Friday, November 12, 2010

A Makeover For Me, and A Makeover For You

I was supposed to post the winner of my blog design giveaway yesterday, but 3 hours at the school turned into 7, and I just didn't have time once I got home.  So, I'm posting about it now. 
But not until the end, because I'm mean like that.

Remember a really long time ago, when I told you that Roon and I were remodeling our half bathroom?  If you're new around here, allow me to direct your attention to THIS POST about our stupidity involving our new sink.  You don't have to click it now, but I would encourage you to click it later.  It's a really funny story.  Especially now that we're over the embarassment of the whole thing...

Here are some "before" shots:
 Here is a view of the particle board medicine cabinet we originally had in there.  It no longer closed.  I really hated it.
 Here you can see the floor, horrible pedestal sink, and some of the damage done by little hands trying to wash at the sink. 
 I HATED this sink.  It is the whole reason I insisted on a remodel in the first place!
 Horrible manufacturer mirror, bottom of the line towel ring, and plug in night light.  It ALL had to go.
 Flat paint is so hard to clean!  Houses with little hands that tend to get dirty, need something easier to clean!
 Bottom of hte line toilet paper holder, and another view of our gross floor, and more effects of little people.  I HOPE it's all chocolate...

The remodel is not complete, but it practically is, so allow me to give you a tour of our NEW AND IMPROVED half bathroom!
FIRST, we took everything out.  It was bare.  We painted, and did some other stuff before we laid our new floor...
 We settled on a light blue paint, because our bathroom is so small.  We installed subway tile on the wall behind the sink and toilet, and topped it with some decorative tile.  I love the overall look.  It makes me happy!

 Please pretend you can't see the space between the decorative tile pieces.  The grout we bought was a little less "snow white" than it claimed to be...

 Here's a good view of our new vanity.  Don't you just LOVE the sink?!  I especially love that I have room to store things like extra toilet paper now!  You can also see that my accent color in here is lime green.  I think it's fun!

 We bought, spray painted, and installed a framed mirror.  It's big, it's beautiful, and it adds a nice design element to the room, I think.

Here you can kind of get an idea of the color.  Eventually there will be 2 shelves hung right there, with baskets in blue and lime green.  We bought all new accessories, and everything matches.

So what do you think?  

I know what you're thinking!  Who won the dang giveaway?!
Okay, fine.  I'll give.

For the record, hated me this time.  I did the drawing 3 times, and the first two times it gave me numbers for people's comments who were not entered in the giveaway.  Like...the designer herself, someone who entered after the giveaway was closed, stuff like that.
So, technically, this was my 3rd draw, but my first REAL winner.
That winner is...
If I counted right, (and I think I did) comment #29 was MiMi when she said "And BAM, my post is up! :)"

Since MiMi was not entering for herself, that means that the winner of the blog design makeover is: 
Congratulations to you!  Get in touch with Erin, and she will get started on your design as soon as she can.
Thanks everyone for entering!  I wish I could give away more than 1.  :(


Myya said...

Hollla!! Whoo-hooo!!! How great of a friend is Mimi. THank you soooo much you rock!!! Sami, you TOTALLY ROCK for hosting this giveaway & Erin ROCKS for doing. When I read the text you sent me telling me to go read my blog NOW I got all giddy. Guess what though... I totally read your post first. I wanted to see how your bathroom turned out, I was patient. (Weird because I hardly am ever patient). Anyways, your bathroom looks GREAT! I love love love the lime green accents.
YIPPEEE! Oh & one more thing... did you know 3 is my favorite #. Guess that was a super awesome thing that you had to it 3 times!

Emmy said...

The batrhoom does look amazing! You should be proud. And congrats Mimi/Myya.

Brooks said...

Yeah! I am so happy to see how it all turned out! You did a great job!!Can't wait to see it in person!

Eschelle said...

Your bathroom looks lovely and i love the lime green accents!


Mamarazzi said...

i am soooooooooo happy for Myya, this is so awesome!! Congrats Myya!!

i super love your powder room redo. LOVE the subway tile, so smart and really pretty. and i love the color of blue you chose so fresh and perfect powder room color!!

oh and the new vanity and mirror is awesome too!! OH and the floor. i love that you guys did this yourself, awesome and i am impressed!!

MiMi said...

SOOO happy for Myya!!! And the bathroom looks awesome. I see you have a Scentsy in there....did I ever tell you I'm a Scentsy addict? What scent do you have in there? I have Tranquil Waters in mine right now, it's discontinued though and so it's only a sample. When it's done I don't know what I'll put in. Maybe cinnamint. I got that last year and I don't like it but it smells like toothpaste which would be perfect for the bathroom. I can't believe I did a whole comment on Scentsy.

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Bathroom is LOVELY! I like the flooring and the blue walls. Very tranquil when you are taking care of...stuff.

I was going to say if Myya didn't win, this world was an unjust place. Haha! Yea!! Congrats to Myya!! And how awesome of you and Erin to give it away!

Erinsgobragh said...

Awesome! I am so going to aquire your expertise when we move. Our bathroom will need some major help!!!!

YAY Myya I can't wait to work with you! :D Hit me up girl!

shortmama said...

The bathroom looks awesome!!!!

So glad Myya won!!

CRZN GMA said...

Great job! It looks like it was worth the frustration!

Jen said...

Looks great! I absolutely love Subway tile!

Love the Dandy lime Scentsy plug-in too... it's in my guest bath too!