Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If All Else Fails...Hit Below The Belt.

It's Tuesday! I know that many of my followers do not watch the Bachelor, so don't worry...I. am. here. for. you. Next week is the finale, and I would be a lot more excited about it, had I not stumbled onto a spoiler blog that announced the winner. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell, but the anticipation is usually the best part, so to know who wins, whether or not I like her, kinda defeats the purpose of watching. But don't worry! I most certainly will, if for no other reason than it is like a train wreck, and I can't take my eyes off it, no matter how much I might want to.
So, last night was "The Women Tell All" and while this is usually my favorite part, I found it completely lacking in inspiration for a blog post. I thought that the whole montage of "bachelor reunion" parties (and by parties I mean...sexcapades) was WAAAYYY too long. It completely bothered me that certain "winners" were at those reunions. Come on! I thought this was supposed to be a support group for the people who left "broken hearted". You were not broken hearted! You WON!

So, whatever, moving on...

I was glad that Elizabeth agreed with the rest of the country about how stupid her "games" were of refusing to kiss Jake until she was the last girl standing. But unfortunately, the ownership of wrongdoings ended with her.

Michelle, for example. You all may recall back to when she was on the season, and she was a major subject of drama and crazy. If not, you can read all about all of the past season by clicking here. Michelle adamantly denied being even the least bit emotionally unstable, and also denied her need for a therapist. When several of the women called her on it, she even went so far as to say that "to me, it's not the true way to find love. I don't feel like you can fall in love with somebody through this process." However, do you think she would have had the same opinion had there been a different outcome for her? I submit that then she would have been the biggest advocate for the process, had that been the case. And to all those eligible bachelors out there just beyond excited that Jake let her go, you should know straight from her mouth that "I am who I am, and I'm always going to be myself wherever I am, in any situation". Hear that? She's a whole lot of crazy, and she's always gonna be that way. Come and get 'er!

The show did an excellent job of stretching out the whole Rozlyn drama too. I mean, they started out by having the women tell what they knew, and then an hour later, they brought Rozlyn out, made the girls repeat what they had told him, and then allowed her to react. Here is where I had a problem. She swore on her child's life that the things the girls were saying were lies. Who does that?! I felt that was completely inappropriate, and I hope that she can live with herself. The funniest part, was the way Chris Harrison talked to her. The quote from the movie "Goonies" comes to mind: "I feel like I'm babysitting except I'm not getting paid." Of course, Chris was, in fact, being paid, but I felt like he was talking to a disobedient nursery school child when he was trying to get her to admit to the things she had done wrong with the producer. She even went so far as to blame the entire controversy on the fact that the show wouldn't let her call her son. After several minutes of back and forth conversation, my absolute favorite quote of the entire season came into play...
"I have kids. and often times what I tell my son is when he is going off on an elaborate story about unicorns and magicians and stuff, I sit him down and I say...son, isn't the simplest story the truth? So, when I look at what's happened, one day it's about your son, the other day it's just a fabricated story, and now it's about...I'm not even sure what it's about. I'm confused because all that this had to do with was your inappropriate physical relationship with our producer." -Chris Harrison

Then the claws came out! Not only did she accuse every woman who witnessed some of the inappropriate behavior of lying, but when Chris talked about the producer, and how sad many of the staffers were to see him go, Rozlyn said, and I quote "that's news to him, especially when you were hitting on his wife in New Zealand. He thought that was crazy." Talk about a below the belt sucker punch! She should be the next ultimate fighter...really. I thought Chris's head was just going to pop right off from the steam I saw coming out his ears. None of the things she brought up had anything to do with anything, and if she thought that would make her more endearing to the public... She. Was. WRONG!

So there you have it. Sorry this post is seriously lame. I will try to do better next week!


Myya said...

I haven't watched The Bachelor in a couple years not because I don't love me a train wreck but because I have too many other reality shows & I couldn't Tivo them all at the same time so Bachelor got booted. I LOVE hearing the updates though... ahhh to listen to dumb people - so much fun!!! Thanks!!

MiMi said...

Um. Hello! I need to start watching this! If they are getting up in the producer's business: I need to see it. LOL!

Xazmin said...

Not lame....it inspired me. Of course inspired me to nothing good...please refer to the comment I made on your most recent post!