Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Journey To Forever- Part 6

I think I'll start off this post, by breaking the suspense of why Roon didn't ask me out for the weekend after he went home to get his calculator.  I'll try to keep it brief...

WAY back when Roon and I ran into each other at that New Year's dance, I didn't know, but he was actually on a blind date with another girl.  Between then and our first date, they had seen each other that one night, and maybe one other time. 
She got attached to him really fast, and told him she loved him the second time she saw him.  Or, to be more accurate, tricked Roon into saying it to her by playing the "guess what I'm thinking" game.  
In Roon's mind, they had been on two dates, and he was not interested in persuing a relationship at all.  In her mind, they were weeks away from tying the knot, and they would name their kids Betsy and Scooter. 
Even though he didn't consider them "dating", he did feel it was important (once he knew that he wanted to persue things with me) to officially break up with her.  So, he took a trip down to where she lived (I think he had already agreed to go to a dance with her that weekend) to keep his commitment, and to officially break it off with her. 

So, the answer to the 2 point bonus question was: 
#3.  He had to break up with his girlfriend.

One other little detail, I think I should mention before I tell the next part of the story, is that over the summer, I had made a "dream guy" list.  I had listed 25 qualities that I thought made up the perfect man.  Some of them were general, (nice, sweet, somewhat spontaneous, etc.) but some of them were specific (has goals, loves family, etc.)  I did this as a way to keep myself from marrying too young.  After all, it would potentially take forever to find someone with all of the characteristics I was looking for.  Instead, it seemed to lead him right to me...

Church, the Sunday after I kissed Roon, was a bit awkward.  I saw him, but was feeling so embarrassed, that I avoided eye contact with him, and his roommates.  After the meeting, Roon came up to me and struck up a conversation. 

I was impressed, that he was the first to initiate contact this time, so I invited him over to our apartment for Sunday dinner. was Superbowl Sunday.  I didn't know.  I didn't follow football.  In fact, we didn't even have cable in our apartment.  At first, when I invited him, he said "But it's Superbowl Sunday".  If you know Roon, you know that Football is not something he will easily sacrifice.  But, he did it for me.  He came over to my house, we ate chili, and talked for hours.  We talked about our families, and what each of us pictured as far as ideal family size was concerned.  I had always wanted 6 kids.  Don't ask me why.  Roon said that he wanted no more than 4 kids.  He also made a super sweet remark that went something like this:
"All kids do is poop and cry.  If you ask me, 4 is more than enough."
Was this guy trying to run me off?!

We talked about anything and everything until guys out at 10:00.  Then he left, with the promise that I would attend "Devotional" with him on Tuesday, and a better kiss than the first attempt.  (Devotional was like a spiritual thought hour, that took place once a week)

We went to the Devotional, and as we were leaving, Roon asked if I wanted to go to lunch with him the following day.  I felt really conflicted.  I still really liked him, but since I had recently (right before Thanksgiving) broken up for the last time with "Sume", I was not looking to get into a serious relationship with a guy who (I thought) liked questionable forms of entertainment, and openly showed disdain for children in general.  I made a split second decision to try to sever ties with this guy.  I told him I was busy, and would probably be busy for a while, so it would be hit and miss with me. 

He didn't let that deter him.  He asked me if Thursday would work better.  I told him it did, and decided to give him just one more chance.  If he raised any more doubt in my mind, I would break it off. 

We had lunch at Subway, and talked and talked for as long as we could. 
From this point on, we were inseparable. 

Every time I went on a date with Roon, or hung out with him between classes, I was able to cross yet another item off my "dream guy" list.  We spent every spare second together.  When it was time for guys out, he and I would sit out in his car in front of my apartment, and continue our conversation.  It seemed like we were cramming the semester we hadn't dated, all into 2 weeks. 

By Valentine's Day, I knew I loved him.  It seemed crazy though!  There's no way I could actually love someone after a mere 3 weeks of actual dating!  I was sure I must have lost my mind.  Shopping for a Valentine's day present for Roon was a real challenge.  With everything heart shaped, and boasting of love, what do you buy someone you have just started dating?  If I say the "L" word too soon, I would run him off.  So, I settled on a Weird Al Yankovic CD (Running with Scissors) and a box of chocolates that said "You QUACK me up, Valentine!" on the box.  Seemed safe enough.  One evening, Roon and I were talking, and he asked me what I wanted for Valentine's day.  I told him that that, was entirely up to him.  He told me that if I didn't give him an idea, he was going to buy me a spatula*. 
I said fine.  If that's what you want to get me, get me a spatula.
He asked what my favorite color was, so he could at least get it in my favorite color. 
I told him hunter green.

On Valentine's day, Roon came over to my apartment.  When I opened the door, he was standing there looking all sheepish, and holding...a green spatula. 
I laughed hysterically, and invited him in, where I gave him the gift I had for him. 
Then he felt bad.  He went out to the car to get my real present.  A vase with a few roses, and a balloon attached.  The card read: 
Happy Velentine's Day, from the balding guy.
Love ya,
(Even at 21, he was insecure about his male pattern baldness, which is actually not THAT bad...)
I showed it to all my roommates, and true to form...I freaked out!
If "Love ya" actually meant that he loved me, that meant that it wasn't crazy or impossible to be in love in such a short amount of time!  This was crazy!  Did he really mean it?!
The next day, we spent more time together, and when we were saying goodbye, I gave Roon a hug. 
While still in his embrace, Roon said:
"You know what?"
To which I said:  "what?"
"I love you."
"I love you too.  I have felt like saying it for a few days, but I didn't want to scare you off."

So, there you have it.  The first gift Roon gave me was:  A KITCHEN UTENSIL, and HE said "I love you" first. 

Are ya'll doing as well on the questions as you thought you would?
If not, that's okay.  I'm going to have a list of random details that don't require a whole post to explain, in the form of a matching game, for you to try to catch up, really soon.  I'm amazed at how well some of you are doing!  I am impressed. 
Let's just hope I still have followers at the end of this who haven't been bored to the point of jumping ship...

So, let's see if we can't trip some of you up, shall we?

What was the proposal like?
  1. Elaborate and planned out.
  2. Spur of the moment, completely out of the blue.
How many times did Roon propose?
  1. 1
  2. 2
Who picked out the ring?
  1. Roon
  2. Sami
  3. Sami's roommates
  4. Roon's mom
Get your guesses in soon!  We're picking up speed, so the answer will post at 8:00 am on the 21st. 
*Have you ever heard that line from  Weird Al (from off of UHF), "Nothing says I love you like the gift of a spatula"?  I had never heard it, and didn't find out what he was trying to say with the spatula until after we were married...


Myya said...

A Spatula... how cute! : )
Ok I say #1 Elaborate & planned out. #2 2 times & #4 Roon's mom picked out the ring. I hope I do well, I gotta start picking up some points here!!!

MiMi said...

Let's see...
well, first, I have to commend you for having the guts to eat chili at the beginning of a relationship. Talk about farting. Whoa.
I think it was spur of the moment and THEN planned out because I think he proposed twice and you didn't believe him at first.
And lets see...I think maybe you picked out the ring.

aubrey said...

Dang it! Wish I had my head on straight and had answered the last questions...I guess someone has to hold down the bottom of the board though...

I'm gonna say it was both because you made him do it twice and his mother picked out your ring.

Jennifer said...

well, it was spur of the moment AND elaborately planned, which means he proposed twice. his mom picked out the ring.

Emmy said...

Oh I should have went with the girl friend..
This week my guesses are 2,2, 4.

CJ Sime said...

Spatula! Roon and Jared would get along- he got me a screwdriver for our first valentine's day.

Is the first one a trick? Is it secret option number 3 in which he thought you were ready and in the spur of the mement blurted it out. He tooked your stunned silence as a no. and then after coaching from you he was able to come up with an elaborate and planned out proposal?

Which would make the next answer number of times he proposed 2.

Another trick question? Okay so, the first time he sprung a proposal on you he was like "and look at the ring my mom chose it out!" After you gave him lessons on how to properly woo you, he took you shopping where you were able to find the perfect ring.

So final answers:
2 times
3 sami's roomates

Allyson said...

1. Elaborate and planned out.
2. 2
3. Sami

Xazmin said...

That's hilarious about the spatula!

I love reading about your journey's so fun!