Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Journey To Forever- Part 4

So, by now you all know that Roon took a while to ask me out.  Since the Lord seemed to want us together so badly, we always joke that if we wouldn't have "taken the hint" and started dating when we did, we would have ended up as the leaders (AKA Mom and Dad) of an FHE group at school.  (For those who don't speak "LDS school"...that's Family Home Evening, and are little groups at school usually involving 2 boy apartments, and two girl apartments, who get together on Monday nights to do activities.  Can we say, arranged marriage, anyone?!)

For the next part of the story, I need to back up just a little bit. 
Shortly before I went home for Christmas, our landlord sold our apartment (we lived in a little duplex off campus) to a new landlord.  We still got to live there, but there would be a change in management...yada yada yada.  Along with the ownership of the duplex, the utilities also were changed to our new landlord's name.  Totally to be expected.  Our new landlord pretty much (how do I say this politely?) irritated the bajeezits out of us.  Oh, I'm sure he was an okay guy, but there were a few things he felt were not necessary to share with the group (as in the group of roommates renting from him).  For example... OUR NEW PHONE NUMBER!!!  For several days, our phone didn't ring.  Not once.  This was very odd for us, because two of the roommates were VERY popular, and would receive phone calls at all hours of the day and night.  Luckily, one of my roommates called her mom who had caller ID, and she noted that the number was different from before.  If not for this, who knows how long it would have taken to find out our number had even changed!  Thanks for that one, Mr. man!  (I promise this is all relevant!)  Since our phone was "out of order" one guy from our Ward came to check on us before we left for break.  He was the only person, other than close friends or family who had our phone number. 

So remember, that Sunday before the semester started I saw Roon at church, right?  Sunday night, my favoritest roommate "date", Becky, and I were talking about classes.  She was not currently going to school, she was living there and working.  Since she didn't have the obligatory Religion class each semester, she decided she was going to go to an elective one on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  She didn't really want to go alone, so I offered to go with her. 

On Monday, while I was at an institute class with Becky, I was unaware of the lengths Roon was willing to go to ask me out...
In Roon's own words:
So my roomates decided we were going to do a group date. We chose to go bowling on Wednesday night. Why Wednesday night? We had coupons! Score! So I had to find a date, and since it was a new semester I could finally ask Sami out. What was my reasoning behind the whole waiting the whole semester thing? What if I farted on our date? Then we'd be stuck next to each other for the rest of the semester, and there'd be that whole "Hey, remember when you farted on our date?" thing going on. Hey, it could happen!

Anyway, I found her phone number and secluded myself in my bedroom to make the call. I took a minute or two to plan out what I was gonna say, and to get mentally prepared for the possible rejection. Picture Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle when he was going to call his date. Yeah, that's what I did. I finally dialed the number. *Ring* *Ring* Beeeep. "The number you dialed has been disconnected. Please check the number, and dial again." Huh? I checked the number and dial again, and get the same message. Well crap!!!

I came out of my room and my roommates asked me how it went. I told them of my predicament. The roommate I liked said "I'll check with so and so to see if he has it." and left for a bit to ask around. The roommate I didn't like said "You can ask my friend Jackie, she's fun." "Shut up, doofus!", is what I thought. "Nah, I'll wait to see if I can find her number" is what I said. If I could go back, I'd call him a doofus as much as possible. The other other roommate suggested one of the other girls from church. No, I really wanted to ask Sami out. Come one, I waited a whole semester for this. Maybe I'm the doofus. Hmmmm.

The roommate I liked came back with a phone number that I tried, and it actually worked! Which is a good thing because if it didn't I would have been stuck with Jackie or the woman who records the number unavailable message.

Alright, me again!
So, the phone rings, and for once, it is for me.  This is approximately how the conversation went...

Me:  "Hello?"
Roon:  "Hi, Sami, this is Roon.  Carter."
Me:  "Of course, I know which Roon!  What's up?"
Roon:  "I was just wondering if you were busy on Wednesday night."
Me:  "Wednesday?  Hmmm.  Just a sec."

I put my hand over the receiver, and turn to Becky.

"BeckyJune, Roon is about to ask me out, but he wants to go on Wednesday.  Would it be okay with you if I skipped institute?"

Obviously, she was cool with it, but technically she got stood up.  Answer to the bonus question?  YES.  SOMEBODY (Becky) DID get stood up on date day.

In the process of having Roon on "hold", I forgot how he had worded the question.

Me:  "Yes."
Roon:  "Oh.  Um.  Okay..."
Me:  (realizing I'd just made a complete idiot out of myself) "I mean NO!"

He then shared the details of what we would be doing, and what time he would pick me up.  I spent the next few days eagerly planning and preparing for the date, because that's what I do.  Since I knew we would be bowling, I had to make sure to not only have a cute outfit, but also cute socks.  When Wednesday came, I was completely on schedule to be ready for him to pick me up.  My shirt was in the dryer, and I was almost done with my hair and makeup with an hour to spare. 
This is when some of my roommates decided it was a great time to play a prank on me.  They came back and told me that Roon was there, ahead of schedule.  I freaked out!  After all, I was wearing a grubby T-Shirt while my real shirt was in the dryer, I couldn't walk past him to get it looking like this, what was I going to wear?!  When they saw how bad I was freaking out, they told me that he had heard I wasn't ready, and said he would come back in an hour.  But, they never told me that they were joking...

Roon got there to pick me up right on time.  As we were headed out to the car, I was apologizing for keeping him waiting.  He, of course, had no idea what I was talking about.  **make mental note to get even with roommates**

The date went very smoothly.  We went to eat (Roon and I are both fuzzy on the details, but we THINK it was at Wendy's) and then went bowling.  It was a group event, so there were no awkward moments.  It was especially nice since Roon and I had already become "friends" and knew a little bit about each other.  I think I even impressed Roon with my use of the "power of the force" to direct the ball away from the gutter.  Yeah, just call me Obi-wan-Kenobi!

Roon and I are both fuzzy about many of the details of this date.  From what we remember, it seems that we stopped off at the store to pick up some ice cream toppings, before heading to the guys' apartment to have ice cream.  Then, since it was a week night, and curfew was early, he took me home.  It was great.  He was a perfect gentleman.  I told Becky all about it when I got home, and she said:  "You're probably going to marry him someday."

So, the answer to the question was #6.  DINNER AND BOWLING

If you answered 1, 3, or 5, you get 1 point; because you're half right.  If you answered 6, you got 2 points.  If you answered 2 or 4, you get no points.  SORRY!!!

The next question is:

How many dates did we go on before we kissed?
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 5
  4. 7

Who initiated the kiss?
  1. Sami
  2. Roon
  3. It was completely mutual.
Answer will be posted on June 16th, at 8:00 am. central time.


shortmama said...

hmmmm what to choose what to choose?

I am going to say 3 for both and thats my final answer

Anonymous said...

I say 5 and 3.

Emmy said...

Oh this next question is tricky... Hmmm I am going to guess 3. And for the bonus question 2--it would have happened sooner if you initiated it :)

MiMi said...

I'm gonna say 3 and then 2.
I have no clue. LOL
Also, your hubs was afraid he'd fart?! That's awesome!!!!!!!!

Brooks said...

I'd guess, but I know better than anyone what happened next and next after that. Can I be the author of your biography?

P.S. Commented on your "Happy List" too.

Allyson said...

I'm going to say that it was 2 dates (#2), and the kiss was mutual (#3).

Jennifer said...

2 dates and mutual

CJ Sime said...

7 dates.


Myya said...

Ok so I got 1 point, I guess I'll have to live with it. I'm a little upset that I suck so bad at this... I have ALWAYS been horrible at multiple choice! Ok so for the next questions... I am going to say 2 dates & then I am going to say #3 it was mutual. Even though I have a feeling that you threw yourself at him ha ha ha!

Xazmin said...

I LOVE this! Man I've missed out on a lot. Have to go back and get caught up like I did on your Bachelor posts!

I say the answers are 1 and 1!!!