Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do You Know...The Muffin PAN?

I had really good intentions of posting yesterday.  In fact, I sat down and spent a good portion of my morning trying to condense LOTS of trip pictures into a few collages, to avoid a mile long post (You're welcome, by the way), but then Photoshop called me an idiot, and kicked me in the shin.  I was fine with that, until the external hard drive stuck it's tongue out at me, at which point, I set the computer aside, and went to my room to cry.  I guess what I'm saying is... you will see pics of my trip if and when Roon ever takes the hint that I NEED HELP!!!  Subtle, right?

Anyway, I've been kind of lazy lately when it comes to the muffin top posts that Shortmama hosts, so I thought I would give this one a whirl.

The subject matter is, support.  Who is a support to you on your weight loss journey? 
Well, this got me thinking about the muffin PAN. 
Think about it...
The muffin pan is what forms, and helps maintain the skinnier part of the muffin, right?  The muffin ITSELF is what loses control in the oven, and sidesteps the support.  Why?  Because of internal factors.  Just like the muffin ingredients, we all have "ingredients" that make us lose control. 
Those little voices in our heads that say "you've had a hard day, you deserve something fatty with bacon and cheese". 
So, who in my life makes up my "muffin pan"? 
  • My husband is my top supporter, for sure.  During the school year, he wakes up at 5:30, so he can exercise, and lets me sleep in the extra 30 minutes, before it is my turn.  He supports my ideas of having "meatless" meals, and is known to grab a handful of baby carrots or grapes, as opposed to m&ms.  There are days that I want to smack him when he nudges me and tells me it's my turn to do the Wii Fit, but I know he's only doing it because he loves me.  He thinks I'm sexy even with my muffin top, so I know it's more that he's concerned about health and my ultimate happiness, than my appearance. 
  • My best friend, Lady, is also a support to me.  We used to take turns supplying a treat on "Bachelor" night, and we'd go and get 44 oz. beverages to have as well.  But, she suggested a while ago, that we should be drinking water, and maybe come up with healthier snacks to have instead.  Granted, we have fallen off the wagon a few weeks, but for the most part, we do pretty well. 
  • My little sister, Boogs, is also a support.  Granted, she lives really far away from me, but it's not uncommon for me to get a text from her hours after I sent one to her, and she says she was at the gym.  Now, for all I know, she's sitting at the smoothie bar the entire time, but at least she's taking the initiative to at least GO.  Since we're built about the same way (although, she is about 5 inches shorter) it gives me hope that if she can unload some of the junk from her trunk, I can too! 
  • Fellow muffin toppers!  I will get comments from people that I only know through this blog party, that are so encouraging.  If I've had a bad week, nobody judges me.  I will even occasionally get comments from them when I don't join in, saying they missed me that week.  Awww!  It makes me feel loved, but also important.  Turns out, they rely on me for support just as much as I rely on them.  It feels good to be needed by people! 
So, there you go!  It may be a small list, but it's a mighty one! 


Brooks said...

While I do enjoy the occasional smoothie, there is no juice bar at my gym so I am forced to spend my allotted gym time with Norman, my evil personal trainer.

I am so happy that I made your list of muffin pans! Though, I'm not sure I'm a WHOLE 5 inches shorter... you can be on my list, too!

Heather said...

I suck as a supporter this week! Our treat was no where near healthy, but it was good and it had been SO long!

Witness Protection Program said...

I like this post a lot. You have a sense of self that I am envious about.

shortmama said...

So glad to see you back!

Love the analogy of the muffin pan! So perfect!

Xazmin said...

You guys are all doing so well on your journey. I'm such a loser. And by that I mean a NON-loser...since I can't seem to get back on the weight-loss train!

I need to keep reading all your posts so I feel shamed into getting my wide arse in gear!!

Emmy said...

Friends and support really can make all of the difference.

MiMi said...

Uh. You are amazing.
You actually thought about the muffin PAN and how it keeps it in check. It's the top that gets outta control. Whoa. You are blowing my mind here with your metaphors!! :) LOL

Mamarazzi said...

i need to be a better supporter of MYSELF...i swear. i just kind of stopped doing these muffin top posts and i feel guilty about it...maybe next week.

my hubz is a major that man!

beckyjune said...

I love the analogy of the muffin pan :) Welcome home from your trip- I can't wait to see pics.