Sunday, June 20, 2010


Early last week, Sissy placed a gift bag on our kitchen counter, boasting that it was "for Daddy for Father's Day".  On Friday, while I was making lunch, she brought it to my attention.  Not wanting to ruin the surprise, I didn't prompt her beyond the information she was willing to divulge.  "We don't use it anymore, so I'm giving it to Daddy."
This morning, Roon got to open his much anticipated present...
Among the treasured items, were a foam "DAD" magnet frame, a ripped book we've had for years, a water balloon, 3D glasses from a cereal box, her brother's dinosaur ruler, and a small gingerbread man that had come off one of her Christmas socks. 

While reading the card, and setting the stuff on the table for a picture, the vultures started circling. 
Bubble demanded his ruler back, Bug wanted to play with the glasses, Boo popped the balloon and started peeling the foam accessories of the "DAD" frame. 

Roon grabbed the gingerbread man, and held it tight.  "Thanks for my present, guys!  I love it!"

Guess it's a good thing I'd already taken care of his present...

Even if he's not MY dad. 
Happy Father's Day everyone!


MiMi said...

OMgosh, those little treasures are adorable!!!
Best present ever.

Myya said...

That is soooo cute! My girls do that too. I remember doing it as a kid, so it takes me back & makes me laugh. My girls got thier daddy some cologne & we went & took pictures with the girls in his alma matter (they turned out REALLY cute - I'll post pics later). Happy Father's Day to Roon!!!

Emmy said...

Love it! Your kids are learning the art of regifting :). It just usually doesn't work if it is someone else's stuff :)

Xazmin said...

HAHAHA...that's SO funny!

I love the "presents" kids come up with!

I wish I'd thought of a water balloon for my husband!