Friday, August 20, 2010

Holy Moley!

On Wednesday, I bravely went where I had never gone before. 
The dermatologist.
There were 4 main reasons why I felt the need to visit with him, 2 of which were lovingly referred to by my husband as my "back nipples".  Another reason was the attention I would get from the kids in my Primary class as they would notice another large mole on my arm.  Why every one of them felt the overwhelming need to poke at it is beyond me, but it got to be more than I could stand. 
One day, Roon suggested I make an appointment to have all 4 moles removed. 
I hesitated, because I worried that an appointment such as that would end up similar to THIS ONE had by the Meanest Mom herself. 
I was just not ready for that kind of humiliation. 
But, when I almost ripped off reason #4, while hurriedly trying to go to the bathroom one day (#4 was on my hip), I agreed. 
Roon doubted that I would actually have them removed at my first appointment, and would instead, have to return for a follow up appointment.
He was wrong. 
My doctor's office was awesome!  I probably had 10 minutes of wait time TOTAL.  After checking my moles, and assuring me that they were nothing to worry about "cancer wise" he asked if I wanted them removed. 
He thoroughly explained the procedure, and the pain associated with a "scrape biopsy".  When I didn't react to the idea of it being painful, he chuckled, and then said "I guess this isn't the first 'procedure' you've been through.  You probably know the drill"
While performing the biopsies, he decided it was necessary to cauterize the wounds. 
"You may begin to smell something smokey.  Don't's just you."
I laughed hysterically and decided that my yearly appointments may not be so bad after all.
Who knew a doctor could have such a witty sense of humor?!

Later that evening Roon worried out loud:  "What if your back nipples were like Chandler Bing's 'nubbin' and it is your source of humor and sarcasm?  What if you've lost your wit?!"
I don't think he has anything to worry about...


Brooks said...

Don't tell me they're really gone, gone!

Your bravery is on a level all of it's own. You are an inspiration to moley women everywhere.

shortmama said...

You got rid of nubbin!?

Glad it went smoothly!

beckyjune said...

You are so hilarious, Sami! I remember when we used to watch Friends with you guys...and Raymond and Survivor. I miss having you right next door.

Myya said...

Back nipples... leave it to a guy to come up with that :) I don't think you have anything to worry about, you ooozzeee sarcasm & humor, in my opinon anyways!

MiMi said...

Back nipples?! I'm surprised he wanted you to get rid of em. LOL

Emmy said...

Good Dr's like that seem to be too hard to find.