Friday, February 26, 2010

Is Stress Good For the Complexion?

Hello friends! First of all, I have to say that a flogging is probably in order. I have had so much stuff thrown at me over the last week, that my communication with my wonderful bloggy friends has suffered. I promise...I'll be better after Sunday...I hope!
So here's the trillion dollar question. What is it about stress that makes you break out? Seriously...I can go from not even close to flawless skin, to looking like a connect the dot picture after 4 days of mild to moderate stress. In an effort to save my sanity, and my complexion, I will now attempt to look on the bright side of life.

  • I recently learned some disturbing news. The person who entrusted me with this information swore me to secrecy, making me promise to tell noone. Not even Roon. As if the news itself weren't stressful enough, keeping the information from Roon is making it worse. The bright side? Since Roon knows that I know something he doesn't, he has been uber nice to me in an attempt to get me to spill the beans. It's like birthday week...only better

  • My internet went down for a few hours yesterday morning. The bright side? I got to see Roon at lunch time, so he could fix it. Plus, I got to use my morning computer time to perfect my solitaire playing skills. Yukon 3 deck...I own you!!!

  • I had a migraine headache all day yesterday. Thankfully, it didn't get really bad until about 7:00 in the evening, and since I didn't feel well, I had an excuse to just cuddle on the couch with Boo. Much better than housework, I must say. Plus, I got to take the GOOD drugs before lights out at 8:30. I heart you, Darvocet!

  • I was asked to speak in church this coming Sunday. Normally, the idea of public speaking with only a week to prepare would send me into a panic. However, I'm taking a very "Pollyanna" approach to the whole thing, and just thanking my lucky stars that it will most likely be a whole year before they ask me to do it again. Even longer, if I do a bad job!

On a happy note, my Mod Podge Mania project is coming along nicely, even though I hit a snag or two along the way. I'm really excited to reveal it on Sunday if for no other reason than it will mean that my talk is over. Let's just hope that my procrastination skills will soon be replaced by my "works good under pressure" skills, or I may be in trouble!


Heather said...

I'm curiuos as to who would swear you to secrecy from your husband...

MiMi said...

Yeah, so I don't know anyone you know, but for some reason this secret is killing me! Wierd, I know!
What denomination church do you go to? Is it huge?? I hate public speaking. HATE.

Myya said...

I know I am TOTALLY curious about the secret too... I LOVE knowing things about other people... I love peeking into thier world. If I could I'd totally look thru peoples windows & just observe life. Ok not in a creepy way, just a curious one. I am MAJOR addicted to reality tv... I'm a dork I know.....
Uggghhhh on the breaking out thing too... maybe it is because i leave for Florida in a few days & I have to get me & all 3 girls packed & ready... plus have to spend an hour drive to the airport & an almost 8 hour flight with my ladies... yes, God please help me! ha ha ha.

Xazmin said...

I just love you! I had to speak about a month or so ago..I found out the Friday before! It all went well though.

I'm so excited to see your MPM project! And I totally thought you were gonna tell us the secret!

Stress gives me zits too.

Emmy said...

Sorry you had a migraine, those are the worst. I was once given two days notice for speaking in church! Talk about stress