Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love Letters, They Are Not.

It's Thursday, so I'm linking up with Shortmama for her "Dear Someone" letters.  After you read mine, head on over and and join in the fun!

Dear Boo,

Which is it?  Potty training yes, or potty training no.  I gotta say, it's the indecisiveness that is driving me crazy.  I'm not in a huge hurry to have you out of diapers, but I would have to say that the sooner the better.  Furthermore...why do you only go potty for Daddy?  I'm home with you all day, and nothing.  You're at the store with Daddy, and you go.  Do you not know that public bathrooms are gross? 

You're one size away from wearing adult diapers...

Dear New Dentist,

I heart you.  You did a great job, and I am really diggin' the evening and weekend hours.  I must admit that I was a little weary when I had a problem with your receptionist while scheduling my first appointment, but it all turned out for the best. 

One happy new customer...

Dear Roon,

I don't heart the new dentist like I heart you, so I hope you don't  feel weird when the two of you go out Home Teaching.  Oh, and while I've got your attention...thanks for working so hard.  Your awesomeness amazes me, as does your willingness to work overtime.  That will really come in handy when we travel this summer to see your relatives.  Furthermore, thanks for doing the majority of your overtime from home.  As much as I love your children, I am definitely ready to "clock out" by 5:00.  Having you here, allows me to do that. 

Since you got a raise, do I get one too?

Dear Quince Quote Giveaway,

I'm afraid I may have "jumped the shark" when I started you up.  I mean, I thought it was a great idea, but the fact that so few people ENTER says otherwise.  I sure hope I don't have to delay your existence in the future due to lack of interest. 

I guess people don't love movie quotes as much as I do.

Dear Sissy,

I'm pretty sure you're not sick today, but I couldn't run the risk of you getting sent home early.  I believed you that your stomach hurt, right up to when you asked for a snack one hour after school started.  Now, I'm just wondering what exactly you were trying to avoid at school.  If I weren't sure the school nurse would take your temperature right after gym again, I so would have sent you to school.  Just so you know, you had better throw up, or staying home will not be on the agenda for tomorrow. 

I'm pretty sure they made sugar pills for people like you...


Myya said...

Uggghhhhh the potty training. It is a no go for my 2 1/2 yr old too. The first one was WAY easy... dang-it, I should have known I just got lucky. Oh NO about Quince Quote... it is such a stinking great idea! I didn't enter this last one cuz I just won & I didn't want to be a hog. I sooo need to clock out too... my hubby works A LOT so unfortunately I dont' get to very often :(

MiMi said...

Potty training. ICK.
Lets just hope you don't have to go on a "bear" hunt anytime in the future.

shortmama said...

Potty training has become the bane of my existence too...yuck!

Trudy said...

Great letters! I have to say that even though my son is not quite 3 weeks old yet...I am already dreading the potty training, LOL!

Good luck, hope it goes well for you!

Xazmin said...

HI! I've missed you! We have a dentist in our ward too...but I can't bring myself to have him rooting around in my mouth!

And potty training...blech. Good luck!

Brooks said...

Dear Cam--

But she does love her future new dentist like she loves you... but who wouldn't?

CJ Sime said...

sorry. I have been MIA due to moving.

I love the quote idea, but I have a strict giveaway policy. If I don't want/need/already have it I won't enter. It isn't about winning the most prizes. I don't want to take the opportunity from someone that really does want to win.

And it takes a bit. I know you are newer to blogging, and those who have giveaways that more than 5 people enter, are those who have 100+ followers. Even my last giveaway while I had 56 entries, I actually only had like 6 people sign up.

It is EXCEEDINGLY annoying and disheartening.

Keep up the Quincy Quote!!! Please!

(and do another poll. I was headed to change my answer and it is closed)