Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day FAIL

I don't know why I'm surprised.  I really shouldn't be.  Every year, my children fail to give me what I ask for for Mother's Day.  Why should this year have been any different? 

Now, before you all get up in arms, or annoyed that this is going to be a grumpy post about how horrible my children were... keep reading. 

Usually, I simply ask my children for "peace and quiet" or for "my children to not fight all day".  This year, I decided to try a different tactic. 

"This year, for Mother's Day, you know what I want?"  I asked my children 3 days prior.

"Peace and quiet." The older 3 answered in unison.

"Nope.  This year, I want it to be loud.  I want you to fight!  I want you to make messes, and throw tantrums.  That, would make me super happy on Mother's Day."

*Stunned silence*

We did the majority of our celebrating on Saturday.  On our way to Six Flags, we stopped by James Avery to buy my present(s).   The kids were (for the most part) perfect ladies and gentlemen in this fancy "don't touch anything" store.  At Six Flags, the kids were a dream come true!  NO FIGHTING!  NO WHINING!  NO TANTRUMS!  We were having such a good time, that we failed to leave around "normal" dinner time.  I was hesitant to take them out to eat in a sit down establishment, because I felt like I was pressing my luck.  But, ultimately, my desire for some Posados Mexican food won out over reason.  It was nearly 8 by the time we reached the restaurant.  But, again, NO FIGHTING!  NO WHINING!  NO TANTRUMS!  EVERYONE ATE THEIR FOOD!  Absolute bliss!  Even on the hour long drive home, everyone was happy. 

As Roon and I were getting ready for bed that night, Roon told me "THIS is Mother's Day.  No matter what happens tomorrow...just hold onto this.  This, is your Mother's Day."

I agreed.

However...Sunday was more of the same.  The kids were great during church.  I actually got to eat my Mother's Day chocolate BEFORE the children found it.  The kids were angels.  No fighting, whining, or tantrums.  Roon made me a wonderful dinner, and I got lots of hugs and kisses. 

I have never been more pleased to have my children not listen to me!


CJ Sime said...

Lucky Lucky YOU!!!!

(what is it about mother's day that turns great kids into obnoxious spawn that you're embarrassed to claim as your own. I have to admit, I have ruined MANY a mother's day for my mom. This year is the first year I managed not to ruin it. WHEW!!!!!)

MiMi said...

My mom used to ask for me and brother not to fight. I always thought that was lame. But now I KNOW!
Also, I guess I'll ask for my kids to be brats next year. Hope it works out like yours did!

Myya said...

I am SO going to try this tactic next year!!! Glad your Mother's Day was great :)

shortmama said...

Yay for reverse psychology!

Emmy said...

Wow! So glad it worked, sounds wonderful.