of the competent hospital there in Reno. :)

Happy birthday man!

Witness Protection Program said...

I love that you posted a run down of the birth but didn't make me feel like a front row fan. I hate it when there is TMI -ESPECIALLY about child birth.

Happy birthday to Bubble!!!

MiMi said...

AAAwwww! Happy birthday, Bubble!
Love the first picture of the three of you. :)

Emmy said...

Hope he had a great birthday. And yeah, your kid baring timing leaves something to be desired ;)

shortmama said...

Happy belated birthday!

I know what you mean about the birthdays. Laylas is 2 days before Christmas and then mine, Levis and Rhiannons are within 2 weeks of each other