Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Like Saddlebags!

Hey all!  This will most definitely be an abbreviated post, because I am very tired.  Today was my volunteer day at the school, but more on that later.  As in, Friday-linking up with MiMi later. 

Today, for the Muffin Top journey, we're talking vacations.  Now, when I hear the word "vacation" I think of beautiful sandy beaches, and clear blue water as far as the eye can see.  I also picture some scantily clad hunk of a man teaching me how to snorkel...but then I remember that Roon can't swim. 
I'm thrust back into reality, as plans get underway for our real "vacation" this year.  A 24 hour car ride (one way) to visit the in laws in wonderful-ly frigid Star Valley, Wyoming!  Not quite the way I planned to spend my 10th wedding anniversary, but nothing screams ROMANCE more than sleeping in your in laws basement with your kids right outside the door.  Let's get it on...

Back on subject here...

I am usually the type of person who leaves my diet at home.  But, I now realize that the fat follows you wherever you go...kind of like saddlebags.  If you want to get rid of it, you have to stay consistent.  I think that Roon and I are making great strides in our planning towards meeting our goals. 

  1. We plan to pack lots of fruit, veggies, string cheese, water, and sandwich fixings into a cooler.  Rather than stopping for fast food on our journey, we will stop at grocery stores instead, and restock our rations.  The MOST we plan to eat out each day (of 4 days in the car) is one meal a day.  For those meals, I plan to make healthy-er choices.  Maybe NOT going large size...
  2. We also plan to make a menu of meals, and bring along recipes.  My in laws are not exactly well known for planning and executing meals, so I knew that if I didn't take matters into my own hands, I would most likely lose my children to a cheese puff coma by the end of the 3rd day.  NOT PRETTY!!! 
  3. We also hope to be able to continue (I say continue as if we've actually been doing it.  Please pretend that you believe me) our exercise regimine, by taking walks together.  I know I'll need the one on one time with the hubby, and so I like to think it would be hand in hand, and include lots of conversations about our plans for the future.  In reality, it will most likely include one or more children, and lots of yelling:  "BOO GET OUT OF THE STREET!!!"
So, there you have it.  I told you it would be abbreviated.  That is how we plan to handle our diet while vacationing. 

If you have any ideas you would like to share, click on the button, and go link up.  I think it's better than Weight Watchers...because it's FREE!!!


5 comments: said...

Great sense of humor you have there.
I think like Shortmama commented on my blog - the fact that we are planning ahead will make things better than they would have been. Best luck with your plans.
Happy Anniversary to you both.

Mamarazzi said...

planning ahead for road trips is the best thing we have ever done...its not only better on the belly its better on the bank account!

shortmama said...

If you stick to those plans you should be golden!

beckyjune said...

We're going out of town this summer, too, on a long road trip as well and since we're trying to eat better/exercise more, too, I think we'll be a little more careful with what kinds of foods we pack for our trip. I think that packing more food and stopping only once a day for fast food is a great idea.

MiMi said...

Ya know what?
I'm so dang dumb that yesterday when I was posting about my plans? I never even thought of the fact that the inlaws will be coming. I always lose weight when they're here because we NEVER get to eat. EVER. They never eat!!! I'm going to die. I will. Just so you know. I'm a goner.