Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello Pot...This is Kettle. You're Black.

Although it is Tuesday morning, my creativity is at an all time low. Last night's episode of the Bachelor was totally unremarkable to me, and my house smells like Apple Cider Vinegar. Why, you ask, does my house smell of Apple Cider Vinegar? Well, I'll tell you. Because Boo enjoys "cooking" in my pantry. Usually this just involves pulling out my collanders, and various cans and bottles, and then proceeding to "cook" with them. As I choose to pick my battles, and since she has never done any harm, I let her do it. This morning, Roon was getting the children breakfast while I did my 30 minute workout. As Roon was leaving, he informs me that Boo got ahold of a glass bottle of vinegar, and dropped it. Yeah, we NEVER use it, so the bottle had to be dang near full. So, I get to spend the remainder of my day, or however long it will take that smell to dissipate, gagging on the smell of vinegar. Yay! The good thing about this is, that Boo gave me my one and only idea on how to analyze the show last night. You see, her "cooking" got me to thinking about pots, pans, and kettles.
Let us think back for a minute about Jake's stint on The Bachelorette, and how it drove him absolutely crazy that everyone kept calling him the "good guy". He was even sent home the week before the "hometown" dates, for this very reason. He was all "woe is me" and " I guess nice guys finish last...story of my life" and then when he gets the chance, he morphs into Jillian, channels his inner horndog, and cuts the virgin (or "good girl") loose at the rose ceremony right before the hometown dates. I think it is no coincidence that he cut her the very week he found out she was saving herself for marriage. I guess you could argue that he really didn't have much of a connection with Corrie to begin with, and their "relationship" was a little slower to develop, but I'm not convinced that his "copilot" didn't have any say in the matter. On one hand, you have Vienna who will try to crawl into bed with you, and try to get it on whilest Gia waits in the wings. You're pretty much guaranteed some tantric lovin' as long as you keep her around long enough for the fantasy dates. Right? On the other hand, you have Corrie, who you know is not going to give it up until she's married. (Right on, girl! We are a rare breed, but prove it can be done!) Who do you think this MAN is going to pick? The trend in Bachelor(ette) history, is that nobody turns down the fantasy suite. At least, not that I can remember, but feel free to correct me on that one. After all, that wouldn't make for good skanky TV would it?
I wonder how Jake feels about Jillian's decision now that he has been deemed "the pot".


Brooks said...

Yeah, the whole time I was screaming, "Yea! She's a virgin! You go, Corrie!!!" I absolutely LOVED the part where she said she'd want to live in Dallas during an engagement but that she'd have her own apartment. No matter the real reason he sent her home, he's always going to look like the jerk that sent a girl home because she confessed that she was a virgin.

My couch got the brunt of my rage last night.

WhisperingWriter said...

Jake just bugs me all together. He's good looking but he's just....I don't know, I just don't like him.

MiMi said...

I swear, this show is like one huge orgy sometimes.