Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Journey To Forever- Part 5


Today is our actual anniversary.  June 16th, 2000, I became Mrs. Roon.  What better way to celebrate, than to talk about one of Roon's favorite subjects?  Kissing!

Get comfortable...this one is bound to be a long one!

So, since Roon and I went on our first date on a Wednesday, and I was so sure the date had gone well, I was really surprised when Roon didn't ask me to go out again over the following weekend.  I would later find out that he didn't, because he had to go home that weekend to get his calculator.  A likely story.  However, he also didn't ask me out for the following weekend either.  I had come to the conclusion that all we would ever be was friends, since the date had obviously not gone as well from Roon's perspective. 

The next Monday, exactly 2 weeks since Roon had asked me out, there was a Ward activity.  The premise of the activity was to be a "dating game" of sorts.  First, all the men went down to the front, and were asked a series of questions to narrow down the pack.  I spotted Roon, and watched as he wrote highly romantic things like "Korn Rocks" and "who killed Kenny?" on the blackboard. 

Mmmmkay.  Well.  This is a side of Roon I had never seen before.  Impressed?  Not really. 

Roon was weeded out, and was not one of the final 3 male contestants.  Then, it was the girls' turn.  We all went down to the front of the room, and waited for the questions to be asked.  I'm not sure what any of the other questions were, but the last question was "After which date, would you consider it okay to kiss someone?" or something like that.  The choices were:  First date, second date, and "He's gonna have to try a whole lot harder than that."
Personally, I always have been an affectionate person.  Granted, I wouldn't kiss on the first date, but I also am not the type to make the guy wait for weeks and weeks either.  So, I picked "Second date" as my answer.  Unfortunately for me, so did the "bachelor".  All but 3 of the remaining contestants lied and said they would make the guy try a whole lot harder than that.  So, I was one of the 3 "Eligible Bachelorettes".  Sitting in front of everyone, including Roon, broadcasting that I'm willing to kiss on the second date.
**Roon makes a mental note**
The game was pretty much an exercise in public humiliation for me.  I know there were more than 2 questions, but I can't remember more than 2 specifically.  They were:
Q:  If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
A:  Hmmm...a dog?  Because they're man's best friend!

Q:  Could you sing your favorite love song to me?
A:  "I knew I loved you before I met you..."  (I don't sing in public, especially not solos, so this was really more of a rap.  I said the words to a basic rhythm). 

Basically, the game was bogus, because our "Bachelor" had a girlfriend already.  None of us were really trying to win a date with him. 

Afterwards, there was punch, and some not so tasty cookies being served out in the hallway.  I stood with my roommates for a while, watching Roon and his roommates, when we got bored, and headed home. 
Friday came, and I went to my normal classes, then headed to the library to check my email.  As I was walking towards the computer lab, I passed Roon, who was on his way to the exit.  I debated whether or not to say hi to the jerk, but I ultimately did when my inherent need to be friendly and please people kicked in. 

"Hi Roon."  (Keep in mind, I was doing it out of courtesy, not because I was wanting him to stop to talk to me, so I picked up speed when I said it, walking in the opposite direction as him.)

"Hi." was all I heard as I buzzed past.

I found a computer, and sat down.  I signed in, opened my inbox, and then I hear...

"Wow!  You've got a lot of emails!"
I turned around to see Roon kneeling down next to my computer chair. 

"What the heck do you want?!" is what I wanted to say.  "Hi Roon.  How've you been?" is along the lines of what I actually did say.  Come on!  It had been over two weeks since our date, we'd seen each other from a distance a couple of times, and he made no effort to let me know he had enjoyed himself!  JERK!!!

(I later learned that Roon didn't even have class that day.  He had looked up my class schedule, knew what time I'd be done, and had done his best to "time" our running into each other at the library.  Guess since he had waited so long, he didn't want to be lame and ask me out over the phone or something...)

"My roommates and I are planning another date for tonight.  We're going roller skating.  Do you want to come?"  I don't want to go roller skating.  I have all the coordination of a monkey on stilts, but if it means I have one more chance to find out if Roon is actually a jerk, or just a tad socially be it. 

I accepted his invitation, but not before I made it quite clear that my nickname has never been, nor would it ever be...Grace.  He assured me that he wasn't much for roller skating either, but it's what his roommates wanted to do.  I went on to read my emails, and Roon left the library, with the promise to see me later. 

(I also later learned that he was so against the idea of going roller skating, that he had planned to break off from the rest of the group after dinner, so neither of us would have to be subjected to that kind of humiliation.  What an awesome guy, huh?!)

I went home to begin getting ready after classes.  This is when I had a little freak out.  After all, why would he wait 2 WEEKS to ask me out, and suddenly ask me out of the blue like that?  Ah CRAP!!!  He only asked me because now he knows I'm willing to kiss on the second date! 

A guy friend of some of the roommates was at the apartment when I started freaking out.  We'll call him...Kimball.  Well, Kimball asked if I wanted to kiss Roon.  I said I wasn't sure.  I liked him, so I wouldn't be opposed, but I also didn't want him to be expecting it.  Kimball told me that if I wanted Roon to kiss me, I should give him the "lingering hug".  If I didn't want him to kiss me, I should thank him for the date, give him a quick hug, and go inside. 
Please keep in mind that absolutely none of this advice was solicited.  The guy kind of annoyed me. 
When Roon got there to pick me up, I had to run back to my room to grab something, so Roon came in for a minute.  When I came back into the living room, I saw Kimball talking to Roon.  "Let me tell ya.  You'll know she wants to kiss you, if she gives you the 'lingering hug'.  Sami's my cousin, and I'm very protective, so don't kiss her unless she does that, okay."
*Shut up, Kimball.*
As we're walking out to the car, Roon says, "so, that's your cousin, huh?"
"No.  He is most definitely NOT my cousin.  Don't listen to a word he says."

First stop...the guys' apartment.  They had cooked dinner, and then we would continue on to the roller rink.  Dinner was mystery meat, that they wouldn't tell us what it was until after dinner was over.  Turned out to be elk, I think.  Not bad. 
Doofus had his girlfriend, Roon had me, Roommate we liked had girl we liked, and Other other roommate had mystery girl.  Mystery girl announced that she physically could not roller skate for medical reasons.  This got us on the subject of being medical freaks, and this is when Roon learned that I am a little on the "special" side medically speaking. 
Since Mystery girl couldn't roller skate, it was decided that we do something else instead.  Now, that's a cryin' shame, isn't it?!  Instead, we went bowling.  Afterwards, we went back to the guys' apartment and played some board games. 
During the course of playing board games, Doofus's cousin showed up.  She pretty much crashed the rest of our date.  By the time it was time to go home, I really wanted to kiss Roon.  He had totally made up for not calling me for 2 weeks. 
Someone had the completely idiotic idea to carpool to take the girls home.  Roon, Doofus's cousin, and I all rode with Doofus and Doofus's girlfriend. 
I was the first stop.  Doofus's cousin jumped out of the car, and said, "Here Sami, you can get out my side!"
Um, no.  I was on a date, and Roon was most definitely going to walk me to the door, thank you very much...
So, with the 3 Doofuses watching us from the car, Roon and I walked to my front door.  I gave him a hug, and then, all of a sudden, I don't know what came over me. 
I lunged forward and kissed him!  Except, since he wasn't expecting it, I got half his upper lip and teeth. 

I think I probably turned about 4 different shades of pink, I was so embarrassed. 
I stepped back, looked at the shocked look on his face, and said:  "Well...goodnight!"
and ran in and slammed the door in his face. 
What can I say?  I'm a romantic!!!

So, the correct answer was:  #2...2 DATES, and the bonus question:  I initiated it*. 

Now, bear in mind that this second date happened on January 28th (we'd known each other and slowly became friends since August), and we were married by June 16th.  So, you know things move along pretty quickly from here on out. 

Who said "I love you" first?
  1. Roon
  2. Sami
1 point bonus question:

What was the first gift Roon ever gave me?
  1. Candy
  2. A kitchen utensil.
  3. My engagement ring.
2 point bonus question:

Why didn't Roon ask me out the weekend after he went home to get his calculator?
  1. He had to go to a Missionary farewell.
  2. He was sick.
  3. He had to break up with his girlfriend.
Get your guesses in quickly!  The answer will post on June 19th at 8:00 am central time. 

*Roon maintains that by asking me out on a second date, knowing that I was willing to kiss on a second date, he was initiating it. So, if you guessed that it was mutual, I will also count it as right. See, Roon...I don't always say you're wrong!


Allyson said...

Here are my guesses:
1. Sami said "I love you" first - #2
2. Roon gave you a kitchen utensil - #2
3. Roon had to go to a missionary farewell - #1

shortmama said...

Ok this week I say 1 2 1 and thats my final answer!

Emmy said...

This is another great installment.
My guesses are 1,2,1.

If it was Eric and I the breaking up with his other girlfriend came after we had been dating over a month... But that is a story for another day.

I remember actually being a little nervous to tell Eric about my special medical condition as he might worry about long term health consequences of being with me... I had never worried with anyone in the past, but it didn't change anything when I told him.

Together We Save said...

Very funny...

MiMi said...

My answers are 1, 2 and 1.
What sucks is that they didn't even have good cookies...I mean, come on!

Myya said...

I'm gonna say 2 - you first, 1 Candy & 1 He had to go to a Missionary farewell. I'm not TOTALLY sucking anymore, hopefully I'll get some points on these & catch up :) You guys are too too cute by the way. Happy Anniversary!

Jennifer said...

woot! I'm the leader!!! at least for now....let's see.....Roon, Engagement Ring, and Missionary farewell.

CJ Sime said...

dude. What are you doing? Feeding the answers to Jennifer or something?

sami said I love you first


he was sick

Xazmin said...

Love reading your story!

I think you said "I love you" first, he gave you a kitchen utensil, and he had a mission farewell.