Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wait...That Wasn't You?

This week on the Bachelor, the final 3 was whittled down to the final two as the girls used their skills as professional call girls to win the heart of Jake.
Can you tell I hate this part?
The "fantasy dates" have always bothered me. I guess I should start off by saying that I was a virgin bride. Like Tenley, I have only ever been with one man, and that man bought the cow before he was allowed to partake of the milk, so to speak. Not to say that I'm the morality police, because I in no way judge those that did not choose to take the same path. I have friends all along the spectrum, from "never kissed until they were told to kiss the bride" to "still cohabitating after being together for 10+ years, and having several children together". I love all my friends, and do not stand on any kind of moral high ground when it comes to their own personal feelings in regards to their personal relationships. I only know what was and is right for me.
Sleeping with someone to get a job...not right for me. That is what the final 3 always feels like to me. It's like a physical challenge on Survivor. "Okay, you've answered all the questions right, now let's see what you can, or are willing to do for the money."
Not only that, but you are basically saying that it is okay for your boyfriend to cheat on you, with your friends. Granted, Vienna doesn't really have any friends, but if she did, she basically said (by being the last girl with an overnight with Jake) "dude, it's totally okay that you have spent the last 2 days bumping uglies with those other two girls. Really, I'm okay with being sloppy thirds."
And what does this say to the poor girl (Gia) who he sent packing? Wham bam...thank you ma'am?! Sorry, you're just not flexible enough?!
I honestly thought that Tenley would have turned down the "forego your individual room" card because she had stated before how important morality was to her. Actually, what I hoped would happen, was that Jake would have been a stand up guy and not put her in that position to begin with...but whatever. I was wrong.
Don't even get me started on how mad I was that Ali didn't come back. I mean, COME ON! Last season we had to watch Ed "shorty shorts" whatshisbucket prance around on the beach as a result of Jillian letting him come back, but Jake didn't even give Ali a chance to come see him in person to state her case? That almost made me mad enough to coin the phrase the Dixie Chicks have made famous "we're ashamed to say he's from Texas" but I guess I'll give him two more weeks to redeem himself.
I have another beef with this show. Do any of ya'll remember back to the beginning when the fantasy dates all took place in different places? Not like three different hotels on the same beach, different, but one is in Hawaii, the other is in Alaska, and the last one is in Venice, kind of different. I mean, having them all take place in St. Lucia is going to make it difficult for Jake to keep them all straight. I can just see it now...
Jake: "Hey Vienna, remember that time we were in St. Lucia, and we were walking along that black sand beach, and you said that you had never been to a black sand beach before? Wasn't that so romantic?"
Vienna: "That wasn't me, and according to the video footage, that was Tenley."
Jake: "Oh...right."
Jake: "Well, remember that time when we went to the fantasy suite, and stripped down necked, and made out in the tub as the cameras filmed every minute? That's when I knew I was in love with you."
Vienna: "That, was Gia."
Jake: "I could have sworn that was you."

You see my point, no?

I want Tenley to win, or for him to send them both packing...but I don't get a vote. I'm always backing the wrong horse (heehee, I'm laughing now because Lady affectionately calls Vienna "horse face") so it's a good thing I'm not an avid gambler.
Next week is "the women tell all". I LOVE this part! It's when all the crazy comes out! Don't worry...I'll keep you posted!


MiMi said...

I know! I swear, they are almost like an orgy at this stage in the game. Gross.

WhisperingWriter said...

I'm surprised that he sent Gia home. Vienna must be very bendy or something.

Xazmin said...

I haven't watched...I think I' already mentioned that. But this post had me cracking up! You definitely have a way with words!

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