Friday, August 27, 2010

On Modesty

Sissy was beaming as she got home from school yesterday.

Friday, she learned, would now include "Show and Tell" for the WHOLE YEAR.
"What do you think you want to take to show your friends?" I asked.
She immediately settled on her favorite Barbie doll.
"Can you get my Barbie out of the attic for me?" She asked her dad repeatedly as soon as he walked through the door.
Why was her doll in the attic? Well, remember THIS? Yeah. That's why.
Since it's about the time of the month where we let them have some more toys back anyway, Roon agreed.
Once Sissy had the doll in hand, she lovingly dressed it, brushed it's hair, and got it ready for it's first day of school.
"Everyone is going to just love how stylish she looks..." Sissy proclaimed.
So, later that evening, as Roon and I were getting the kids ready for bed, we were surprised to see her packing up this:
"Why are you putting your Zhu Zhu pet in your backpack, Sissy?"  Roon inquired.
" I found her in the bucket with my Barbies, and I decided to take her instead."
"I thought you were so excited to take your Barbie.  What changed your mind?" I wanted to know.
"Well, I realized that my Barbie doesn't really have any clothes that would be appropriate for her to wear to school."



Emmy said...

That is awesome! You are teaching her right. And yes Barbie really is a hussy.

MiMi said...

Oh, that is adorable!!

Witness Protection Program said...

Well put me on a pedestal and call it a soapbox. Firstly, Can I say how awesome it is that your daughter is aware of that?!

The lines of modesty, which used to be much more clear, have blurred away. Modesty -more specifically the lack thereof- has gotten to the point where we need to go back to the basics and fundmentals of what it means to be a lady or a gentleman.

I hope you took down six extra toys for that daughter of yours. She deserves it.

Myya said...

How stinkin cute is that! I agree... she kind of does look like a hussy LOL :)

shortmama said...

Love her modesty!

Jennifer said...

That is awesome!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

HAhaHAHAHAH!!! Oh that is too cute and funny! They DO listen don't they?