Saturday, May 15, 2010


If you thought the only thing to celebrate during the month of May, was Cinco de Mayo, you would be wrong.  There's also Quince de Mayo!  Okay, if you are keeping score, there would also be Mother's day.  And, if you are me, there is also a plethera of family birthdays, anniversaries, not to mention my best friend Lady's birthday too.  But, most importantly, it is time for my next Quince Quote! 

I will pause while you all do the dance of joy...

Done?  Good. 

Before I give you the next quote, allow me a moment to entice you to enter this time.  I will not regret it!  Need proof?  Myya was ecstatic with her prize, and Heather couldn't have been happier with hers either.  Still not convinced it's a contest worth entering?  Well...I don't know what else to say.  They have pills for that kind of crazy!

Alright, I've put this off long enough...
Without further ado, here is this month's Quince Quote:

"I've been coming here every summer of my adult life, and every summer there she is oiling and lotioning, lotioning and oiling... smiling. I can't take this no more!"

Now, here are your chances for winning:

  1. Blog about my giveaway.  This will now earn you 2 entries!  You don't even have to guess the quote right!  I just need to get some more people interested, or I'll end up cycling through each and every one of my regular readers, several times over.  
  2. NEW!!!  Follow my blog!  Now, I'm not one of those people who wants a ton of followers.  I mean, they're nice, but I really want people to follow me who would love to get to know me, and become bloggy friends.  Therefore, I am adding a stipulation to this one.  IF you are not one of my regular commenters, and you begin following me to get an entry, you now have to read at least one other post of mine, and comment on it.  This will prove that you actually give 2 figs, before I spend my time and money making you a CUSTOM prize package.  Got it?  Good.  
  3. CORRECTLY guess the movie the aforementioned quote came from.  If you're right, you have an entry.  This is what GOOGLE was made for, people!
  4.  Name the character who delivered the quote. 
  5. Name the actor/actress who played the character who delivered the quote.  Again, this is what Google was made for, people!
  6. Name the line delivered either directly before or after the quote. 
  7. Name another memorable quote from the same movie.  If you make me laugh, I'll throw in a BONUS entry!  This is unlimited, so now's the time to prove you know your stuff! 
There you go!  Please leave a comment on THIS POST for each of the 7 things.  I'm no mathmetician, and I'm easily confused.  Don't let the prize go to someone else because I spotted something shiny, please! 
You have until Thursday, May 20, 2010 at midnight central time, and I will announce the winner on the 21st.  It could be you!  Or you.  Or you...who knows?!



CJ Sime said...

Yeah Yeah!

LOVE this movie. Own this movie. I will withdraw myself from the contest. I have confidence I will win the next one . . .

shortmama said...

Ok its from the Sandlot which I adore!! Said by Squints! Played by Chauncey Leopardi. Cant remember what was said before it though dang it! But I know he fakes his drowning

Another quote from the movie....

Is that your sister out there in left field, naked? She's naked? ....said by Ham

MiMi said...

Woohoo! Sandlot!

MiMi said...

Squints said it, which reminds me of Quince...coincidence? Hey that ALL rhymes!

MiMi said...

Weird name...Chauncey Leopardi

MiMi said...

I like the quote from Mr. Mertle...
I take it back. You're not in trouble, you're dead where you stand.
I like when they're all arguing and things get thrown out there like this:
You eat dog crap for breakfast, geek!
Scab eater!
Butt sniffer!
Pus licker!
Fart smeller!
Then the kids sniffs the air and is all like, AAAAHHHH.