Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mission...Baby Shower.

What seems like an eternity ago, I hinted about a top secret project I was working on.  Can you even remember that far back?  Well, in case you can't, click HERE and read #4 on the list.  Yeah, so much for the plan of posting about it by the end of the month, huh?
Oh well...I suppose sometimes life happens.  Anyway, the top secret project I was referring to, was a surprise baby shower, for my friend Baub.  I have mentioned her before...HERE.  Anyway, obviously, I couldn't mention what my project was, because I have no idea if she reads my blog or not.  I think I sent her the link, but since she's never commented, I have no way to know for sure. 
Wanna know the details?  If not, then stop reading right now, or you'll be bored senseless. 


This was printed out on vellum, and then was attached to the front of next picture with raffia, that was kind of a rusty orange color.  I guess I should mention it's a boy, and his name is going to be Jack.  Kind of a crucial fact to know so the rest of the party makes sense...
Here is the "back" part of the invite.  I had custom designed address labels that were baby boy themed, and the invites had an insert card that explained that if they brought a package of diapers to "pamper" the baby, they would be entered to win a prize.  I obviously blanked out the info like my address and phone number, but the rest should be fairly legible...
Just in case it's not, it says:  "The forecast is here, they're predicting a BOY!  To fill the _____ home with a little more joy.  Let's pamper the mom, before the baby arrives.  But you must keep it quiet, because it's a SURPRISE!"
Then, it gives all the lovely details.  People seemed to like them, at least, they told me they did...

For the party food, we went with a whole "JACK" theme, down to these cupcakes with a blue jack on top. 

And how can you have a "jack" themed refreshment table without hitting the obvious?!  You can't!  If I would have missed this, I would have failed at life. 
Other "jack" themed food included pepperJACK cheese, coJACK cheese, (these had crackers, of course) and "JACKpot of gold queso".  We also had fruit, for a little variety.  The refreshment table and gift table were covered with jacks as well.  I know, I'm amazing.  A JACK of all trades, you could say! 

The punch (obviously forgot to take a picture BEFORE the party.  Can we say, loser?!) caused quite the commotion before the guest of honor arrived.  turns out, when you put blue food coloring directly into a bottle of ginger ale, and stir it with a bamboo skewer, it EXPLODES!  Who knew?!  It was supposed to look like a bath, with duckies floating in it, but after the first explosion, I hesitated to do anything else with it.  So, it was murky bathwater, instead...

While we waited for Lady to go get Baub, (who thought the three of us were going on a girl's night out) the ladies played a rousing game of "spot the pacifier".  We had 12 pacifiers hidden throughout the party zone, and they were to keep track of how many they could find. 
Once Baub arrived, (and she was totally in the dark until she started to spot a few familiar cars on my street) we had refreshments, opened presents, and revealed the answers to the game. 
She got some good stuff, and added quite a few diapers to her stash.  She loved that I had even sent invites to her out of state family members, who mailed packages to my house.  I have officially earned the title "sneaky". 

As the guests were leaving, they each got a party favor...

It was some candy, wrapped in tulle, with a note and a baby spoon attached.  The note, in case you can't read it, said:  "You played a'rollo' in surprising Mom, and helped us to pamper the little one.  With a bit of luck, He'll be here 'spoon', bringing such 'joy' they'll be over the moon!  Thanks so much for coming!"
Obviously, the candy included was a couple Rollos and a fun sized Almond Joy. 

And, that, my friends, is one way to shower...

Wanna hire me to do your next party?  Apparently, it would be a party....AND a show!


VandyJ said...

What a cool shower idea. So kind of you to put in all the effort. I bert everyone had a great time.

MiMi said...

Yes! I want to hire you! What a fantastic looking party!
You are so clever with your little poems!

shortmama said...

You are stinking creative!! Your favor reminded me of my wedding favors. We had spoons with Hersheys kisses in them and the tag said "A spoonful of Kisses from the Mr and the Mrs"

CJ Sime said...

I would love to hire you. But instead of a shower we could go to lunch and giggle like the idiots we are.

It looks like you did a fantastic job!!!

(hee hee heee. Did you notice that I keep changing my vote on your poll? Next time you do a poll you need to set it to do unlimited votes. I have more fun with that.)

Myya said...

That looked like so much fun! I LOVE going over the top on a theme!!! What a fun night for your friend. Great job!

Ssanchez said...

Thats a cute baby shower theme!


Sandra @ www.modern-baby-shower-ideas.com

Mamarazzi said...

total cuteness! very clever and creative...but i am not surprised!

you so crafty!