Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Feel Like Vanna White!

I am having the most "blonde" day!  Okay, not just DAY...more like 24 hours.  At about 7 last night I realized I had completely spaced my parent/teacher conference with Bubble's teacher.  Today, I went to the school to volunteer, apologized profusely to his teacher, and went about my duties.  (Go ahead and laugh, Roon.  You know you want to...by the way, YOU'RE 32!)
When I reached Sissy's classroom around 2:00, I was greeted with a slightly less friendly than usual teacher, and the information that I had also forgotten my parent/teacher conference with HER at 12:45 (I was at the school the ENTIRE TIME!).  YIKES!  Twice in less than 2 days?!  That really isn't like me.  I must need a vacation.
Does that ever happen to anyone else?  I write things down on my calendar, but if it's something that involves something else already on my agenda...i.e. volunteering at the school, I get on auto pilot, and get distracted.  The rescheduled conferences are in my phone with alerts set...so with any luck it won't happen again. 

So, now onto something I could NEVER forget about.
The winner of Quince Quote! 
But, as always, before I announce the winner, I must reveal the answers.

Character who spoke the quote:  Charlie Brown
Actor who played character:  Peter Robbins (for the record, I did give Mamarazzi credit for her guess at this, since she didn't try to Google it, his name was one of the two she guessed, and it was a tough one!)
Line Before:  "I got a quarter" or "I got a package of gum" or "I got a pack of gum"
Alternate quotes:  "I had a little trouble with the scissors."   "YOU OWE ME RESTITUTION!!!"

So, after the contest closed, the entries looked like this:
And...according to Random.org, the winner is:

Which means that MAMARAZZI is the winner!  Congratulations!  I still have your address...because I'm a stalker like that, so I'll get your package in the mail (AND Evelyn's, AND Emmy's from Symfully Sweet) by Friday...I hope. 
Thanks to everyone who entered!


MiMi said...

You better watch it or they might send you to the principal's office!
Way to go Mamarazzi!! :)

aubrey said...

I knew it would be that movie this month, just because I know you that well, and I know that I have seen it but I could not for the life of me call up anything about it...I really need to start getting more than four hours of sleep a night.

Emmy said...

I would forget Alex's ballet class every week if it wasn't for the alarm that goes off in my phone.

Mamarazzi said...


i am so excited. I never win anything like ever!! Thanks Sami,

I got your text and was responding when my phone died. We were out of town and just got home...commenting is the first thing i did.

Lisa said...

I so have days like that. As a matter of fact - that sums up my entire weekend!!! Darn brain.

Myya said...

Oh NOOOO! That totally sucks! I used to be the best at remembering EVERYTHING, since kids... ehhh not so much. A friend of mine recently wrote on her blog that while she was driving thru Starbucks her daughter commented from the backseat that Kids are born with caffine... oh my gosh how true is that. We need all we can to get through the day & they just have it. Hope you are enjoying your vacay... Can;t wait to hear all about how awesome it was!!!

BIG Congrats to mamarazzi for rocking out the win & better yet for being super cool & not cheating.

Shawn said...

It looks like you have "partheimer's" like me!