Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don'tcha Know...

I am finally over my two day long horrible headache.  Not quite a migraine, but bad enough that I didn't want to do anything.  This is my explanation for why I was MIA the last two days, and why it might take me a while to get caught up with my besties.  Looking at the screen made me ill.  I still love you all though!  Give me a day or two, and I'll be all caught up on the goings on.   
Since I was not feeling up to par the last two days, I watched movies all afternoon.  I kinda like days like that, if only I could have one without feeling less than human, it would be complete bliss!  One of the movies I watched yesterday, is my copy of what I have decided will be June's Quince Quote selection.  When popping it in the DVD player, I realized something.  I am completely idiotic about certain things.  For example...two-sided DVDs.  You know what I'm talking about, right?  The discs that have "fullscreen" on one side and "widescreen" on the other...
Well, when you are putting the disc in, which side is which?  Do you put it in so that the side labeled what you want to watch is up, or down?  I have no idea.  These discs drive me crazy.  The Sandlot DVD I have is like that too, and it's obviously too complex for the mind of a simpleton.  I wonder if they do it to confuse people like me, so we will throw the disc at the wall, scratch it up, and have to buy another one. 
Nice one, disc-maker people.  Nice one. 

-Boo is in the process of potty-training.  She came in yesterday morning saying something about being sad.  It took my headache plagued brain a while to process what she was saying.  Apparently, Roon's most recent tactic to get Boo to use the potty, is to tell her that when she pees in her pull-up (which is actually a Pamper's easy up), she makes Dora sad.  Yes, her pull ups have Dora the Explorer on them.  I'm not sure whether it will help her train, or if it will just traumatize her.  Early test results show it doesn't make a bit of difference, though!

-After watching the season finale of Lost, Roon tried to explain to me what exactly just happened.  My main question that he wasn't able to answer was...if none of them knew, then how could they build the church together?  And, how could there be a church, in a place where there is no "here"?  He couldn't answer me.  Well, he could, but the answers made no sense.  Again, probably a concept that's too complex for me. 

-Monday night was the premier of "The Bachelorette".  To hear my thoughts on that, click

The remainder of this post is titled:  Bachelors for a Reason.

Please excuse my complete confusion over the names of the men.  When there are 25, it's a little difficult to keep them straight. 

There are obvious ways that the bachelors are different from the bachelorettes from season to season, but contrary to popular belief, they are similar in more ways than you might think.  The following is a list of the general "stereotypes" you might find blurring the lines between the male and the female brain. 

  1. The gimmick master:  While last season Ashley chose to "fall" for her man, and that other chick chose to say something in a foreign language upon arrival to peak Jake's interest; the men have a little different approach.  Two of the men presented Ali with roses (one of which was made out of a napkin) at the threshold, while two other men chose to show their love for adventure by getting out of the limo in unconventional ways.  One of which, did a backflip that I'm sure left Ali thinking...WHAT THE CRAP?!  One man brought a scrapbook for Ali of all the things he loved.  In his own words..."I went to a scrapbook store and everything!"  If you need a gimmick to be remembered, maybe you're just not that interesting of a person...
  2. The instantly hated:  For reasons unbeknownst to the rest of the world, there is always that one person who none of the competition likes.  Last season, that person was Vienna.  We all know how that turned out.  This season, it's Justin, or "Rated R" as he is known in the wrestling world.  While I personally don't watch or understand professional wrestling, he's more John Cena than Hulk Hogan, so I wouldn't change the channel if he was on.  I also think that this presents an interesting point.  If they bring out the box for the group to vote someone out, you have to know that the bachelor or bachelorette is going to use their powers to veto the vote.  I think I would vote for myself, and encourage others to do the same.  The person who gets the most votes against them is almost always going to get a rose.  I'm just sayin'...
  3. The "reveals too much":  With the women, they revealed too much by wearing low cut dresses bringing their "ta-tas out to puh-lay" (Christina from Jake's season) and dresses slit clear to there...revealing all the good Lord gave them.  The men, however can swing either way.  We've seen men strip off their clothes and jump in the pool, naked (Jillian's season), or we've seen men tell way too much.  This brings me to "Shooter".  I have no idea what his real name is, but the story behind how he got his nickname was enough to make me blush in embarassment FOR the poor guy.  I would tell you the details, but I'm a lady.  Instead, I will tell you that his revealing the information was a bit PREMATURE, much like the reason for the name.  Shockingly...he went home.  I wish I could say I was surprised.
  4. The "undefined" jobs:  Last season we had the "homemaker" who didn't have any kids.  This season we have Kyle the "outdoorsman".  What exactly does that mean?  Could a homeless man also be considered an "outdoorsman"?  They are, after all, outside all the time.  Is he a park ranger?  Does he hunt animals for a taxidermist?  I just don't know.  Apparently Ali didn't either, since he was sent packin'. 
  5. The "something to hide"s:  Some people choose to not reveal certain things about themselves right off the bat.  They could be waiting til the right moment to share, but it doesn't always make sense.  This season, a prime example of that is Chris (from Cape Cod).  I really like Chris.  I think in his video clip, she showed that he's s sensitive family oriented guy.  Still, when Ali asked him point blank if his parents were still together, he said that they were, even though his mother had passed away a year and a half earlier.  I just hope his failure to disclose early on doesn't come back to bite him in the butt. 
  6. The class clown:  This person is usually quite charming, and can be remembered without using the aforementioned gimmicks.  Christina entertained us all last season, while this season it appears that Hunter will win that crown.  The original song he performed while playing his ukelele, was hilarious.  Not to mention his comment about Roberto's "hot sauce dance" after he received the first impression rose.  I hope she keeps him around a while if for no other reason than my own amusement.
  7. The weird names:  I think last season took the cake with it's "Channy", "Valishia", and "Tenley".  This season, many of the men have the same name, with Chris taking the top spot.  Roberto is the weirdest name, but only because he told Ali she could call him "Robert-O".  Personally, I would hae said "Rob", rather than to voluntarily have my name mispronounced on purpose.  He doesn't sound ethnic, but he does know how to cut a rug with the Salsa...
  8. The crazy people:  We can't forget them!  I thought last season's Michelle was bad.  From previews of this season, it appears that there is much more drama and clinical depression to come.  A suicide attempt?  I'm not sure I believe it. 
  9. The "who let them in"s:  These are the people every season who just don't seem to fit with the rest.  All the others could be dashing, handsome and charismatic, while there's that one person who looks like a hobbit, and has the personality of a wet rag.  You can't help but wonder if a little bit of nepotism played a part in them being cast. 
  10. The parental unit:  This is the person who takes on the maternal/paternal role in the house.  They're the ones who try to mend fences, diffuse stressful situations, and never become part of the drama.  I'm not sure who that will be this season, but I do know that Craig looks old enough to take on the role.  Do us proud, daddy lottahair! 
That's about all I've got to say about this this week.  Next week, I'm sure will be much more well informed.  Until then...LIVE LONG, and EMBRACE DRAMA!


MiMi said...

The Lost thing...IDK about that either. I have lots of questions but for the most part I'm satisfied.
I'm sorry you felt crappy, I hope you are better and can get around to visit cuz I miss you! But if you don't, it's okay, I know how difficult it can be. :)

Myya said...

Hubby tried to explain Lost to me too... I'm still well, LOST! DUH.... Glad you are feeling better. I've been a horrible bloggy friend lately, I am playing catch up from not being on for a couple days. Not sure where my busy schedule is coming from but man oh man can I relax for a minute already! :) said...

I'm glad your headache is better. I've had many days like that when it is too painful to use the computer. None lately though, knock on wood.

I missed you at FMTTSJ. XD said...

PS I do that with DVDs too. I often think if my husband weren't here I'll have to import a child to show me how to run the electronics. hee hee

Emmy said...

Maybe Desmond built the church per say and once they were ready they could know about it to. Kind of like stepping into the light like in Ghost. Ben was not ready to go in yet or step in the light yet. I dunno? All I know is that I love the show and am happy and sad that it is over.

Brooks said...

This is it! This is it! Do I win all of your love??

{leah} said...

I LOVE the Bachelor/ett!!! At first I felt bad for them because I was making fun but then I got over it because they put themself out there for my enjoyment.... I mean to find true love.

I love the undefined jobs! and then the ones that you know are lame!! Like "Sales Manager"... you know he's working at the GAP trying to et a 20cent raise.

Oh!! and I love the ones that "quit their job to come here..."

Oh the guilty pleasure of trashy reality TV. Glad to know I'm in good company!