Monday, November 1, 2010


I'm not exactly sure what time it was when I woke to the nagging feeling that I had towels sitting in the washing machine.
I do know it was late, or early, depending on how you look at it.
All I know is that the nagging feeling wouldn't go away, and was hindering my ability to sleep.
So...I got up.
At 1:42 AM, I got out of bed, and stumbled to the laundry room.
At 1:44 I crawled back into bed, and easily drifted off to sleep, with visions of my November Symfully Sweet craft dancing in my head.
This morning, I woke to the sounds of Roon and Bubble having a disagreement of sorts.
"Bubble, you are NOT going to school today!"
"Yest I am!"
"No, you are not.  You threw up!"
"No I didn't..."
This prompted Roon to reveal the results of his CSI-like investigation into the situation.
Exhibit A:  Vomit on Bubble's bed (top bunk).
Exhibit B:  Vomit down the side of the bunk beds.
Exhibit C:  Vomit on the very edge of Bug's bed (bottom bunk).
Something tells me it wasn't a burglar.
Something also tells me that the laundry Gods were on my side last night.  They knew I would be inundated with hours worth of pukey laundry, that would require immediate attention.
Thank Heaven for my fancy washing machine that has a SANITARY cycle...


mama-face said...

oh my. did he sleep in the vomit? and oh crap-washing out vomited on sheets. (a vomiting burgler-hahaha).

(what a woman-waking up remembering towels are in the washer. I go days w/out remembering. thus making me having to run them through again).

hope bubble is feeling better.

MiMi said...

Oh no!! Poor little guy. We've had quite the vomit issue in the last month around here.
The laundry waking you you never thought that would happen!

Emmy said...

So sorry :( But hey at least he wants to go to school, that is good right?

aubrey said...

Ha hahahaha. Vomitting burglar! That is the greatest!

Sorry friend.

Lisa said...

Ah man!!! That sucks! I hope the others don't get sick too! :) And LOL at the image of you waking only to change the laundry! (I've done that more than once myself...)

cbusch said...

Oh my Goodness - I so understand being the mother of 3 young boys. Hope you are hanging in there.

So glad I found you through *Dandelion Wishes*

Myya said...

First off don't towels left in the washer make you soooo mad! It takes another couple washes to get out that smell. Grrrr.
Bummer about your little one. Vomit is never fun & cleaning it up is even worse. YAY for awesome washing machines though!!!