Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Someone

This is the first time I am linking up with Shortmama for the Dear someone letters. I am so excited! After you read mine, go check out some more Dear letters!

Dear Helpful school aide person,

While I was not there on Monday to witness
"the event", I wanted to take a moment and
thank you for supplying me with my WTF
moment this week when I link up again, with MiMi.
If not for you, I may have had to think for a whole
3 minutes to come up with something from my past.
Really? Not even a Sorry?

Dear Roon,

I love that while we were making the shopping list this week,
you kept saying "floss" every time I said there was something
we were forgetting. I knew that there was something bathroom
related that we were in need of, but you kept breaking my train of
thought, and saying "floss". Thank you so much for that, because
when Monday came, and I was out of DEODORANT,
the floss really came in handy.
Bet you regretted it when you came to bed that night to a stinky wife!

Dear Boo,
I wish I could understand you, child! Here it is FREEZING
and you would prefer to walk around without any more on your
little body than a diaper. I'm cold just looking at you, but no matter
how many times I chase you down and wrestle the clothing back onto
you, you take it off, and exclaim "Look a me! Look a Me, Mommy!"
Whatever, as long as you're happy and comfortable...who am I to judge?
My skin would be purple if I ran around like that!


shortmama said...

You slept that night with your arms up over your head just to torture him right? I so would have!

MiMi said...

I'm with shortmama!! LOL!
I can't wait to hear your F-Bomb moment! :)

April said...

My youngest is the same way with clothes. I don't know how he does it!

Xazmin said...

Hahaha about the floss. Was it the minty kind? That might've helped!